I had never been to Bedell Cellars before Erin and Lee’s summer wedding.  Tucked quietly away in the North Fork of Long Island, Bedell feels like a combination of your childhood backyard mixed with the best of Napa Valley.  The quiet beautify of the property paired with with the decidedly un-summer-like weather set the stage for a gorgeous sunset and beautiful evening.  I first met Erin through Sari and Matthew.  The second you meet Sari, you love her – and the same is true for Erin.  They share the same innate sweetness, the same open laughter, and the same fantastic love for their amazing dogs.  Erin is so deeply funny, so extraordinarily elegant, and such a tremendous human being.  It was a great honor to document her wedding to the equally sweet and lovely Lee!

Jedediah Hawkins Inn Wedding
We started the day at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn. This North Fork boutique inn featured the craziest getting ready room I’ve ever shot in. From the bizarrely sloping ceilings to the exposed brick walls, everything about the space was quirkily perfect.
Wedding at the Jedediah Hawkins Inn
This is, quite possibly, one of my favorite images of the year. Despite swearing that she’s “not graceful”, Erin kept proving otherwise.
Jedediah Hawkins Inn Wedding Photo
Erin’s beautiful Jimmy Choo bridal shoes were the perfect background for an image of her radiant engagement ring.
Jedediah Hawkins Inn Wedding Pic
Not one pair of shoes but two? My kind of girl.
Milexy Torres
Milexy Torres and Kim Daly were responsible for Erin’s hair and makeup look.
Jedediah Hawkins Inn
I love how the subtle detailing on Erin’s mom’s dress mirrored the detailing on the bride’s gown.
Bedell Cellars Wedding
From the Jedediah Hawkins Inn it was a quick ride over to Bedell Cellars, where I was able to photograph Erin in the gorgeous vineyard.
Wedding at Jedediah Hawkins
(but not before just ONE MORE shot of her in the Jedediah Hawkins bridal suite!)
Bedell Cellars Wedding Photography
I love the moment when Erin saw Lee for the first time before their ceremony.
Bride at Bedell Cellars
“Beware of the deer ticks!” This important bit of advice was imparted on us by the staff at Bedell. I hadn’t even thought of deer ticks before that moment….but suddenly it was all I could think of. Luckily no actual deer ticks were involved in the making of this bridal portrait.
Bedell Cellars Wedding Pictures
I always check the inside of the wedding bands when I photograph them. Lee’s band had their wedding date engraved inside.
Ryan and Heidi Studios
It was wonderful to work with the delightful Ryan and Heidi Studios for this wedding. It’s always great when you get to collaborate with a talented video team!
Wedding Ceremony at Bedell Cellars
Bedell was the perfect setting for this outdoor ceremony. I still can’t believe the weather was THAT PERFECT in the middle of August. It didn’t even hit eighty degrees all day. As one whose favorite season is the dead of winter, I appreciated the unseasonably awesome breeze!
Wedding at Bedell Cellars
After the ceremony on the Bedell Cellars lawn, it was back to the vineyard for another deer-tick-free set of portraits.
Wedding Pictures at Bedell Cellars
I love how sweet, fun, and funny Erin and Lee are together.
Bride at Bedell Cellars
Don’t you LOVE these bridesmaid dresses? They were so dramatic and chic, yet perfect for the outdoor setting.
Wedding Reception at Bedell Cellars
The first dance took place under a perfect Sperry Tent. I absolutely love the rustic chic look of these wedding tents.
Catering by a Small Affair
The catering for the reception was provided by Catering by a Small Affair. The toasts were provided by the family. I always love hearing the words that the bride and groom’s family and friends have prepared for the couple.
Reception at Bedell Cellars
I love that you can see the wedding guests applauding in the background!
Wedding Party at Bedell Cellars
After a cool, calm day it was a nice treat to see such a spectacularly dramatic sunset breaking right over the Bedell Cellars vineyard.
Bedell Cellars Wedding Reception
Lee and Erin, thank you so much for having us as a part of your day. It was so lovely to spend the day with you both!