Jessica and Willy’s Bowery Hotel wedding reminded me once again why this is one of my favorite venues in Manhattan.  My husband and I even looked at it for our own wedding (before deciding to hold our celebration in Philadelphia) and there is just something about the dark walls, soaring ceilings, and old-world charm that is both austere and comforting.

Bowery Hotel Wedding Photographer
Jessica’s grey diamond wedding ring was stunning. It was the first time I’ve seen a ring like this and I was instantly obsessed.
Bowery Hotel Wedding Pictures
I love the juxtaposition between these delicate Stuart Weitzman heels and the luxe velvet of the chair in the Bowery Hotel bridal suite.
Wedding at the Bowery Hotel
All of Jessica’s details were perfect, from the glasses of crisp champagne to the incredible antique earrings that she wore.
Bowery Hotel Wedding Picture
Before heading out to see Willy for the first time we stopped around the Bowery Hotel for a few images of Jessica alone. I love this image of her by the gorgeous windows on the Bowery’s second floor.
Bowery Wedding
After seeing each other for the first time it was off to the Bowery for some street photography.
Jewish Wedding at the Bowery Hotel
After portraits of the couple, bridal party, and families it was time to sign the ketubah. I love this room at the Bowery Hotel, it’s a great place for a ketubah signing and later the cocktail hour.
Wedding Pic at the Bowery Hotel
I love photographing the ketubah signing – it’s always a great chance to document some beautiful moments between the bride and groom.
Wedding Ceremony at the Bowery Hotel
The light during the wedding ceremony was gorgeous!
Daughter of Design
Daughter of Design did a tremendous job with the reception decor.
Annie Lee Wedding
Annie Lee and her team never leave a stone unturned. Every detail was perfectly coordinated and suited the Bowery’s rich, deep color palate.
Bowery Hotel Wedding Reception
During dinner there were a handful of heartfelt, sweet toasts. I love documenting the person giving the toast and then immediately catching reactions in the crowd. I love the look on Jessica’s face!
Father of the bride toast
Jessica’s dad gave a great toast. Both the bride and groom came from such loving families that it was easy to photograph many, many sweet moments between them.
Bowery Hotel Catering
The Bowery Hotel has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. They serve not just “wedding food” but truly excellent meals. The restaurant in the hotel, Gemma, is superb and my assistant and I still dream of the pasta they serve for their vendor meals!
Bowery Hotel Wedding Party
I love this unscripted moment between the bride’s parents during the reception!