Lee and Chris’ Fox Hollow wedding had everything a summer wedding should have.  Beautiful light, warm but not-too-hot weather, an afternoon spent wandering in a garden, a touching outdoor ceremony, and a vibrant ballroom reception.  I am especially grateful to the bride and groom for arranging so much time in Old Westbury Gardens for their portraits.  It was lovely to see how important these images were to them, and I hope these do not disappoint!

Lee and Chris are both so vibrant, so funny, and so very lovely.  They’re gorgeous inside and out.  It was a great pleasure to spend the day with them and their families.  From the first emails we exchanged, to their engagement session along the Brooklyn Promenade, I knew these two were going to be a treat to work with.  Thank you both for choosing me to photograph your wedding.  It was a great pleasure.

Fox Hollow Wedding lodging
The bride started her day out at the Inn at Fox Hollow. Located just adjacent to the Fox Hollow venue itself, this hotel has gorgeous light and really beautiful rooms.
Fox Hollow Wedding Inn
I often mention how I strive to take new, creative images at every wedding I photograph. While I absolutely photographed the rings separately, I wanted to try something interesting with the beautiful light I found. All I needed was a mirror and my beloved Nikon D750, and I had a multiple exposure that I loved!
Fox Hollow Wedding Long Island
The bride scheduled her day so well. There was ample time for images of her getting ready. There was time to go visit the groom and his groomsmen in their hotel room and photograph them as well. It was a great start to the day, with no rushing or hurrying necessary!
Fox Hollow Wedding pictures
Lee’s shoes were so delicate. I loved the soft, multi-layered flowers on the toes!
Fox Hollow Wedding reviews
Remember when I said that the light in the Fox Hollow Inn is gorgeous? Yup, still gorgeous.
Fox Hollow Wedding prices
The mother of the bride was on hand to help her daughter into her Maggie Sottero gown. I love the getting ready part of the day, it’s one of my favorite times during a wedding.
Fox Hollow Wedding Photography
The first time I met Lee in person, I was struck by her grace. She has such an elegance about her. She moves like a dancer. Even her hands are graceful!
Fox Hollow Wedding Pics
I love the final moments before a bride is completely dressed. The anticipation is just so marvelous. Whether she’s getting ready to see the groom for the first time, or heading out to her ceremony, something in the air changes. It’s really marvelous to behold.
Old Westbury Gardens wedding photography
The bride and groom arranged for their portrait session to take place at Old Westbury Gardens. It’s a fantastic space. They make sure that not too many brides and grooms are there at once, which makes for a very private portrait session. I recommend it highly for any Woodbury-area weddings!
Old Westbury Gardens photography permit
We had an uninterrupted hour to ourselves at Old Westbury Gardens, and it was wonderful. The heat rose briefly, before falling again. The bride and groom were total troupers in the heat!
Old Westbury Gardens wedding photos
Our guide at Old Westbury Gardens even took us to an out-of-the-way location that was simply stunning. She saw what I had been doing with the light during the first part of the portrait session and mentioned that I’d “probably just love!” this area. She was right. I did!
wedding photo session at Old Westbury Gardens
The architecture at Old Westbury Gardens is really spectacular. The grounds are meticulously maintained, and everywhere you turn there is a great photo opportunity.
Old Westbury Gardens wedding
This image exemplifies everything that I love about wedding photography. There is dramatic light. There are gorgeous, deep shadows. There is a beautiful environment. Most of all, there is a natural connection between the bride and groom. You can pose the prettiest pictures in the most dramatic of locations, but if there is no real moment between the couple, there is no real picture. Lee and Chris are tremendous together. I cannot be more thankful to them for granting me this moment. You guys are amazing.
Old Westbury Gardens wedding photographers
When the heat broke and the sun started to drop low in the sky, the clouds turned amber. It was really wonderful to witness.
wedding pictures Old Westbury Gardens
Whenever I have time with the bride and groom together, I always try to create a few images of the bride alone. Sometimes it’s tough to do because of time constraints. but there was ample time on this day to create some beautiful portraits of Lee alone.
Fox Hollow wedding ceremony
After the portrait session at Old Westbury Gardens, it was back to Fox Hollow for the wedding ceremony.
ceremony at a Fox Hollow wedding
I always love trying to find a new angle during ceremonies. It’s not always possible, especially if you’re in a church, but I was able to quietly walk the perimeter of the ceremony itself. If I’m going to be behind the actual ceremony location, I always want to find somewhere unobtrusive. I don’t ever want to be a distraction to the guests!
Fox Hollow wedding venue
I love the flowers in the arbor here! Lee and Chris made excellent decor choices, even during the ceremony.
Fox Hollow wedding ballroom
Lee and Chris’ first dance was sweet, heartfelt, and really charming!
Fox Hollow wedding decor
I love being able to see the reactions of the guests in the background. This is always such an emotional time in the day!
Fox Hollow wedding reception
After the formalities, it was time for a party!


Lee and Chris, thank you for having me document your day!  I hope your time in Long Island was wonderful, and that you were welcomed back to Jacksonville with beautiful weather!

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