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WPPI Bridal Party Award Winner

Ah, kids in the bridal party. While it might seem like an incredible idea it can often backfire, ending in a flower girl who rebels and won’t go down the aisle or a ring bearer who weeps his entire walk to the front row. For every princess-like ballerina of a flower girl there is one sobbing and tearing out her floral crown in the bathroom. Luckily, at this 2011 Boston wedding, the children in the wedding party were a pure delight. Funny, sweet, and appropriately sassy, the kids were hilarious from start to finish. This image was taken right before the bride and groom signed their ketubah. The kids in the wedding party were sitting on chairs surrounding the room and were just goofing off. I sat in front of them, and at first they were totally playing for the camera. I didn’t engage them, just sat and observed with the camera to my eye. Eventually they got bored of hamming it up for the camera and just started interacting with each other. That’s when I knew that I had my shot. When taking a picture of multiple people interacting the picture gains its’ power from the actual interaction of the people - every person in the frame has to do something compelling. I love the look on the face of every single child in this photograph. This image received a score of 80 in the Wedding Division Bridal Party/Family and Friends category of the WPPI 16x20 print competition in Las Vegas. This score indicates that the image shows a good standard of imagemaking, a score I felt was a bit low (don’t we all feel our competition scores are too low?) but the image still hung in the gallery at the WPPI convention and I was proud to see it hanging amongst the work of my colleagues and friends.Keywords: Boston (6), Domenic Cambio (2), Rentals Unlimited (2), The Intercontinental Hotel (2). 1/160; f/2.8; ISO 1600; 24.0 mm.