I first met Sarah and Ryan to discuss their Jasna Polana Wedding via email.  After exchanging a few notes, pricing information, and wedding details they invited me into their home to talk further.  I’m not often in my clients’ homes and it was a real treat to get to know them a bit better on their home turf.   Months later we found ourselves together again on a bright, clear Princeton spring day celebrating their marriage.  Sarah and Ryan, it was a treat.  You’re the best!

Jasna Polana Wedding
Some may see a tin cup, I see an opportunity to make a lovely portrait of an engagement ring.
Jasna Polana Wedding Photos
I love the light filtering through the veil and onto Sarah’s Jimmy Choo heels.
Jasna Polana Wedding Photographer
Princeton is a beautiful place and Jasna Polana is lovely, sedate, charming wedding venue. I loved the huge windows and brilliant light in Sarah’s getting ready suite.
Wedding at Jasna Polana
As the sun traveled lower in the sky the light in the bridal suite became more and more brilliant.
Wedding Photos at Jasna Polana
Dahlia’s Florist provided Sarah’s delicate, vibrant bouquet.
Wedding Photographer at Jasna Polana
The day was cared for brilliantly by one of my favorite Philadelphia-based wedding coordinators, Lynda Barness.
Princeton Wedding
I love outdoor spring weddings. The light is always so clear and sweet.
Princeton Wedding Photos
Ryan is really, really funny. Not just kind of funny or semi-funny but falling-down, stomach-aching, tears-pouring-from-your-eyes hilarious.
Princeton Wedding Photographers
One of my favorite ceremony traditions is the petal toss during the recessional of the bride and groom – it truly never disappoints.
Best Princeton Wedding Photographer
The gorgeous light continued into cocktail hour and well into the reception.
Princeton Wedding Pictures
Sarah and Ryan gave me ample time to create some beautiful portraits of the two of them alone around Jasna Polana’s abundantly gorgeous property.
Best New Jersey Wedding Photographer
Roots and Groove started the reception off with a fantastic first dance.
Princeton Wedding Pics
Not only is Ryan funny but he can dance, too. Is Sarah lucky or what?

Sarah and Ryan, your wedding date was so close to mine and your day was so dear to my heart.  Your love for each other was palpable and your affection so very touching.  I hope that you have a beautiful, beautiful honeymoon!

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