It was a cold, snowy day in February for Jenna and Michael’s Crystal Plaza Wedding.  I had photographed at this particular Livingston, New Jersey venue several times before but never during the day and never in the snow!  Jenna and Michael were total troupers in the freezing cold weather, braving the snow without coats and not complaining once.  This sweet wedding is the perfect example of what you’d want a winter celebration to be : warm, loving, and with beautiful crisp light!

Crystal Plaza Wedding Photos
The bride requested that I take a picture of her engagement ring on the heel of her Jimmy Choo shoes. I worked with the beautiful light pouring in through the windows to create an image with texture, depth, and dimension.
Crystal Plaza Wedding
When rooms are crowded it can be hard to find a location to hang the dress that isn’t in the midst of the madness. My assistant and I hung Jenna’s gown in the hallway and lit it with a bit of video light to make it really pop out of its’ surroundings.
Crystal Plaza Wedding Photographer
When we arrived the bride was finishing the last touches on her hair and makeup. I love this simple black and white image from that time of the day.
Wedding Photography at the Crystal Plaza
Many bridesmaids and bridal party members don’t love the idea of posing for pictures in the cold and snow. This particular bride’s eight bridesmaids had no problem braving the snow and cold. I think the effort was well worth it!
Wedding Photos at the Crystal Plaza
I really couldn’t believe how long the bride and groom were willing to be outside in the freezing weather. The sunset was beautiful and I truly applaud their willingness to stick it out for some gorgeous images.
Crystal Plaza Wedding Ceremony
The interiors of the Crystal Plaza ballroom were covered in blues, purples, and crystals for a wintery look.
Wedding at the Crystal Plaza
Did I mention they they just kept braving that cold weather? Jenna and Michael, thank you.
Wedding Photographer at the Crystal Plaza
The Crystal Plaza does an extraordinary job with the cakes and pastries at their wedding receptions.
Reception at the Crystal Plaza
I absolutely love the dramatic backlight on the couple as they enter their wedding reception.
Wedding Ceremony at the Crystal Plaza
Many bands and entertainment companies do a less-than-stellar job of lighting dance floors. The Rhythm Shop brought extraordinary lighting and did a truly professional, dramatic job of lighting the room.
Party at the Crystal Plaza
The entire feel of the reception was one of a nightclub. Very masterfully and dramatically done!