Rosanna and Brian’s Plaza Hotel wedding was such a beautiful start to our 2014 wedding season. From Rosanna and her sisters together while she was getting ready to Brian’s joy at seeing his bride-to-be for the first time the entire day was filled with sweet moments and tender emotion. The Plaza Hotel is an incredible place and for a wedding it’s just magical. Rosanna and Brian, thank you so much for including me as a part of your day and trusting me to document it for you. It was so deeply touching to watch Brian serenade his bride at the end of the night, to hear the incredible music during the ceremony, and to watch the fantastic Empyreal Strings perform at the reception. I hope you had a beautiful honeymoon!
Plaza Hotel Wedding
I started the day with the bride’s gorgeous engagement ring and wedding band.
Plaza Hotel Weddings
The Plaza Hotel is always so stately, peaceful, and elegant.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photos
The bride’s Monique Lhuillier wedding gown was so beautiful. Intricate, delicate, and perfect.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photography
The bride wanted to incorporate the iconic staircase at the Plaza for the images of her seeing her groom for the first time. While many photographers like to shoot ON the staircase, I chose to shoot the scene differently. I love the window light on the groom’s face and the long walk the bride took to reach her husband.
Wedding Portrait at the Plaza Hotel
From there we took some time to create portraits of the bride and groom all around the Plaza’s stately interiors.
Photographs at the Plaza Hotel
Tantawan Bloom did an extraordinary job decorating the entire day – as always!
Plaza Hotel Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony was also held in the Plaza, which was incredible. There are so many gorgeous interiors in this iconic Manhattan hotel that both the ceremony and reception locations are always perfect.
Plaza Hotel Wedding
Empyreal Strings provided some of the most gorgeous ceremony music that I’ve heard in ages!
Photograph at the Plaza Hotel
After the ceremony it was time for some images with the bride, groom, and their families.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer
From there it was back into yet another incredible room at the Plaza – the ballroom. Tantawan Bloom decorated the entire room flawlessly.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Reception
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photos
After the introduction, the bride and groom performed a choreographed first dance.
Plaza Hotel Ballroom Wedding
I had a chance to watch the rehearsal of this dance earlier in the day, so I knew precisely where to be when the groom dipped the bride at the end of the song.
Wedding Photo at the Plaza Hotel
The toasts and speeches are always one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. I love hearing what the parents and bridal party members have to say about the bride and groom. It lets me get to know them a bit better, and the stories are always fantastic.
Wedding Photos at the Plaza Hotel
The bride’s sisters gave such a sweet, charming toast.
Wedding Photographer at the Plaza Hotel
Then it was time to dance! The Bobby Attiko Band kept everyone on the dance floor all night long.
Wedding Photographers at the Plaza Hotel
The bride’s dance with her father was one of the highlights of the reception.
Wedding Photographs at the Plaza Hotel
…as was the groom’s dance with his mom!
Wedding Pictures at the Plaza Hotel
Towards the end of the night, the bride and groom took to the balcony for a speech of their own.
Wedding Reception at the Plaza Hotel
The groom then performed on stage for the bride. Eventually her whole family ended up on stage dancing alongside her!