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Best Dearborn Wedding Photographer

One of the most beautiful traditions during a Jewish wedding is the signing of the ketubah. At this wedding at the Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan, the ketubah signing took place in a gorgeous conference room with a beautifully lacquered table. The ketubah is basically a Jewish prenuptial agreement that details the responsibilities and the rights of the groom in relation to the bride. It’s a lovely, meaningful tradition and this part of the day is always a family affair. At this Henry Hotel ketubah signing the bride and groom were surrounded by their parents, siblings, closest relatives, and bridal party. The bride’s grandmother was so joyful that I had to make a photograph of her enjoying the ceremony. I noticed that the shine of the conference room table created a perfect reflection of the grandmother and I waited for just the right moment to click my shutter. This is one of my favorite images of 2011 because of the honest emotion that it captures.

Location: 300 Town Center Dr, Dearborn, MI 48126.

Keywords: Dearborn (3). 1/80; f/2.8; ISO 8000; 62.0 mm.