I had never been to Newport, much less Belle Mer, before Kiara and Peter’s wedding.  We took the train up and as we neared Rhode Island I knew that I was going to love it there.  I was completely enamored with the light, the landscapes, and the beautiful dark blue ocean.  More than that I was enamored with Kiara and Peter.  Sometimes you meet people and you just love them from the start – and that was how I felt from the first time Kiara grabbed me in a huge hug before her rehearsal dinner.  I’m not a huge fan of overt gushing on wedding blogs (seriously, not every wedding can feature The Greatest Love of All Time or The Best Wedding Ever!) but I am a fan of overt gushing about good, kindhearted people who love their families and each other.  Kiara and Peter are just that and the entire weekend was so warm and enveloping that I didn’t want to leave!

Castle Hill Inn Wedding
The weekend started off with a rehearsal dinner at the Castle Hill Inn.
Castle Hill Inn Wedding Photo
We were totally enraptured with Kiara’s Man of Honor, his husband, the entire bridal party, Peter’s children, and …. okay, basically everyone.
Castle Hill Inn Wedding Pictures
Kiara is an insanely good gift-giver. She spent a lot of time really making sure that the gifts to her bridal party were personal and meaningful.
Wedding at Castle Hill Inn
As a mother of stepdaughters myself I was very moved by Kiara’s relationship with Peter’s daughter.
Wedding Photo at Castle Hill Inn
There was no shortage of excellent moments, actions, and fantastic reactions.
Castle Hill Inn Rehearsal Dinner
It’s very easy to see where Kiara gets her sweet spirit from. Her mother was charming, gracious, and gorgeous.
Vanderbilt Grace Wedding
We started the wedding day itself in a lovely suite at Newport’s Vanderbilt Grace Hotel.
Flowers by Semia
Flowers by Semia provided the floral design and the flowers were simply perfect.
Vanderbilt Grace Wedding Photo
The good moods from the night before clearly carried over onto the wedding day!
Vanderbilt Grace Wedding Photographs
More gorgeousness from Flowers by Semia. I love all of the purple and pink tones in the bride’s bouquet.
Vanderbilt Grace Wedding Photographer
I love documenting the getting ready process on the wedding day. There are so many incredible opportunities to make lovely images.
Lazaro Wedding Dress
Kiara’s Lazaro wedding dress was absolutely perfect on her!
Newport Wedding Photographer
After Kiara got dressed we had a few moments to take some bridal portraits of her before we left to see Peter for the first time.
Rhode Island Wedding Photographer
We spent a sweet hour wandering around Newport to take portraits of Kiara and Peter together.
Belle Mer Wedding
After the portraits we ended up at Belle Mer, the site for the ceremony and reception.
Belle Mer Wedding Photos
Kiara spent a few minutes freshening up in the bridal suite before we took photographs of the families and bridal party.
Belle Mer Wedding Pictures
The ceremony was perfectly timed to capture the sun setting over the water.
Belle Mer Wedding Pic
Here is another image featuring Kiara’s bouquet – isn’t it incredible?
Wedding at Belle Mer
From the ceremony the day flowed right into the cocktail hour, held just outside the Belle Mer ballroom and on the lawn.
Wedding Photos at Belle Mer
It was the perfect time of day to be outside and the sunset was spectacular.
Wedding Photographer at Belle Mer
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the extraordinary cinematographer that we worked with that day. Brett Culp was unobstrusive, kind, and a joy to collaborate with.
Confectionary Designs
Confectionary Designs was responsible for the epic cake.
District 21
The band for the evening was District 21 and they were AMAZING.
P'nina Tornai
During the reception Kiara changed into a sleek P’nina Tornai wedding gown.
Rhode Island Wedding Photographer
I love that not only did the bride have a look change during the reception – her best man did, too!
Wedding Photographer in Rhode Island
Kiara’s mother’s toast was warm and emotional – we would have expected nothing less!
Rhode Island Wedding Venue
The evening ended by FINALLY cutting that exceptional Confectionary Design cake!

Kiara and Peter, there are no words.  Getting to know you both has been an exceptional treat.  Kiara, hearing about how you fell in love with Peter so sweetly mirrored my relationship with my husband.  Peter, hearing you talk about Kiara and how you love her was simply inspiring.  Thank you for letting me get to know your friends and your family.  Thank you for friending me on Facebook so that I can love you even more while watching you do adorable things like ride your horse and hug your family.  Documenting your day was a joy.  Thank you.