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What is the getting-ready process like?

The getting-ready time is one of my favorites on a wedding day.  This is when the couple gets ready, separately or together, surrounded by their family, friends, and bridal party.  No two weddings are the same, and no two preparation processes will look similar.  I might find myself at a wedding where a bride gets ready with fifteen bridesmaids, her mother, and all of her female family members.  The next weekend I could be at an event where a bride gets ready with just her sister and a treasured best friend.  A groom could be flying solo, surrounded by groomsmen, or just hanging out with his parents.  However you choose to get ready on your wedding day is absolutely your decision.  There are a few things to consider, which we’ll get to shortly!

What will be photographed at this time?

During the getting-ready time, I’ll be photographing a handful of different things.  I usually start out with your wedding day details.  This includes your engagement ring, your wedding band, and your future spouse’s wedding band.  I’ll photograph your attire, wedding dress, shoes, and anything else that is small and personal to you.  This happens quickly and efficiently, freeing me up to begin documenting the actual getting-ready process.  I know that wedding blogs really like to emphasize the importance of the “detail shots”, but I promise that creating these detail images won’t take up too much of your day!  It’s most important to me that I document the relationships and moments, not just the details.

What do we need to be doing at this time?

What should you be doing? Having fun!  Please don’t worry about the photography at all, that’s my job!  My goal here is to document.  You won’t be heavily posed or moved into unnatural scenarios.  My style is very documentary and editorial in nature, meaning that the moments you see in my online portfolio are real moments.  I want this for you and your wedding photographs.  My goal is for you to look back and see real moments, not staged ones!

If you two are getting ready separately (as most do), we need to allot time in the timeline for both to be documented.  This is also something that most clients and I talk about extensively before the wedding.  Does the groom want coverage at all?  As much as the bride?  If it’s the wedding of two women, do both women want equal coverage?  If it’s the wedding of two men, the same question will arise.  Where will you both be getting ready?  When we talk about the timeline, we’ll go over these logistics to make sure that everyone receives ample coverage!  Don’t worry about trying to figure it out yourself, I can help you as much or as little as you need in terms of finalizing your timeline. 

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Here are just a few tips to make this part of the day run as smoothly as possible!

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This might seem like a lot, but don’t let it be a source of stress! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  All of these tips and suggestions are just meant to help keep your day as smooth and easy as possible, and I’d love to chat more about your thoughts!

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