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Fine Art Dance Photographer

As a fine art dance photographer, my job is to create beautiful images of performers in motion. I’ve worked with actresses, actors, dancers, ballerinas, and other performances artists over the past fifteen years. Whether these images are for commercial purposes, promotional needs, or just for the love of photography, I am always striving to be the best fine art dance photographer that I can be.


The skills needed to be a good fine art dance photographer are similar to those needed to be a good wedding photographer! First and foremost, you need to have exemplary lighting skills. As a wedding photographer, you are fairly evenly split between natural light and artificial light. As a fine art dance photographer, the split is the same. You need to be proficient in outdoor lighting, both with natural light, reflectors, artificial light, and balancing strobes with sunshine. You also need to be able to light any indoor situation that you find yourself in. Even if you have a studio with natural light, you might find that you need to supplement with strobes. My studio has no windows, so when I’m creating my fine art dance photography, I use artificial light. I have a variety of lights and lighting modifiers in my studio, and I utilize them all!


To be a good fine art dance photographer, you also have to understand your lenses. Which lens is best for outside fine art dance photography? What lens is best for indoor fine art dance photography? Will you use a wide angle lens? A 50mm? An 85mm? A long lens? Each lens will produce a very different look to your final image, so learn your lenses well and choose wisely.


You also need to understand all of your camera settings to be a fine art dance photographer. Do you know how your shutter speed affects the movement of your image? Do you want motion blur? Do you want to avoid motion blur? Do you want to let in a lot of ambient light when working with a studio strobe? Do you want to decrease the amount of light in your studio images?


The most important thing to being a fine art dance photographer is simply understanding dance. As a former dancer myself, I am familiar with the art form. If you’re not, you’re going to have to study! Perhaps even take a few dance classes yourself! Watch movies, see musicals, go to the ballet. In order to work with dancers, you’re going to have to understand their movements. If you don’t understand them, get to studying!


I’m a fine art dance photographer in Brooklyn, New York. I also serve Manhattan, Staten Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Long Island, and the Hamptons. This particular dance shoot took place in Brooklyn. I wanted to show the grace and strength of the talented Betsy Struxness. The sun was setting through the studio windows, and I wanted that light to illuminate Betsy and the veil she was working with. It was wonderful to watch her work through her poses so fluidly. Betsy is a marvelous performer, and it was a joy to be her fine art dance photographer.

1/250; f/1.8; ISO 1400; 85.0 mm.