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Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding Photos

When creating Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding photos, the first thing I need is a great location. It’s not hard to find an incredible backdrop at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, as everywhere you look will be beautiful! We started this particular Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding at a hotel, where we photographed the bride’s details and the preparation for the day. She finished with hair and makeup, got into her Monique Lhuillier wedding gown, and traveled to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to see her groom for the first time.


My favorite time to photograph a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding photos is during cherry blossom season. This particular wedding was later in the summer, so there were no cherry blossoms to be had. It was July, long past cherry blossom season. Despite the soaring temperatures, the bride and groom were excited to have their portraits taken outdoors. Many clients opt to stay inside during the hotter months, and I was glad they were such troupers!


I had some time to scout the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before the first look. My goal was to choose a location that worked for both us and the videographers for the day. I was looking for somewhere with a simple, uncluttered background. Having a simple background behind the bride and groom meant that the background would not be competing with the couple for the attention of the viewer. All of the attention would be on the faces of the bride and groom when they saw each other for the first time.


It can be really difficult to set up first looks in public places. Because the grounds are still open during much of a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding, you have to shoot around the public and cannot ask them to move or relocate. It was a peaceful day at the park, luckily for us! We had our choice of many locations, but chose to stay near the Palm House for the first look. Why is this? We placed the bride in position, and knew we’d have to wait for the groom to walk to her. It’s a short walk from this location to the Palm House, where the groom was waiting for his cue. It was a win for everyone involved!


I often get asked "How do you get such emotional reactions during first looks?" I know a lot of wedding videographers will opt to repeat the first look two, even three times. Rest assured that I don’t do that. I believe that a first look should be an organic thing, with actions and reactions happening naturally. If brides and grooms want emotion during a first look, that is up to them. No staged recreation of a first look will ever look the same as a naturally emotive real first look in real time. I was so lucky at this Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding that I had a bride who wasn’t afraid to show her emotions on her face! She was such a beautifully expressive woman, and her reaction to seeing her groom for the first time is completely priceless! It really made for a wonderful start to this Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding day!

1/400; f/4.0; ISO 1250; 180.0 mm.