Angela and Rob were married at Baltimore’s Grand Historic Venue on a day that held the promise of fall.  The Grand Historic Venue is a fascinating space, built by the Freemasons as the Grand Lodge of the Maryland Masonic Temple back in 1866.  For more than a hundred years, this building served as the Maryland Freemasons’ headquarters.  In 2005, it became the Tremont Grand.  Modeled after the buildings of the French and Italian Renaissance, the building has a charm and warmth not often found in hotel-based venues.  From the library to the Corinthian Ballroom, the Marble Room to the marble staircase, the entire venue exudes a hospitable, classic style perfect for a sweet wedding day.

Embassy Suites Baltimore Wedding
I got to spend some time with Angela in her room at the conjoined Embassy Suites before she got into her wedding gown. Starting the day photographing such beautiful rings was a true treat.
Grand Historic Venue Wedding
Angela’s Alfred Angelo bridal gown fit her like a glove. I love the dramatic skirt and classic sweetheart neckline.
Grand Historic Venue Wedding Photographer
Up Do’s For I Do’s did a tremendous job with Angela’s bridal hair and makeup.
Grand Historic Venue Wedding Pictures
Before Angela saw Rob for the first time, she gifted each of her parents sweet cards. I love this quiet moment alone with her mother.
Grand Historic Venue Wedding Pics
Botanique Events was responsible for the bride’s bouquet. I love the classic, simple elegance of the design.
Grand Historic Venue Wedding Cost
Angela was a dream in front of the camera. She was graceful, sweet, and so very happy that photographing her was a delight.
Grand Historic Venue Baltimore
As a wedding photographer, moments are what fuel me. I am awed and amazed when beautiful moments occur between family members and friends, and I am trusted to document them. I hope that Angela knows what a dream it was to capture this moment between her and her parents. It remains one of my favorite photographs of 2014.
Grand Historic Venue Baltimore Wedding
When a beautiful moment occurs, it’s often easy to document it and move on. This image shows that if you stay with the moment, sometimes you’ll find yourself in the middle of an incredible scene that is still unfolding.
Wedding at Grand Historic Venue
From tears to laughter in just a few seconds. This, friends, is what wedding photography is all about.
Wedding Photos at Grand Historic Venue
The groom is a very, very talented wedding photographer. Being asked to photograph his day was extremely flattering, and I hope that they love these images as much as I loved creating them!
Wedding Pictures at Grand Historic Venue
Angela is fantastic, funny, bright, and dazzling. Her smile lights up an entire room. It’s no wonder that the groom wanted to photograph her himself – Rob, thanks for letting me eventually have her back for this portrait!
Wedding Pics at the Grand Historic Venue
The bride and groom graciously allotted a great amount of time for portraits of the two of them together. The light was tremendous outside, and I was determined to use it!
Bride at Grand Historic Venue
Trust between a photographer and their subject is so important. Thank you, Angela, for trusting me and braving the wind to make this portrait!
Grand Historic Venue Wedding Photographs
Despite the traffic rumbling by, the wind, and the sounds of their bridal party in the background, Rob and Angela were only interested in each other.
Bridal Party at the Grand Historic Venue
After the family formal portraits, we went back inside the Grand Historic Venue for a few more portraits of the bridal party.
Grand Historic Venue Marble Room
The wedding ceremony was held in the Marble Room, and I love the combination of the candles and the marble.
Grand Historic Venue Marble Room
The view from outside the Marble Room was lovely, showcasing the sweetly intimate ceremony.
Grand Historic Venue Marble Room Wedding
The Marble Room was such a cool space, but what made the ceremony really fantastic were the moments between the bride and groom.
Bride at the Grand Historic Venue
After the ceremony, the guests moved into cocktail hour, and we stepped back into the library for a few more portraits.
Portraits at the Grand Historic Venue
I love having the bride and groom all alone after their ceremony. Their emotions are always so high, and the moments are so sweet.
Corinthian Room at the Grand Historic Venue
The Corinthian Ballroom was the perfect space for the wedding reception. It was great to steal the bride and groom away for just one more image before the reception began.
Grand Historic Venue Corinthian Room
EBE Amsterdam performed the first dance beautifully, then kept the crowd on the dance floor all night long.
Grand Historic Venue Corinthian Room Wedding
How sweet was this first dance?
Grand Historic Venue Corinthian Room Reception
The monogram on the floor was exquisite, as was the beautiful motion in Angela’s skirt.
Party at the Grand Historic Venue
The bride and her father continued to be adorable well into the reception!
Grand Historic Venue Baltimore Wedding
….and well into the toasts and speeches, too!
Grand Historic Venue Baltimore Wedding Pictures
The lighting in the room was beautiful, but I love working with subtle off-camera flash to create a dimension to my reception images.
Grand Historic Venue Baltimore Wedding Photos
It is always such an honor to bear witness to such heartfelt, meaningful toasts.
Wedding at the Grand Historic Venue Baltimore
Honestly, I could have just photographed the father of the bride’s wonderfully expressive face all night!
Decor at the Grand Historic Venue
The marble walls made an excellent backdrop to the cake cutting.
Mother of the Groom and Son
Not to be outdone by the bride’s emotional dance with her father, the groom took to the floor with his mother. I was really touched by the closeness of the families, the bride and groom are clearly so loved.
Wedding Photojournalism
Documenting wedding receptions is a great joy. I love the music, the dancing, and the opportunity to witness some truly stellar moments.
Nighttime Wedding Portraits
We stepped outside for a few cold, cold moments to make a few more portraits of the bride and groom before the end of the night.

Rob and Angela, thank you so much.  Thank you for trusting me, for understanding just how excited the lighting made me, for braving the nighttime cold with me, and for hollering at a total stranger over sidewalk laws.  Your day was a delight, and it was wonderful to document it for you!