Sofya and Alex’s wedding marked my first time working at the Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, New Jersey.  I was immediately taken with the imposing white building and perfectly manicured lawns.  I was further thrilled to work with the incredibly sweet event staff there, as well as Alwyn of Kiss the Bride Films, one of my favorite local cinematographers.  Alwyn is sweetness and light, a fantastic woman and a wonderful filmmaker.  It is always a delight to work alongside a cinematographer who shares my vision for the day and my approach to shooting.  Alwyn does beautiful work, as does the entire team at Kiss the Bride Films.

Sofya and Alex are simply precious.  Sofya is a tiny, charming sweetheart and Alex clearly loves her with his whole heart.  Together since high school, these two are the real deal.

The Place at Somerset Park Wedding
I placed Sofya and Alex’s gorgeous papercut wedding invitation in some beautiful light to create a lovely image of the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band.
The Place at Somerset Park Weddings
I love the sharp black background juxtaposed against the vibrant red of the bride’s ring box.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Photographer
There was no room in the Somerset Park for the bride to get ready that had a window. While the rooms were spacious and beautifully appointed, I knew that to get some lovely window light we’d have to go elsewhere. Luckily Sofya was willing to get ready in the vacant ballroom near the insanely beautiful massive windows!
Wedding Photorgapher at The Place at Somerset Park
Sofya is as beautiful and charming as she is kind.
The Place at Somerset Park Photographers
I love it when my clients trust me to choose a location for them to see each other for the first time. While many photographers would have defaulted to going outside, I chose to stay indoors and work with light that I knew would be appropriately dramatic and compelling.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Photos
We were then able to utilize that window light to create some dramatic portraits of the bride and groom.
Wedding Photorgaphy at The Place at Somerset Park
The light during the portrait session with the bride and groom was harsh and dramatic – just what I like! We were able to make gorgeous images at that time but I also persuaded them to step out during sunset for some more images with softer, sweeter light.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Pictures
I love this image of the flower girls seeing the bride for the first time!
Wedding at The Place at Somerset Park
I try to look for not just the big moments with sweeping emotion. While those are dramatic and fantastic, the quiet moments are just as compelling – sometimes more so.
Weddings at The Place at Somerset Park
It’s always wonderful when I can capture an honest, genuine reaction from my clients. I especially love this moment when the bride and groom were walking back down the aisle after their ceremony!
Wedding Photos at The Place at Somerset Park
See what I mean about beautiful sunset light?
Wedding Pics at The Place at Somerset Park
After some portraits outside, we moved back inside for dinner and dancing. The flower girls reacted to this with appropriate flair and festivity!
Wedding Reception at The Place at Somerset Park
Including the crowd in this image from the first dance was a wonderful treat. I love that you’re able to see so many reactions from the bride and groom’s family and friends.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Reception
I love this image of the groom during the first dance!

Sofya and Alex, thank you.  Thank you for trusting me that it was a good idea to get ready in an empty ballroom, that seeing each other for the first time in a dark corner would result in something beautiful, and that stepping back outside for just a few more portraits would be worth it.  I appreciate your time and your dedication to making beautiful images.  Most of all I thank you for being your sweet, kind, sunny selves!