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Saltwater Farm Wedding Photos

I love light. Whether it’s natural, artificial, or somewhere in between, the light is the foundation of every photograph that I take. Lens selection matters, your camera settings matter, your composition matters, yes. Finding the good light, however, is always where I start each image that I take. At this 2014 Saltwater Farm wedding the light was simply out of this world. The reception space is a converted 1930’s World War II airplane hangar with a huge roof that vaults high over the polished floors. The interior of the building is sheathed in the original wood, providing a perfectly dark backdrop for the beautiful bright light. Right before the wedding ceremony, which took place outside in the luscious vineyard, the ring bearer was sitting on a reception chair near one of the large windows. I knew that he was in a wonderful location for a gorgeous portrait. His grandmother was standing nearby, talking to him, and his reactions to her were fantastic and natural. I had my Nikon 70-200mm lens on my D4s in preparation for the ceremony and it was the perfect lens selection to make this portrait. I exposed properly for his face, and once that was accomplished the shadows in the image became more prominent. I love the bright light and dark shadow and the contrast between the two. Most of all I love the fantastic, natural expression on the face of the ring bearer and the great moment that I was fortunate to document!

Location: 349 Elm St, Stonington, CT 06378.

Keywords: connecticut wedding (5), saltwater farm (5), saltwater farm wedding (5), saltwater farm wedding photographer (5), saltwater wedding (5), stonington (5), stonington wedding (5). 1/400; f/2.8; ISO 2000; 125.0 mm.