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Wedding Photos at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier

Trends at weddings come and go, and one of the customs that I have seen less and less of over the past few years is the bouquet toss. While many photographers applaud when traditions fade into obscurity, I have a certain fondness for the bouquet toss and am always glad to see it included at a wedding reception. This can be a difficult scenario to photograph, as you have to focus on both what the bride is doing and how the crowd is reacting. It is imperative that you position yourself and light the scene correctly. To create this photograph, I had my assistant standing off to the left with our flash off-camera. She turned the flash so that the light was aimed at the bride. This illuminated the bride’s face and also the faces of the girls in the crowd behind her. I knew that the scene would move quickly and that it might require several frames to get that definitive shot. In order to make sure that my flash recycles quickly enough we always use the SD9 battery pack from Nikon. When the technical aspects are in place to create the photograph, it is my job to wait and anticipate the moment. I love the look on the face of the bride, as well as the fantastic reactions of the girls behind her.

Location: 61 Chelsea Piers #300, New York, NY 10011.

Keywords: Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier (9), New York City (69). 1/80; f/3.2; ISO 640; 70.0 mm.