When I delivered the images from this Downtown Club wedding, the bride immediately emailed me back.  “You literally captured every single emotion of our entire day. I remember every moment exactly. I can’t believe it.”  As a wedding photographer, there is nothing better than making your clients happy.  It’s an honor to document such important events, and this wedding day was an especially brilliant one.

When winter starts to roll around, the sun stops cooperating.  No more long, dreamy summer sunsets.  Now the sun is racing towards the horizon at a breakneck pace, setting far too early.  The clouds block any light we might have, it can’t seem to stop raining, and “dreary” is the best word to describe most northeastern late-fall days.  Not this day.  It was cold and clear, with the most perfect winter light.  More, please?

Philly Hotel Monaco Wedding

We started the day in the bridal suite at Philadelphia’s Hotel Monaco. I love the light in the suites here! It makes for brilliant detail images, and really compelling getting-ready photographs.

Jenny Packham wedding

The bride wore a phenomenal Jenny Packham dress. Her shoes were the perfect compliment to the nuanced detail of the dress.

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Right before heading out to see her groom for the first time, Jessica made sure to move her engagement ring to the right finger!

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I love the preparation part of a wedding day. There are so many moments to capture, both big and small. I love the light streaming through the bride’s veil, illuminating the detail on her Jenny Packham gown.

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Wedding day details are a popular part of modern wedding photography. I especially love documenting details in action, such as the way the light streams through the veil. I think it’s so beautiful, skimming across her headpiece and highlighting the shoulder detail.

old saint mary's wedding philadelphia

After the bride and groom were dressed, it was off to Old Saint Mary’s for the wedding ceremony. How cute are these flower girls?

old saint mary's wedding philly

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the ceremony processional. It’s the first time the bride gets to see all of her guests assembled together!

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Church lighting can be a tricky thing. It’s the one part of the wedding day that photographers have little to absolutely no control over. Old Saint Mary’s was especially brilliant on this particular day. The sun was coming directly through the stained glass windows. It lit the bride and groom perfectly during the entire ceremony!

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See what I mean about the light? It was just perfect.

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I’ve never seen such glorious light in a church in the wintertime! See how it lights up her veil so extraordinarily? And how it highlights his face? So very, very beautiful.

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The recessional after a ceremony is another chance to see some great moments. I love how the groom is looking at his bride, and how she is grinning into the crowd!

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After the ceremony, there was a break before the cocktail hour. We spent the time going around Philadelphia for some portraits. We started at the Merchants’ Exchange Building. This Old City location is so beautiful, with it’s classic cobblestone streets and beautiful Philly architecture.

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From there, we visited Washington Square Park and the Second Bank of the United States. The light here was also completely extraordinary.

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Philadelphia was still deciding whether to be fall or winter. The air was crisp and cold, and the trees were struggling to hold onto their leaves.

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We spent a little longer in Washington Square Park, while the sun fell lower and lower in the sky.

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I have such a soft spot for this particular location, as it’s where I got engaged years ago. The light is always so lovely.

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Having the break in between the ceremony and cocktail hour meant that we had plenty of time for portraits of the bride and groom.

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We not only had permits to shoot in Washington Square Park, but at Waterworks as well. We chased the sunset all the way to the water.

waterworks wedding philadelphia

We were determined to use every last bit of sunlight – and we did!

downtown club wedding philly

Once the sun set, portraits were over. It was time to head to the Downtown Club for the cocktail hour and reception!

cescaphe confetti cannon

The Cescaphe confetti cannon is always a big hit!

cescaphe wedding pictures

I love father-daughter dances. They are such wonderful times between family. I love that you can see the groom in the background, watching his wife dance with her dad.

Jessica and Erik, thank you so much for trusting me with your day!  Thank you even more for spending so much time in the cold for your portraits.  It took extraordinary dedication, and I love you both for it!