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My love for weddings is a complex thing, born from and sustained by all that inspires me—my passion for a great story, a craving for lovely things, my desire to create beauty,and my BFA in theatre. I've been drawn to dream worlds since childhood, be it in the pages of a good book or the spectacular three-act play of an unfolding wedding day. Families coming together, the crisp drama of a perfect dress, that split second as a loving expression breaks across the face of a new husband—that's why I'm a wedding photographer. It's my job and my privilege to capture those sublime moments so you can cherish them forever.

"Families coming together, the crisp drama of a perfect dress, that split second as a loving expression breaks across the face of a new husband—all of that's why I'm a wedding photographer."

In 2001, the year I gave birth to my first daughter, I photographed my first wedding. Since then, my second daughter was born, I moved to New York City, and I married the man of my dreams. In each of those years, and in each year in between, came weddings—weddings that introduced me to extraordinary people, weddings that took me to new countries and exposed me to unfamiliar religions. And all of those weddings have helped shape the person and the wedding photographer I am today.

As I reflect on my life, I’d like to be remembered as someone whose creative vision brought joy to others. And that I lived my life with grace. And with laughter. And I'm most grateful to the people who chose me to share in their joy as I provided a contribution that is real and lasting. If you hire me as your wedding photographer, I promise to deliver amazing images that will live in your family for untold generations.


I’ve photographed weddings throughout the United States as well as South America, Finland, France, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Greece. My work has been published in Inside Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Bride and Bloom, Modern Bride, The New York Times, Elegant Bride, and Town and Country Weddings. I've also been featured in photography magazines including Rangefinder, Capture Magazine, American Photo Magazine, and publications for Nikon USA.


In 2012, I was named among the Top Ten Photographers by American Photo Magazine. I've won multiple awards at the WPPI 16x20 print competition including the Grand Award in Photojournalism and First Place in Wedding Photojournalism.  In 2016, I won First Place in Wedding : Bride and Groom Together, as well as the prestigious Grand Award in Weddings.  I am also a Triple Master of WPPI, a distinction that requires being rewarded repeatedly in the print competition over many years of involvement.  I have been in the Top Twenty for the Fearless Photographers, an association of which I am proud to be a member. I've taught thousands of professional photographers through the popular online education platform known as Creative Live. I've  been a featured speaker at national professional photography conferences including Photo Plus, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and the Professional Photographers of America.  Most recently, I am a co-founder and instructor of The Wedding School, a source of real, honest wedding photography education for wedding photographers worldwide.


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