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Best Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

One of the things that I always strive towards, at each wedding I shoot, is technical perfection. I want my exposures to be perfect, my compositions to be flawless, my settings to be just right. I also want to choose the right lens to make my vision come to life, the right shutter speed to balance the motion and ambient light, and the right f-stop to create the perfect picture. It’s taken me over a decade for those decisions and skills to become innate, and for me to be able to compose and shoot a picture without debating the merits and drawbacks of each technical setting I could use. With so many decisions to make every time you go to create a photograph, it would be easy to become overwhelmed and try to do too much at once. I’ve always said that simplicity in photorgaphy is the hardest thing to do, and I think that this simple bridal portrait illustrates that concept perfectly. The light on her face is delicate, yet carefully precise. The selection of the 85mm lens is just right for the image, and it’s a lens I always love using. The Nikon 85mm is incredibly sharp, fast, and crisp. What really brings the image to life is the bride herself. She’s clearly incredibly beautiful, but the pose helps illustrate how gorgeously graceful she is. The way she holds her entire body is like music, and I wanted a quiet pose to let that subtle elegance really shine. 1/160; f/1.4; ISO 500; 85.0 mm.