Jennifer and Brian’s Front and Palmer wedding warmed my heart for dozens of different reasons. One : Awhile before the wedding Jennifer mentioned in passing that it would be great if it snowed on their wedding day. “Not a lot of snow” she stated “But maybe a little snow on the ground would be nice.” True to her wishes there was an incredible coating of snow on the ground in Washington Square Park for their portraits – and we had the park almost entirely to ourselves! Two : When Brian heard Jennifer coming down the hallway of the Westin to see him for the first time he started crying before she even reached him. Three : My husband and I were married at Front and Palmer less than a year ago and being back to photograph there was deliciously surreal. 

Front and Palmer Wedding
I met up with the bride in her gorgeous suite at the Westin Philadelphia. I love that hotel for it’s gorgeous light and peaceful, elegant rooms.
The Westin Philadelphia Wedding
The winter light in the Westin was soft and gentle.
Front and Palmer Wedding Photos
The bride had family and friends on hand to help her get ready.
Wedding at the Westin Philadelphia
The bride was so calm and collected during the entire getting ready process.
Front and Palmer Wedding Photographer
The bride’s gorgeous bouquet was provided by the sweet team at Flowers and Company.
Front and Palmer Wedding Photographers
I loved the genuine emotion between the bride and her family.
Front and Palmer Wedding Photographers
Before heading out to see her husband for the first time the bride sat for a few portraits in her room at the Westin.
The Westin Philadelphia Wedding Photographers
The bride and groom saw each other for the first time in the hallway at the Westin.
Wedding Photos at the Westin Philadelphia
They were so happy to be together after a day apart!
Front and Palmer Wedding Pictures
It was only 22 degrees in Washington Square Park, but the bride and groom were still up for going outside for their portraits.
Wedding at Front and Palmer
I was so glad that they were willing to brave the cold for such gorgeous portraits.
Wedding Pictures at Front and Palmer
I was so touched by the groom’s emotion all day long.
Wedding Photos at Front and Palmer
Washington Square Park is gorgeous all year-round, even with a completely frozen ground and piles of snow!
Wedding Pics at Front and Palmer
While we were only in the park for twenty minutes, we made some wonderful portraits.
Wedding Ceremony at Front and Palmer
Then it was off to Front and Palmer for the wedding ceremony. Ram Productions did a wonderful job with the lighting for this wedding.
Details at Front and Palmer
The bride’s rings were so beautiful.
Front and Palmer Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony was short, sweet, and emotional.
Feast Your Eyes at Front and Palmer
Feast Your Eyes did an incredible job on the catering for this sweet winter wedding.
Reception at Front and Palmer
I had a few moments to photograph the Front and Palmer reception space before the party began.
Wedding Reception at Front and Palmer
I also had a few more moments to take some portraits of the bride and groom in their reception room.
Front and Palmer Wedding Reception
The intimate feel of the wedding reception matched the season perfectly.
Wedding Reception at Front and Palmer
Lovesick Inc. did an excellent job keep everyone entertained during the reception.
Front and Palmer Wedding Party
I love the distressed concrete background behind the head table!
Party at Front and Palmer
The groom’s dance with his mother was so lovely!
Bride and Groom at Front and Palmer
We stepped outside for a few more portraits towards the end of the night as well!

 Jennifer and Brian, THANK YOU. Thank you for braving the cold for your portraits, thank you for trusting me, thank you for letting me witness how much you love each other, and thank you for having me as a part of your day. It was already magical to be back in my own wedding venue but to be there with you was a true treat.