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New York Actor HeadshotsI photograph a lot of headshots in my NYC studio. Like, a lot a lot.

My studio is at 58 2nd Ave, Brooklyn in the Gowanus neighborhood

The Gowanus neighborhood is a thriving community located in the western portion of Brooklyn, It is bounded by Park Slope and Carroll Gardens to the east, Red Hook to the south and southwest, and Boerum Hill to the north.

Once an industrial hub, the neighborhood has undergone a major transformation in recent years, becoming a hub for artists, musicians, and other creative types. The area is known for its gritty charm and mix of industrial and residential architecture.

One of the most iconic features of the neighborhood is the Gowanus Canal (hence my ongoing and joke about my "waterfront studio"), which runs through the area. While the canal was once heavily polluted due to years of industrial activity, efforts are now underway to clean up the waterway and restore it to its natural state.

In addition to the canal, the Gowanus neighborhood is home to a variety of unique shops, restaurants, and bars. The area has become a destination for foodies, with a wide range of culinary offerings from gourmet pizza to artisanal ice cream. The neighborhood also hosts a number of art galleries and music venues, making it a popular spot for the city's creative community.

Despite its recent popularity, the Gowanus neighborhood has managed to maintain its unique character and sense of community. The area is known for its tight-knit community of residents who are passionate about preserving the neighborhood's history and culture. Overall, the Gowanus neighborhood is a vibrant and dynamic community that has become a beloved part of Brooklyn's cultural landscape.

Broadway Dance Photography New YorkI initially got my NYC studio to have a space to photograph dancers and theatre.

My studio is in the Gowanus Creative Studios

I admittedly have studio-hopped since opening my first space over a decade ago. It's hard to find the right combination of location, space, and landlord to make an artist want to stay in a lease from year to year.

Ultimately I was on the constant hunt for a studio that was conducive to creativity and allowed me to produce high-quality images. The space was to be flexible, functional, and provide an environment that inspires and supports my vision.

In Brooklyn? No problem. (Note: It was a problem. These studios are hard to find.)

I've been in the Gowanus Creative Studios for nearly four years now and I think my studio search is over forever. My landlord? An angel. My space? Cozy, functional, and calming. The building? Amazing.

My studio is quite tiny, just a little over 100 sq feet. It has lofted storage which makes it feel double in size and leaves the entire main area for photography, hair/makeup, meeting clients, and lounging. The building I'm in has a variety of excellent backdrops that tenants can use, so if you're looking for a brick wall or industrial feel to your photo shoot we just have to step out into the hallways!

We also have access to a roof view, street scenes, and so much more. So while my studio may be tiny, it's mighty. And I love it.

Here is the interior of the tiny studio of my dreams (view one). This is the sitting area, storage loft, and hair/makeup table.
This is the view of the second half of my lovely small space. This is where the magic takes place - the backdrops are stored up high and brought down when I need them. It's extremely versatile here!

What are my studio hours?

Technically my business is open from 8am-8pm every day. I often work from home and can be most easily reached then by email or phone/text.

Sine my studio is access-controlled, visits to the studio are by appointment only. Appointments for sessions are generally available during the week with some limited weekend availability.

This image for actress Katrina Lenk was taken in my studio.

Getting to the studio

My full address is 58 2nd Ave, #17A, Brooklyn, New York, 11215.

If you’re taking the train : Take the F or G Trains to the Smith and 9th St. stop. Once you get to street level make a left and walk towards 2nd Ave. When you get to 2nd Ave make a left and look for #58, it will be on the left hand side of the street. The number is printed on both the door and the awning.

There is a buzzer panel to the left of the doors. Find my name, and buzz for #17A. I'll come down and get you!

If you're driving, your best bet for parking is at the Lowes at 118 2nd Avenue. If you pull into the Lowes parking lot from 9th Street you’ll want to park immediately once in the gates by the Old Iron salvage area (it’s in the parking lot, under the overpass, and looks like a strange flea market), not over by the Lowes. You’re going to walk out of the lot onto 9th Street and take a right. Go to the corner of 9th and 2nd and cross the street to the opposite side of 9th to continue on 2nd Ave.

Nearby restaurants

If you're coming to the studio, why not make a day of it? Gowanus has a great food scene, and there are so many amazing places to visit within walking distance of my space. Here are some of my favorite local restaurants:

  • Runner & Stone - 285 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - This cozy bakery and café offers delicious pastries, bread, coffee, and a brunch and dinner menu featuring locally sourced ingredients.
  • Freek's Mill - 285 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11217 - This rustic-chic spot features a wood-burning grill and an impressive wine list to accompany their seasonal American cuisine.
  • Claro - 284 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Specializing in Oaxacan cuisine, this farm-to-table restaurant offers a range of dishes from tacos to tlayudas to grilled meats, all made with traditional ingredients and techniques.
  • Pig Beach - 480 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 - This casual BBQ joint offers a range of smoked meats, sandwiches, and sides, as well as a great selection of beer and cocktails.
  • Littleneck - 288 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - This seafood-focused spot offers New England-style clam shack fare, including lobster rolls, chowder, and raw bar selections.
  • Halyards - 406 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - This cozy gastropub offers elevated bar food, craft beer, and live music in a laid-back atmosphere.
  • Dinosaur Bar-B-Que - 604 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - This popular BBQ chain offers all the classic meat dishes, plus a range of sides and a full bar.
  • Lavender Lake - 383 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 - This hip bar and restaurant offers a range of small plates, sandwiches, and cocktails, as well as outdoor seating with a view of the canal.
  • Sea Wolf - 19 Wyckoff St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 - This nautical-themed restaurant offers a range of seafood dishes, including raw bar selections, fish tacos, and whole grilled fish.
  • Four & Twenty Blackbirds - 439 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - This cozy pie shop offers a rotating selection of sweet and savory pies, as well as coffee and tea.

Social Media Dance Photographer NYCIt was fun collaborating with actor/dancer/singer Neil Haskell in the studio.

Nearby lodging/hotels

If you're coming from a bit of a distance and need to stay over I've got a wee bit of bad news. There are no hotels in my direct neighborhood. Gowanus is primarily a residential and industrial neighborhood.

However, there are several hotels located nearby in the neighborhoods of Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, and Carroll Gardens. Here is a list of my favorites in those neighborhoods (and a few a bit beyond):

  1. Hotel Le Bleu (370 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215) - Located in the heart of Park Slope, Hotel Le Bleu offers modern and stylish accommodations with views of the Manhattan skyline. It also has a rooftop lounge that provides a great spot for guests to unwind and take in the city views.
  2. The Union Hotel (611 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217) - Located in Carroll Gardens, The Union Hotel offers boutique-style accommodations with a vintage touch. The hotel features a cozy lounge and bar, which is a perfect spot for guests to relax after a day of exploring the neighborhood.
  3. The Hoxton, Williamsburg (97 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249) - Located in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, The Hoxton offers chic and stylish accommodations with an industrial vibe. The hotel features a rooftop bar and restaurant that offers amazing views of Manhattan and the East River.
  4. The Brooklyn Hotel (1199 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216) - Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Hotel is a landmark building that dates back to the 19th century. The hotel has been beautifully restored to its original grandeur and offers elegant and comfortable accommodations for its guests.
  5. Even Hotel Brooklyn (46 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11217) - Located in Downtown Brooklyn, Even Hotel offers modern and wellness-focused accommodations for its guests. The hotel features a 24-hour fitness center and in-room fitness zones with yoga mats and fitness equipment.
  6. Hotel Indigo Brooklyn (229 Duffield St, Brooklyn, NY 11201) - Located in Downtown Brooklyn, Hotel Indigo offers stylish and contemporary accommodations with a focus on local art and culture. The hotel features a rooftop bar and lounge with panoramic views of Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  7. The Baltic Hotel (489 Baltic St, Brooklyn, NY 11217) - Located in the heart of Park Slope, The Baltic Hotel offers charming and cozy accommodations with a vintage touch. The hotel features a garden and a terrace that provides a perfect spot for guests to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  8. The Henry Norman Hotel (251 North Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11222) - Located in Greenpoint, The Henry Norman Hotel offers industrial-chic accommodations in a converted warehouse. The hotel features a rooftop terrace with views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as an on-site art gallery showcasing local artists.

Ballet Production Photography NYCStudio sessions don't have to be limited to headshots. They can be any creative thing we can think of!

What do I use my studio for?

As a photographer, I use my studio for a variety of purposes.

One of the primary reasons is to have a controlled environment for my theatrical and business headshot and portrait sessions. This allows me to have complete control over the lighting, temperature, and background of my photos.

I also use my studio for product photography, especially for e-commerce clients who need high-quality images of their products for their online stores.

Additionally, I use my studio for client meetings and consultations, as it provides a professional and comfortable space for discussing their vision and needs for their shoots.

Overall, my studio is an essential tool for my photography business, allowing me to create stunning images for my clients in a controlled and comfortable environment. It's also a lovely, comfortable space that allows me to get my business out of my apartment - and anyone who lives in a small NYC apartment as I do understands the need for more space and work/life separation!

Images created in my studio

Here are a variety of headshot, personal branding, dance, theatre, and other images I've created in my space.

I hope to have you come to visit soon!

NYC Actor HeadshotsHeadshot of actor Barrett Wilbur Weed

New York Professional Headshot PhotographerBranding and headshot session for actor/singer Jessica Hendy

Theater Graduate Headshots NYCAn example of a location in my studio building that I love using for portrait photography.

Best NYC Headshot PhotographyMy studio features light and dark backdrops for a variety of image styles.

NYC Theatre PhotographerI photograph a lot of dancers in my studio space, both for website content, social media content, audition materials, and just for fun!

New York Dance PhotographerPowerhouse Ariana DeBose in the studio.

CEO Headshots NYCI have a variety of lighting and light modifiers in the studio to create as many different environments as I want.

New York Headshot PicturesThe delightful Ali Stroker in the studio.

Headshot Photographer New YorkI love a clean, simple light headshot!

Broadway CaresI've done quite a bit of work for Broadway Bares performers in my studio space.

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