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Awesome Wedding Details

I realize that sometimes I do things at weddings that people do not understand. While I have long worked to establish trust between myself, the bride, the groom, and their families, but wedding guests meeting me for the first time on a wedding day might not understand what I’m up to! I do things that might appear a bit strange, things like shutting off all the lights in the room when the bride is getting ready, holding a bottle of water in front of my camera lens to create distortion, or laying face down on the ground to get just the right angle for a shot! I can only image what the guests at this 2013 wedding thought when they saw me scavenging for leftover glasses of champagne from the champagne fountain earlier in the night. I took seven champagne glasses and placed the bride and groom’s rings (with their permission, of course!) into the middle glass. I lit the entire scene with tea lights, also borrowed from the reception tables. Don’t worry, wedding guests, I neither drank the champagne nor forgot to wash the rings before giving them back to the bride and groom! Entered into the Wedding Division : Wedding Details of the WPPI 16x20 print competition in Las Vegas in 2014, this image received a score of 81. 1/80; f/11.0; ISO 400; 60.0 mm.