Creating New York bridal portraits has been a love of mine since I moved to the city in 2008.

When you think about New York bridal portraits, you think about taking a few moments out of your wedding day to make a few images of you alone in your dress.  This is a fairly standard part of any wedding day’s coverage, and something that most wedding photographers know to create.

However, this doesn’t always go as planned!  What happens if hair and makeup happen to run late?  What happens if your fifteen minutes of bridal portrait time disappears in a flurry of getting ready and rushing out out the door to your ceremony?  No matter how wonderfully laid your timeline plans, how helpful your coordinator, and how efficient your photographer, when you run out of time…well, you’re out of time!

So many things can disrupt this time of the day, and something that everyone desired to be a peaceful moment of portraits either doesn’t happen, or happens in a flurry of nerves.  I adore taking wedding day bridal portraits or images of grooms alone, but there is something to be said about my favorite southern tradition…the bridal portrait session.

Whether you’d like to book this session before or after your wedding date, a bridal portrait session is a great opportunity to create some fashion-based, Vanity-Fair-style modern bridal portraits of you in your gown.  It’s a time to breathe, relax, and enjoy!  From hair and makeup to the shoot itself, it’s a wonderful chance to celebrate this amazing time in your life.

new york bridal portraits
Most bridal sessions take place in the studio. We do have incredible outdoor areas for additional images, should you so desire!
new york bridal portraits manhattan
These sessions take place in my studio in Industry City, Brooklyn. You’ll begin with hair and makeup, and then we’ll create some unique bridal portraits without any time constraints of the actual wedding day.
I have also had the opportunity to create many portraits of grooms over my years as a wedding photographer. This session doesn’t have to be just for brides, it’s an incredible time to create portraits of grooms as well!

If you’re looking to have your bridal or groom portraits taken, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  I’d love to talk to you about your session and let you know a bit more about myself and my studio. I hope to meet you soon!