I had worked at the Liberty House before but Helen and Pierre’s Maritime Parc wedding marked my first time at this particular Jersey City venue.  I was immediately blown away by the love between Helen and Pierre and the supportive family and friends they surrounded themselves with throughout their day.  I know that after awhile words on a wedding blog sound cliche’d – after all, how many people can really have A Love Like No Other or The Greatest Wedding Of All Time or The Best Love That Ever Was?  However there is simply no other way to describe Helen and Pierre without using such gushing terms.  They are kind, they are sweet, they are caring, they are lovely people inside and out.  And yes, their love is even really, really epic.

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Jersey City Wedding
We started our day at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel & Suites in Jersey City.
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Jersey City Wedding
Helen’s sister had created the most incredible brooch bouquet for her wedding and surprised Helen with it during the getting ready portion of the day.
Jersey City Doubletree Wedding
The light in the Jersey City Doubletree was really warm and wonderful.
Hilton Hotel Jersey City Wedding
It was honestly nearly impossible to choose the images to blog for this wedding since there were JUST SO MANY MOMENTS to choose from.
Jersey City Wedding Photographer
Every detail was perfect and perfectly coordinated, from the veil to the dress to the necklace to the gorgeous comb in Helen’s hair.
Saint Anthony of Padua Wedding
After a sweet ceremony at Saint Anthony of Padua church it was off to Liberty State Park for some portraits.
Hoboken Wedding Photographer
We stopped along the way to photograph the bride and groom in a variety of gorgeous Hoboken and Jersey CIty locations.
Liberty State Park Wedding Photographs
Helen and Pierre were absolute naturals in front of the camera, funny and warm with each other.
Maritime Parc Wedding Photographer
After portraits it was time to go to Maritime Parc for their wedding reception.
Maritime Parc Wedding Pictures
(But first, a few more portraits!)
Wedding Pictures at Maritime Parc
Maritime Parc was a welcoming, sweet location for this intimate wedding reception.
Maritime Parc Wedding
There were so many hugs, so much laughter, and so much emotion all night long.
Maritime Parc Wedding Pic
See? ALL NIGHT LONG was just like this!
Maritime Parc Wedding Party
Each dance was sweeter and more loving than the last.
Wedding at Maritime Parc
I love Helen’s face in every single picture. Really, every single one.
Wedding Pictures at Maritime Parc
The bride’s relationship with her sister was really something to behold. I hope that when my daughters are grown that they love each other like this!
Reception at Maritime Parc
Helen and Pierre, it was an honor. Thank you for having me as a part of your day!