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Top New Jersey Engagement Photographer

New Jersey has many wonderful locations for engagement portrait photography. I’ve enjoyed shooting New Jersey engagement pictures for over seven years, and it’s taken me to some beautiful places. One of those places was Morristown, New Jersey. I photographed this engagement session at the bride’s parents’ house, and it was a beautiful day. It had been raining earlier in the day, but by the time we started shooting, it was gorgeous and clear. The skies opened up into a beautiful sunset, the kind that only happens after a hard rain. I love the clouds in the sky and the gorgeous light pouring through the trees. When photographing engaged couples, I want to really illustrate the relationship between the future bride and groom. It’s especially important to me that images with motion in them actually HAVE motion, not just implied motion. I’ll never ask my clients to pretend to walk or pretend to do anything, since it’s always going to look like it’s being faked. In this instance, I had the couple walk along the top of a small hill while I laid on my stomach at the bottom of the hill. This angle helped isolate the couple against the sky, instead of against the trees behind them. I also chose to photograph this portrait with a wide-angle lens so that the subjects looked smaller and the environment looked bigger. 1/1000; f/4.0; ISO 64; 28.0 mm.