I had been looking forward to Miriam and Chanan’s Liberty Warehouse wedding for MONTHS.  The checklist of awesome wedding details was almost too much to handle.  Her cinematographer was my friend Dave Williams and his extraordinary team with Cinemacake, a killer wedding cinematography company based in Philadelphia.  Her band was Carnivale, the same band that played at my own wedding.  Her venue was the incomparable Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.  Her dress was a Pnina Tornai.  Must I go on?  Mim and Chanan are so kind, so lovely, so unbearably sweet that it was a great treat to spend their day with them.  They are gorgeous inside and out, and it was an honor to document their wedding.

The groom’s family owns a lavendar farm, and lavendar was incorporated into the decor of the wedding day. I chose to include the lavendar in this image of the bride’s engagement ring to add a personal touch to the image.
I love this image of Lindsey Jones Makeup hard at work on the bride’s absolutely stunning face!
The bride wore a delicate lace Pnina Tornai wedding gown from Kleinfelds, right here in New York.
The bride chose a gorgeous pair of gold Manolo Blahnik shoes to go with her Pnina Tornai gown.
Miriam was a beautiful bride, inside and out. She is sweet, fun, funny, and charming – and clearly quite beautiful!
I love the juxtaposition of the stripes on the dress with the stripes on the straw!
The light in the bridal suite at the Liberty Warehouse is just exceptional at all times of day!
I absolutely love the delicate lace of her veil. It complimented her dress and her style so perfectly.
Jeff Torem of the Liberty Warehouse is a total gem. I love this moment of him talking to the bride before the ceremony.
The bride was gifted a gorgeous necklace just before the ketubah signing. I love being there for such sweetly intimate moments between family members.
All of the bridesmaids’ dresses were different, yet complimentary. I love the final look of all of them together!
The ketubah signing is such a joyous part of a Jewish wedding. I love the extraordinary happiness on Miriam’s face in this image!
The kids at this wedding were hilarious, fun, funny, and exceedingly well-behaved!
I love the quiet concentration on the face of the bride. I also love the way everyone else in this image can’t take their eyes off of her!
The recessional at the end of the wedding ceremony is one of my favorite parts of the day. I adore the look of unfiltered happiness on their faces!
The sun was setting as we took the bride and groom around the Liberty Warehouse for a few portraits before the reception began.
We had time for one more killer sunset picture before heading inside to start the reception!
They were such a delight to photograph, so sweet and kind to each other.
It was such a treat to work with Dave WIlliams and his team at Cinemacake. Dave is an impeccable filmmaker and SO very easy to work with!
The bride hired Carnivale, the same Philadelphia-based wedding band that played at my own 2013 wedding. It was so great to see them again and of course, hear their incredible music.
I love this moment during the first dance. This bride had the BEST smile!
The chandeliers over the dance floor were a really beautiful touch. Molly Oliver Flowers did a beautiful job with the entire event decor.
One of my favorite parts of a Jewish wedding reception is the hora. I absolutely love the reactions when the bride and groom are hoisted on the chairs!
As the night wore on, the expressions on the dance floor got more and more hilarious.
I love every single thing about how this bride emotes! Her face is so open and sweet, and all of her expressions are priceless!
Wedding Party at the Liberty Warehouse
Miriam and Chanan, thank you SO much for having me as a part of your exceptional day!

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