It is always an honor when I am invited to teach wedding photographers about our craft.  Being an educator in an industry that I feel very passionate about is a humbling thing and I am deeply moved by everyone who has indicated that my teaching has helped them in their career endeavors.


When I first began teaching for Creative Live my first course was a three-day class.  You can view more about this course and purchase it directly via this link.


My second course is the biggest teaching endeavor that I have ever accomplished.  It’s 30 Days of Wedding Photography.  Yes, you heard me right – thirty days of education.  It is described on Creative Live’s website as:

Success as a wedding photographer requires more than just raw talent and the desire to be a professional photographer. To survive in this highly competitive industry, you need strong business skills and a deep understanding of your craft. In this documentary wedding photography experience, Susan Stripling will teach you how to launch and sustain a successful wedding photography business.

During 30 days of step-by-step instruction, Susan will show you how to develop your business — everything from honing your creative vision to marketing tactics to studio management. Then, Susan will teach you the fundamental shooting techniques for every possible wedding scenario by inviting you along to an engagement session and wedding day and with real-life clients — not models! During the start-to-finish documentary coverage of the wedding day, Susan will teach you how she handles each part of the experience, from photographic technique to client care, all with zero re-takes or re-shoots. Susan will wrap up the 30 days with detailed instruction on post-production workflow, post-wedding marketing, album design, post-wedding sales, and much, much more.

By the end of this course, you will have accompanied Susan through every step of a wedding and will have the skills, mindset, and tools needed to make a living — and a name for yourself — as a wedding photographer.

You can view more about this course and purchase it directly via this link.

The courses are all available for streaming online or downloading so you can access them anywhere you go.  I hope you enjoy them!