When my mind turns to an Oheka Castle Wedding, I never used to think of Taylor Swift.  Oheka calls to mind television and the movies, having been featured in Citizen Kane, Gossip Girl, and Royal Pains.  But Taylor Swift?  Not until recently, when she took over the Huntington, New York wedding venue to film the video for Blank Space.  It was completely surreal to watch the video, seeing places like the Grand Staircase, West Gate Drive, Formal Gardens, and Grand Ballroom, places I’d photographed weddings at for several years now.  I was most recently at Oheka for Shella and Jamil’s completely flawless summer wedding.  Gold glitter was everywhere, the Formal Gardens were awash with summer sunshine, and a Haitian band played well into the night.  I can see why Taylor Swift was drawn to Oheka.  There is something so magical about a castle that appears out of nowhere (if you’ve ever driven up to Oheka, you know what I mean!)  It was no wonder that Shella and Jamil chose it as their wedding location, as it really is that charming.

I started the day with Shella’s beautiful details. Her attention to the tiniest element of the day was really unparalleled. Is her engagement ring not incredible? And how about that wedding band?
See what I mean about gold glitter EVERYWHERE? The team from Coordinated to Perfection did an extraordinary job creating and executing the day.
The Green Room and Shameika Bowman were on hand to create Shella’s wedding day look. Her dress was so outrageously fantastic, her hair and makeup had to match – and match they did!
Oheka Castle Bridal Getting Ready Room
The bridal suite at Oheka Castle is one of my favorite rooms in the entire venue. I love the drapery framing the french doors. I also love that the light is perfect in there, no matter what time of day you’re getting ready.
Mother of the Bride in Pillbox Hat
The bride’s mother was so elegant. I adore her pillbox hat and veil. She was the picture of class and grace all day long.
Alexander McQueen Wedding Shoes
The bride’s Alexander McQueen shoes were completely flawless. McQueen is one of my biggest inspirations, and I always love to see elements of the edgy-yet-classy McQueen style incorporated into a wedding day.
Blank Space Video Taylor Swift Location
An Oheka Castle wedding would not be complete without some portraits out and about on their iconic grounds. West Gate Drive leads right up to the main courtyard through these gorgeous arches.
Great Gatsby Wedding Location Long Island
The Formal Gardens overlook the sprawling Oheka Castle. Rumor has it that Oheka was one of Baz Luhrmann’s inspirations for Jay Gatsby’s opulent Long Island mansion in his 2013 Great Gatsby remake.
Long Island Wedding Bride
Shella stopped for a quick touch-up between portraits, then we were back out to the Formal Gardens for more portraits.
Bridal portraits at an Oheka Castle wedding
When the sun sets over an Oheka Castle wedding, everything is perfectly lit. The light skims across the Formal Gardens, deepens the shadows in the library, and illuminates the whole property with a really indescribable gold glow.
Custom gold wedding scrolls
The programs were written on black parchment and rolled into these opulent gold scrolls. Beautiful, right?
Outdoor Oheka Castle wedding
Shella’s dad was so sweet. I love this image of him just after walking his daughter down the aisle.
Oheka Castle wedding ceremony decor
One of the lovely things about an outdoor ceremony is not being limited to where I can stand during the event. I love this vantage point of Shella and Jamil’s ceremony from down in the Formal Gardens.
Sunset at Oheka Castle
Shella requested pictures of herself and Jamil back in the bridal suite. Remember how I mentioned loving the way the sun sets over Oheka? This image is a great example of that. The light pours into the room, turning everything to gold.
Bride and groom at Oheka Castle wedding
Before the sun was completely gone, we were able to go back out to West Gate drive for a few more portraits of the bride and groom together.
Oheka Castle wedding pictures
One of the things that I think that I do well as a wedding photographer is find light in unique places. Where is this at Oheka? I’ll never tell. But isn’t it beautiful?
Pnina Tornai bodysuit
The bride paired a Pnina Tornai dress from Kleinfeld with a Pnina bodysuit. I’d never seen a bodysuit under a strapless dress before, and I really liked the unique look.
Oheka Castle wedding photos
The chandelier in the entryway is just one of the many beautiful details at Oheka. It’s such a stunning portrait location.
Pictures from Oheka Castle wedding
The sun sets so quickly in the winter. In the summertime, the sun seems to take hours to crawl towards the horizon. It gives us more time for portraits outdoors!
Oheka Castle wedding pics
Shella is so beautiful. Despite the hectic schedule of the day, she stayed calm and smiling. She and Jamil are really lovely together, kind to each other, and so very smartly funny.
Taylor Swift on horse Blank Space video location
We worked with every single bit of the fading light for these portraits. This is back out on West Gate drive, the road that leads up to Oheka.
Oheka Castle wedding reception room
After some portraits with the bride, groom, and their families, we moved inside to the Grand Ballroom for the reception.
Oheka Castle wedding reception pictures
I love the dramatic spotlight on Shella and Jamil for their first dance.
Oheka Castle wedding reception photographs
After a quick dress change, it was back into the reception for a second grand introduction.
Oheka Castle wedding reception
Shella has the greatest laugh, and she laughed all day long.
Oheka Castle wedding party
Since there was gold glitter in all of the decor, it only makes sense that the cake was pure gold as well!
Oheka Castle wedding fireworks
The night ended with an incredible display of fireworks.

Shella and Jamil, thank you so much for having me as a part of your day.  From your engagement session in my studio to the wedding, and then the post-wedding session, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you both.  Shella, thank you for bringing your wild and fantastic style to every part of your days. I hope you love these images as much as I loved creating them for you!