Wedding at the Foundry

Wedding at the Foundry

Who? : Ashley + Alexandros

What? : Preparations, first look, portraits, ceremony, and reception at a restored 19th century Long Island City building

Where?  The Foundry

When? : May 2019

“THE FOUNDRY INTERIOR BOASTS 3,000+ SQUARE FEET OF RAW SPACE WITH A LUSH OUTDOOR COURTYARD, ROOFTOP TERRACE WITH VIEWS OF THE MANHATTAN SKYLINE, INDOOR GREENHOUSE AND FULLY EQUIPPED INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN.”  When I read this on the Foundry’s website, I had to press pause for a second.  Three thousand square feet?  Raw space?  An outdoor courtyard? A rooftop?  In Long Island City?  WHAT WAS THIS PLACE?

Turns out, it’s the Foundry, and it’s everything you could possibly want – and more.  From the skylights in the getting-ready suites to the huge private courtyard, this wedding venue is a perfect find for couples looking for a unique-but-charming place to hold their wedding.  As a photographer?  Especially one who loves quirky spaces, great light, and greenery?  It’s a dream come true.

Also a dream come true?  Ashley and Alexandros.  They’re funny, incredibly sweet, witty, lovers of family and friends alike, and they know how to throw a warm, welcoming event that brings everyone together under the stars and sky to celebrate.  You two, it was an honor to celebrate with you and to document your day.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Wedding at Battery Gardens

Wedding at Battery Gardens

Who? : Sara + Michael

What? : Preparations at the W New York Downtown, a first look and portraits at Brooklyn Bridge Park, ceremony and reception at a restaurant venue overlooking Battery Park.

Where?  Battery Gardens, New York

When? : November 2018

While compiling the details of Sara and Michael’s wedding day, I asked them something I often ask my clients : How did you meet?

Sara’s answer:  We met online. I recently requested our original texts back and forth from the dating app we used (The League) and it turns out they were pretty boring – just a few exchanges and then an offer to meet for brunch. Good thing the first date was much more interesting! We couldn’t say goodbye after brunch, so Michael invited me to walk over a few blocks and see his grandfather’s butcher shop…Then we hit up a street fair…Then, I politely tried to excuse myself because I had a housewarming party to go to. I told Michael that he was “more than welcome to come”, expecting him to turn down the offer. But he didn’t! So he came with me and met a bunch of my friends, and some new people I had never met before. People kept asking how long we’d been dating and I had to awkwardly explain we met that morning…. Even all that time wasn’t quite enough, so we went to dinner that evening. 13 hour marathon date, and now 3 years later we’re getting married!

Thank goodness that epic first date didn’t end, because it brought Sara and Michael to an amazingly crisp, gorgeous fall day in New York, saying I do while the sun set over Battery Park.   It was the kind of day you see online when you google “perfect fall day in Manhattan,” orange leaves scattered on sidewalks, winter in the air, and a sunset that spiraled into a bright orange blaze.  It was another flawless marathon day in their history of marathon days, and it surely won’t be their last!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

I’ve been asked before if I bring a styling kit or detail kit with me to weddings.  The answer is no, I love to work with what I find in my environment.  That will help me tell a story in a way that details that I brought myself never could.  This is Michael’s ring, laid on a “diamond” from the hotel decor! Michael is WONDERFUL.  Warm and kind, and loves Sara with a strength that’s immediately visible.  He’s a Crossfitter, a New York bike rider, and has a smile that could light up the city at night.  He got ready surrounded by his hilarious groomsmen, just a few floors below where Sara was getting ready with her family and bridesmaids. Sara is gorgeous, inside and out, and not just because she’s an avid yogi.  She’s a beautiful writer and speaker, chooses her words with clarity and precision, and loves with a ferocity that’s brilliant to see. After getting ready at the W Downtown, we hailed a series of Ubers and made the trek over the bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Hidden away on a fourth floor overlook, Sara and Michael saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. Instead of exchanging gifts separately, before seeing each other, Sara and Michael opted to exchange their gifts at their first look. It made this time even more meaningful, and I hope this is a tradition that catches on!  I love that they got to see each other’s faces when they opened their gifts and read their cards. After the first look, we had a bit of time to wander Brooklyn Bridge Park.  We’d been anticipating terrible weather and torrential rain, so this brilliantly bright day was an incredibly welcome surprise.  Since most New Yorkers had also expected awful weather, the park was even less crowded than usual.  Win, win! After a brief time taking very serious (and not so serious!) wedding party images, it was time to head back to Battery Gardens for some family portraits, a quick break, and the ceremony.
The moments before a ceremony are so special.  Whether you’re polishing your rings or greeting your grandmother, every second practically quivers with anticipation.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day! This ceremony!  OH, this ceremony.  There was debate all morning about whether or not the crazy high winds near Battery Park would push the ceremony indoors.  Sara and Michael made the difficult decision to move it inside, and it was a great choice.  The sun set right through the windows, turning the whole ceremony golden. As the couple were huge fans of the outside area, and as we didn’t get to have the ceremony there, I felt it only fitting to take some late sunset images outdoors.  Cheers to these two for braving the insane winds for a few extra portraits! After cocktail hour, a few more portraits, and some detail images of the room, it was time to PARTY.  Sara and Michael exploded into the room, ready to start the dinner-and-dancing part of the night! I love the written word.  I love public speaking.  I love public speaking of the written word.  In short, I love toasts.  I love it when people stand up and speak from the heart, saying words they spent time lovingly crafted about people they adore.  After some of the most meaningful, gorgeous speeches I’ve ever heard (and a pretty rad dinner, too!) Sara and Michael took to the floor for their first official dance as husband and wife. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, more hugs, more love, and more laughter.  The kind of laughter that comes from things like locking your friends out of the reception and rubbing your butt on the door while they pretend to spank you.  You know, stuff like that.Sara and Michael, if you’re reading this on your epic honeymoon to Thailand and Laos, THANK YOU.  Thank you for sharing your lives, your celebration, and the last crazy gorgeous fall day in New York with me.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories.  I’ll follow along on your honeymoon adventures via Instagram – take your time getting back.  It’s pretty cold back home. ❤️

Wedding at 501 Union

Wedding at 501 Union

Who? : Jill + David

What? : Preparations at home and a downtown Brooklyn hotel.  Portraits at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at a wedding venue in Gowanus.

Where?  501 Union

When? : October 2018

Family.  Family is everything.  To watch Jill and David with their families is to watch true joy, true love, and true community.  From David’s brilliant daughters to Jill’s dads walking her down the aisle together, heartfelt toasts to oh no, I’m crying again, thanks David vows, the entire day was extraordinarily moving, welcoming  and nearly explosive with joy.

It’s often hard to put wedding days into words.  I get to witness amazing things and amazing people, week in and week out.  Some people, however, radiate a little extra light into the world.  Jill and David are two such people.  As I took mental notes during the day so I could remember the event, the people, and what in the world I could say in a blog post later, things like David is an extraordinary father and I just want to hug Jill so hard every time she smiles kept imprinting themselves on my mind.  These two – they are completely special human beings.  You know what I mean – those people that just turn the lights up in the room when they walk in, push the frequency to a warmer level, the ones you just have to know and how amazing these families found each other and can I get myself invited to their next party?

During his vows, David told Jill to look at the people around them, naming how special each person was.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, mine included.  I hope the both of them keep looking around, and at each other, for the rest of their lives.  How loved they are.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding

I started my day at David and Jill’s house, where David got ready with some people very near and dear to his heart.  David has two daughters who are absolute miracles, and they then traveled to the hotel to meet up with Jill while she got ready.

hampton inn brooklyn wedding

hampton inn brooklyn wedding
Jill got ready at a Hampton Inn near Brooklyn Bridge Park that I would gladly move into tomorrow. You could fit my entire apartment into the gorgeous living room of her suite.

Daisy and Jamie are amazing girls. It really was a huge honor to capture the moments of each of them throughout the day. My daughters were by my side when I married my husband, and looking back on the images of them is one of my favorite things about our wedding pictures.

silk satin wedding shoes

brooklyn wedding florist

Then it was time to get Jill ready – which means all hands on deck!

Pro tip : If you’re getting ready surrounded by those you love, let’s get them dressed first.  Set aside some time in your timeline for them to get ready – your mom, aunt, sister, dad, grandmother, man of honor, best friend, whoever is going to help you get dressed.  That way they’ll be all ready while you get ready!

bride getting ready at hampton inn brooklyn downtown

After Jill got dressed, it was time for her and David to see each other for the first time.  After battling with some very weirdly complicated sliding glass doors (We think they were sliding?  Or maybe they opened out?  They were weird, and baffled several intelligent adults completely!), they saw each other on the glassed-in balcony of their hotel.

indoor first look

Jill and David opted to give each other gifts at their first look, which I loved.  Many couples exchange gifts the morning of their wedding, but this way they got to see the other’s reaction in person!

After the first look and gift exchange, it was off to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a few moments for some portraits.

Then we hopped in Uber’s and settled in at 501 Union.  We took some family pictures, Jill and David got a much-needed break, and guests started arriving. I love this image of the 501 Union team making sure the flowers were misty fresh – see the water droplets in the air?

David’s girls walked down the aisle after him.  They’re amazing women – and how could they not be?  David is a simply magnificent, kind, loving father.

There are moments at every wedding that just stick.  This was one of those moments.  David’s girls grabbed each other’s hands as the ceremony started, and didn’t let go until it was over.

This ceremony.  THIS.  CEREMONY.  I know the phrase “Not a dry eye in the house” gets used a lot in reference to weddings, but it was so true.  David’s vows. Jill’s vows.  The tears and emotion.  The prayer circle around their rings.  The love, the family.  This was everything. After the ceremony it was time to drink, dance, and hug hug hug.  The guests wandered through the bar area of 501 Union, we took some more family pictures, documented the hugging during cocktail hour, and took some pictures of the truly exceptional decor in the reception space.

What comes after cocktail hour?  OH RIGHT.  The PARTY.

Jill’s dad and stepdad gave a toast together.  What a family.  I know I keep saying that, but it’s so purely true.  The love in that room was a vibrant thing. After dancing with her dads, Jill danced with her mom.  I loved how beautiful these moments were. Jill and David cut their cake, then presented an anniversary cake to David’s parents. We closed the night out with a few more portraits at 501 Union. Jill and David, thank you for having me to document your gorgeous day for you!

Elopement at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Elopement at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Who? : Colleen + Eddie + Lyza

What? : Portraits in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Where? Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO

When? : September 2018

I love New York.  I love everything about it : the noise, the hustle, the people, the extraordinary vibrancy of such an alive city.  Therefore it also stands to reason that I love it when people come to New York specifically to be married.  Colleen and Eddie came to New York from Cairns, Australia to be wed, bringing with them their extraordinary daughter Lyza.  It was a huge honor to spend the afternoon with them in my favorite part of the city, creating portraits for them to commemorate this incredible occasion.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Wedding at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Wedding at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Who? : Lindsay + Craig

What? : Preparations, ceremony, and reception in a hotel overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  Portraits around DUMBO, Brooklyn, as well as Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Where? 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

When? : September 2018

As a decade-long resident of Brooklyn, it’s no secret that this borough is my favorite.  If I had to narrow down my favorite places in incredible Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Park would almost always come out on top.  I love the gorgeous views of the Manhattan skyline, the too-numerous-to-count locations for wedding and engagement portraits, and the amazing neighborhood that continues to grow and thrive.  What better place to have a wedding?  Add to this awesome spot two marvelous human beings, a team of tremendous vendors, and an immeasurable sweetness and you’ve got the perfect summer wedding.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Central Park Elopement

Central Park Elopement

Who? : Nicole + Michael

What? : Ceremony by Bow Bridge in Central Park, portraits in in Central Park, at Top of the Rock, and in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Where? All over Manhattan and Brooklyn!

When? : September 2018

From their sweet, heartfelt waterside Central Park ceremony to snuggling by the water in Brooklyn at sunset, Nicole and Michael’s New York elopement was everything you’d want an intimate wedding to be.  Take a little charm, mix it with a dreamy cloudy day, and add a dash of morbid anatomy and well, I’d follow these two anywhere.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Wedding at 26 Bridge in DUMBO

Wedding at 26 Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park

Who? : Flo + Chris

What? : Preparations at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, the ceremony at Brooklyn Bridge Park, portraits in DUMBO, and a reception in a renovated metal factory

Where? : 26 Bridge, Brooklyn, New York

When? : June 2018

When I showed up to Flo’s room at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, I was met with a floor and beds strewn with flower debris.  “We’re making the bouquets…right now.  Corsages, too!” a bridesmaid told me, and it was love at first sight.  From the flower-field of destruction on their hotel room floor to Chris’s lip-lock with a piece of seaweed, the caress of a groomsman’s leg during door games to a ceremony overlooking the best view in all of Brooklyn, Flo and Chris planned a day filled with love, laughter, and great senses of humor.  It was a huge joy to document this day for them,  and the trust that they placed in me was a huge honor.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Wedding at 26 Bridge pictures wedding ceremony brooklyn bridge park wedding location brooklyn bridge park Wedding at 26 Bridge photographer photographer Wedding at 26 Bridge Wedding at 26 Bridge pics Wedding at 26 Bridge cost Wedding at 26 Bridge photos Wedding at 26 Bridge photographs

Summer elopement at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Summer elopement at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Who? : Guy + Jamie

What? : Manhattan City Hall ceremony with portraits on the waterfront in Brooklyn

Where? : Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, New York

When? : May 2018

As a wedding photographer, being hired by another wedding photographer is a huge honor.  Guy and Jamie had the perfect New York wedding day : a first look in a pretty park, saying “I do” in the historic City Clerk’s Office, a few quick family pictures on the city street, and then off to Brooklyn for portraits with the views of Manhattan in the distance.  Simple, sweet, and oh so just right!

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Brooklyn Winter Elopement

Brooklyn Winter Elopement

Who? : Dhani + Adam

What? : Rooftop ceremony and portraits in the park (and at Etsy!)

Where? : Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Etsy Headquarters.

When? : December 2017

Dhani and Adam planned their day just right.  After an intimate, wind-swept (quite literally, as my cameras were practically carried off of the peak of Top of the Rock!) rooftop ceremony, it was off to Brooklyn for an afternoon of amazing portraits.  Dhani and Adam were married with their daughter at their side, surrounded by loved ones.  What more can you ask for?  Perhaps the most perfect pink wedding dress and leather motorcycle jacket?  Perhaps a trip to the top of Etsy HQ in Dumbo for some rooftop portraits?  Perhaps a sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge?  A vintage taxi?  A gloriously beautiful couple so deeply in love?  Dhani and Adam’s wedding day was all that and so, so much more.  I was so honored to spend the day with this miraculous couple, and so grateful to how willingly they braved the chilly Brooklyn winter day for their images!

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

brooklyn winter elopementvintage taxi for brooklyn elopementbrooklyn rooftop elopement brooklyn bridge park elopement dumbo elopementbrooklyn bridge elopement brooklyn elopement photography brooklyn elopement photographer

Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Who? : Kelsey + Brad

What? : Outdoor garden ceremony and indoor greenhouse reception at a botanic garden in Brooklyn

Where? : Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, New York

When? : September 2017

I’ve talked many times about how much I love the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  From the revamped bridal suite to the abundant locations for photography, there is a reason that this Brooklyn venue is on my list of recommended places to get married in the city!  It’s always a great joy to work at a place I love with people that I love, and Brad and Kelsey are really great people.  From the views in Kelsey’s hotel room to the unexpected brilliant sunshine during their portraits, this fall wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was joyous from start to finish.

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden pictures Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photos Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden pics Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photographer Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ceremony Fall Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden reception

Summer Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Summer Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Who? : Rita + Andre

What? : Outdoor garden ceremony and indoor greenhouse reception at an botanic garden…in the rain!

Where? : Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, New York

When? : June 2017

This gorgeous venue has such a place in my heart.  Partly it’s because I live within walking distance, partly because it’s just so dreamily, insistently perfect.  I have never seen the rain held off from a wedding ceremony by sheer will and determination, but on this day I did!  The downpours stopped precisely twice : once for the portraits of Rita and Andre together, and once for the brief outdoor ceremony. It was an honor to document the wedding of these two dynamic individuals.  From Rita’s impeccable red lips to Andre’s gorgeous heart, the day was a dream from start to finish.  (There was even a rainbow.  Because of course there was!)

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photos Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden pics Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photographer Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photography Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden family pictures Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ceremony Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden reception

To see some more images from Brooklyn Botanic Gardens weddings, click here, here, and here.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding

This Brooklyn Botanical Gardens wedding started with not one, not two, but three engagement session rain-outs.  Despite trying to schedule the session multiple times, the weather kept delaying and pushing back the shoot.  We finally managed to get it done – three days before the actual wedding date!  I was worried that cutting things so close would make the bride and groom nervous, but Jundai and Hong Ma are such lovely, calm people.  The session was remarkable, with the heat and crazy weather giving way to a gloriously beautiful afternoon with brilliant light.

After such a wonderful shoot, I knew that the wedding day itself was going to be just fine.  Jundai and Hong Ma are pure joy.  You can’t help but smile back at them, and when Jundai laughs, you just have to laugh along.  They’re so kind, so sweet, and so endlessly adorable together.  The entire day was full of brilliant light, perfect weather, and utterly charming moments.  The Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding venue is so close to my own home, so it was great to practically be working in my own backyard!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding
We started the day at the W Union Square. It’s a bright, modern hotel with brilliant light.
monique lhuillier candy dress
The second I saw the bride’s dress, I couldn’t help but smile. Jundai was married in the Monique Lhuillier Candy dress, which was the same dress I wore to my own wedding!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding pics
I love the light coming in from the window, and the way the bride’s delicate skirt flows into the shadows. Jundai is so graceful, and everything she does is elegant.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding details
One of my favorite details of the Monique Lhuillier Candy dress is the delicate grosgrain ribbon belt.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding picture
One of the sweetest things about documenting wedding days are the quiet moments. Not every “moment” has to be a huge laugh or a flood of tears. Sometimes it’s just a quiet breath, a simple smile, or a second of peace.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photo
Jundai’s mother is just as kind and sweet as her daughter. I love this sweet moment between the two of them while Jundai was getting dressed.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photos
Every wedding day is different. Every timeline allows for different amount of time with the bride alone, families, bride and groom together, and so forth. We had a glorious hour in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for portraits of the bride alone, and the bride and groom together.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding first look
This is Jundai’s reaction to seeing Hong Ma for the first time. I’ve tried to write a caption for this image for a solid fifteen minutes, but what words are needed when the picture tells the whole story?
first look at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The joy and happiness that these two have together is really breathtaking.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding portraits
After the bride and groom saw each other for the first time, we spent about an hour in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden taking portraits of them together.
bride and groom at brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The staff at the Garden provided a golf cart for us to get around. This really helped us get to as many locations as possible! I especially loved the Rose Garden.
portraits at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
A lot of potential clients ask me how I pose brides and grooms together. Will they feel awkward? Will they be forced into unnatural poses? I do my best to reassure them that my job is to document your relationship, and the “poses” are just gentle suggestions. My goal is to create pictures for you like this one, where you’re just alone together, interacting naturally.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photographer
July weddings can be mild and lovely, or over a hundred degrees. The weather on this day was perfect, not too hot but just warm enough!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photographers
The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is gorgeous at all times of year (the cherry blossoms are especially excellent), but I think there is something special about it in the summertime. I love how you feel like you’re in the middle of a secluded garden, when you’re really in the heart of Brooklyn.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding formals
The casual posing I employ with brides and grooms also carries over to portraits of the bridal party. Do I take pictures of everyone smiling directly at me? Absolutely! I also like to try and create a few images like this one, time permitting. I love how everyone is interacting!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding black and white
I try to be observant all day long. I am looking for all kinds of action and interaction. I caught the littlest ring bearer before the ceremony, being dragged off to the processional. I absolutely love his face!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding ceremony
The ceremony took place on the lawn of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. One of my favorite parts about the ceremony was the processional. Everyone came from behind this gorgeous foliage to walk down the aisle. Isn’t it dramatic and lovely? The sun is even beaming down from the perfect direction!
ceremony at brooklyn botanical garden wedding
Jundai smiled the entire way down the aisle. I love her flowers, and I love the sun streaming through her veil.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding layout
When Jundai hugged her father, the sun shone directly on her face. It was really glorious to see.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding sunset
The ceremony was scheduled perfectly to coincide with the setting sun.
sunset brooklyn botanical garden wedding
I love the great contrast between the sun in the bride’s veil and the dramatic dark background. It really brings your attention right to her lovely face.
ceremony of a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The ceremony included the parents of the bride and groom, which was really lovely.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding flowers
I am always drawn to layers in photographs. I love how Jundai and her mother are a frame alone, but when you add the reaction of the officient, and Hong Ma with his mother, you have a richly layered final image.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding recessional
On their way back down the aisle, Hong Ma grabbed Jundai and dipped her. Her reaction was priceless, as were her other facial expressions throughout the day!
recessional at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding ceremony
The last bits of sun shone on the recessional, and then it was twilight. The entire ceremony was timed to perfection!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding moments
After the ceremony, the bride and groom spent a few minutes with their bridal party. I love how sweetly Jundai is touching the face of her emotional bridesmaid. What a lovely moment. It was such an honor to be there to document it.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding flower girl
There are moments everywhere at weddings. Even a bit off the beaten path. The flower girl was all alone during cocktail hour, and I love her little solemn expression.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding tea ceremony
At the end of cocktail hour and before the reception, Jundai and Hong Ma held a brief tea ceremony with their parents.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding reception
After the tea ceremony was a quick hair and lipstick change for Jundai. Her hair is SO gorgeous down!
reception at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The first dance was short, sweet, and deeply emotional.
toast at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
I always love it when parents get up and speak at receptions!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding party
I utterly adore this angle of Jundai and Hong Ma listening to a speech. I love his solemn expression.  I also love her adorable smile.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding dancing
The little solemn flower girl was so longer so solemn once the dance music began!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding sunset
A sunset, a quiet moment, and a beautiful composition. As a wedding photographer, who can ask for anything more?

501 Union Wedding

I adored Courtney and Bryan long before the day of their 501 Union wedding.  From our very first exchange of emails to our first chats, I knew that I had to shoot this couple’s wedding!  Courtney and Bryan are both so bright, so vivacious, and so very funny.  They are kind to each other, extraordinarily loving to their family and friends, and so full of joy.  I loved photographing their engagement session on the High Line last year, and it was such an honor to document their 501 Union wedding this spring.

501 Union wedding
The dressing room at 501 Union has no windows. It’s small. It’s oddly shaped. It’s also gorgeous. We set up a lovely light, and made the most of this delightful space.
501 Union wedding bar
Courtney and Bryan even have a dog that matches the decor. How’s that for commitment to a theme? Their gorgeous black and white puppy matched the black and white decor, even down to his tiny black and white bow tie!
501 Union wedding pic
501 Union is an excellent Brooklyn wedding venue. It’s modern, welcoming, and full of brilliant bright light.
501 Union wedding bride's room
We started the day at the McCarren Hotel, documenting Bryan and his groomsmen. We then moved to 501 Union to capture the end of Courtney’s hair and makeup process. Jhenelle Hill from Prim & Perfect did an extraordinary job with Courtney’s wedding day look.
501 Union wedding cost
I love Courtney’s laugh SO MUCH. She is the sweetest soul, with the brightest smile.
501 Union wedding location
Courtney gave each of her bridesmaids such deeply thoughtful gifts. Each gift was different, perfectly suiting the person receiving it.
501 Union wedding bride
Windowless getting-ready room? No problem! All you need is some external light, an amazing bride with a bright smile, and you’re good to go!
501 Union wedding pictures
Courtney’s mother was on hand to help her get ready. I love it when moms help their daughters into their wedding gowns!
Pronovias bolero
Courtney’s Pronovias gown was incredible, but the bolero that she added was simply jaw-dropping.
501 Union wedding photographer
When we first spoke, Courtney told me that she loved dramatic light. I hope these getting ready images deliver!
501 Union wedding photographs
Courtney’s grandmother had the most wonderful reaction to seeing her granddaughter for the first time in her wedding gown.
501 Union wedding portraits
Family portraits are so very important, but I’m also always looking for those quiet moments between the formal, posed images.
Dog ringbearer
Bryan and Courtney’s dog made a fantastic appearance during the portraits. I love his fantastic ears and hilarious tongue.
501 Union wedding photographers
If you’ve ever been to Gowanus before, you know that the streets are crowded and full of traffic. I love this great green wall, and the fun shapes of the buildings behind Courtney and her bridal party.
501 Union weddings
After some family and bridal party portraits, it was back into the getting ready room to put the veil back on for the ceremony!
pictures at a 501 Union wedding
The quiet moments before the beginning of a ceremony are some of my favorite moments on a wedding day. The anticipation is so high, and every moment so precious.
501 Union wedding costs
The groom had his rings with him earlier in the day, so I didn’t get ahold of them until just before the ceremony. I used the moss from one of the centerpieces as the setting for Bryan’s ring, and I love how this image incorporates the decor.
501 Union wedding ceremony
The space for ceremonies at 501 Union is really incredible. The roof opens up to the sky, giving you a great indoor/outdoor venue.
501 Union wedding ceremony location
Bryan and Courtney had a beautiful candle-lighting tradition during their ceremony. It was really peaceful, meaningful, and lovely.
501 Union wedding decorations
Cary Pereyra of The Little Glass Slipper did an amazing job with all of the florals. I especially loved Courtney’s bouquet and the fantastic birds’ nests on the chuppah.
Wedding ceremony at 501 Union
Despite threatening rain for days, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I was so glad that they were able to open the roof and let the sun in during the ceremony. I think the light is brilliant!
Bride and groom at a 501 Union wedding
I only had a few moments with Courtney and Bryan after the ceremony to create portraits of them together. I found an alley near a BBQ with brilliant light, and I love the results. It just goes to show that you really can make beautiful images anywhere!
Green Building 501 Union wedding
I love the vintage truck parked outside The Green Building….but not as much as I love that dog!
dog at wedding in bow tie
Even the dog got in on the cocktail hour food action! Fiorelli’s Catering provided some of the best wedding food I’ve ever seen!
501 union wedding brooklyn
Courtney and Bryan are really, really great together. They’re the best of friends, and constantly make each other laugh.
The Little Glass Slipper wedding
Isn’t this bouquet incredible? The Little Glass Slipper is tremendous.
naked wedding cake
No pun intended, but I LOVE this wedding cake. The detail was amazing – and all of the flowers are made of sugar. It was really a work of art.
Cafe Wha Band
After cocktail hour, it was time to dance! The Cafe Wha band was amazing. I especially loved the bride’s dance with her father.
501 Union wedding reception
The hora at a Jewish wedding is always – ALWAYS! – a source of great moments.
501 union wedding party
For the reception, Courtney removed her jeweled bolero and let her Pronovias gown stand on it’s own. I love the feathers on the bodice!
wedding reception at 501 union
It’s always good to make sure your new spouse isn’t planning on smashing the cake in your face before you attempt to feed them!


Courtney and Bryan, thank you so much for entrusting me with your memories. It’s been a delight getting to know you both, and your wedding was truly incredible.  Special thanks to the tremendous Rebecca Shankman of Pink Bow Tie Events.  Just weeks from her due date, she was helping with decor, making sure the day was running smoothly, and handling the entire event with grace and ease.  I hope to get to work with you again, Rebecca!

Liberty Warehouse Wedding

I had been looking forward to Miriam and Chanan’s Liberty Warehouse wedding for MONTHS.  The checklist of awesome wedding details was almost too much to handle.  Her cinematographer was my friend Dave Williams and his extraordinary team with Cinemacake, a killer wedding cinematography company based in Philadelphia.  Her band was Carnivale, the same band that played at my own wedding.  Her venue was the incomparable Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.  Her dress was a Pnina Tornai.  Must I go on?  Mim and Chanan are so kind, so lovely, so unbearably sweet that it was a great treat to spend their day with them.  They are gorgeous inside and out, and it was an honor to document their wedding.

The groom’s family owns a lavendar farm, and lavendar was incorporated into the decor of the wedding day. I chose to include the lavendar in this image of the bride’s engagement ring to add a personal touch to the image.
I love this image of Lindsey Jones Makeup hard at work on the bride’s absolutely stunning face!
The bride wore a delicate lace Pnina Tornai wedding gown from Kleinfelds, right here in New York.
The bride chose a gorgeous pair of gold Manolo Blahnik shoes to go with her Pnina Tornai gown.
Miriam was a beautiful bride, inside and out. She is sweet, fun, funny, and charming – and clearly quite beautiful!
I love the juxtaposition of the stripes on the dress with the stripes on the straw!
The light in the bridal suite at the Liberty Warehouse is just exceptional at all times of day!
I absolutely love the delicate lace of her veil. It complimented her dress and her style so perfectly.
Jeff Torem of the Liberty Warehouse is a total gem. I love this moment of him talking to the bride before the ceremony.
The bride was gifted a gorgeous necklace just before the ketubah signing. I love being there for such sweetly intimate moments between family members.
All of the bridesmaids’ dresses were different, yet complimentary. I love the final look of all of them together!
The ketubah signing is such a joyous part of a Jewish wedding. I love the extraordinary happiness on Miriam’s face in this image!
The kids at this wedding were hilarious, fun, funny, and exceedingly well-behaved!
I love the quiet concentration on the face of the bride. I also love the way everyone else in this image can’t take their eyes off of her!
The recessional at the end of the wedding ceremony is one of my favorite parts of the day. I adore the look of unfiltered happiness on their faces!
The sun was setting as we took the bride and groom around the Liberty Warehouse for a few portraits before the reception began.
We had time for one more killer sunset picture before heading inside to start the reception!
They were such a delight to photograph, so sweet and kind to each other.
It was such a treat to work with Dave WIlliams and his team at Cinemacake. Dave is an impeccable filmmaker and SO very easy to work with!
The bride hired Carnivale, the same Philadelphia-based wedding band that played at my own 2013 wedding. It was so great to see them again and of course, hear their incredible music.
I love this moment during the first dance. This bride had the BEST smile!
The chandeliers over the dance floor were a really beautiful touch. Molly Oliver Flowers did a beautiful job with the entire event decor.
One of my favorite parts of a Jewish wedding reception is the hora. I absolutely love the reactions when the bride and groom are hoisted on the chairs!
As the night wore on, the expressions on the dance floor got more and more hilarious.
I love every single thing about how this bride emotes! Her face is so open and sweet, and all of her expressions are priceless!
Wedding Party at the Liberty Warehouse
Miriam and Chanan, thank you SO much for having me as a part of your exceptional day!

Liberty Warehouse Wedding

Nellie and Lenny’s Liberty Warehouse wedding was one of those rare, magical days that makes your heart ache.  Those of you who know me in person know that it’s NOT my style to gush, swoon, or do anything that even remotely approaches behavior best suited for a Taylor Swift song or Anthropologie ad.  Yet at Nellie and Lenny’s wedding I was that girl, crying at the vows, tearing up at the first dance, mumbling “I love this, I love this so much” over and over throughout the day.  Lenny and Nellie are so dear, so kind, and so beloved to their family and friends that you just have to fall in love with them both.

Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photo
We started the day with Nellie’s lovely details. I found a sweet patch of light to use when photographing her shoes and dramatic veil.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer
Nellie laughed all day, start to finish.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding
I used one of the spare petals from the bride’s bouquet when I photographed her engagement ring. Retro Flowers did a beautiful job with all of the florals, from the bouquet to the reception decor.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photography
Beauty by Natasha was on hand to create Nellie’s gorgeous hair and flawless makeup.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photos
I had the pleasure of working with my friend Alex of Unique Visions Studio at this wedding. Alex is an extraordinary cinematographer, and is one of my favorites in the New York area.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographers
The bride and groom opted to see each other before the ceremony for portraits. The timeline was so impeccable that we had a great amount of time to document them, both separately and together.
Liberty Warehouse Bride
Liberty Warehouse is a real gem of a venue. The light, backgrounds, and photographic opportunities are stellar.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Pic
It was great to spend a few moments alone with Lenny as he finished getting ready on the ground floor of the Liberty Warehouse.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Portrait
The windows at the Liberty Warehouse are huge, allowing gorgeous natural light to fill the dark interiors.
Wedding at Liberty Warehouse
We were able to really spend time inside and out, working with the beautiful natural light around this sweet Red Hook, Brooklyn venue.
Wedding Photos at Liberty Warehouse
The wine bar adjacent to the Liberty Warehouse graciously allowed us inside to make a few portraits.
Wedding Pic at Liberty Warehouse
I work hard to ensure that my clients trust me …. so much that they will follow me down a creepy, deserted Brooklyn alley just because I think I see some great light at the end of the street!
Wedding Photography at Liberty Warehouse
There was beautiful light everywhere we turned. I have to truly thank the bride and groom for being prompt and writing a timeline that was bulletproof!
Wedding Photographer at Liberty Warehouse
I strive to find images in unexpected places, even on the top of a fire escape.
Wedding Photography at Liberty Warehouse
I love the style of this little ring bearer – and the amazing light that he was sitting in!
Wedding Ceremony at Liberty Warehouse
Whenever I have the chance to rearrange the setup of something like a ketubah signing I will. I want the best light for my clients, always.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Ceremony
……See? Nellie and Lenny asked me where they should sit at the table, and I showed them. The rest of their family and friends stood behind them, ensuring that the light would fall on everyone perfectly.
Ceremony at Liberty Warehouse
We moved from indoors to outdoors for their extraordinarily moving ceremony overlooking the Manhattan skyline.
Liberty Warehouse Ceremony
The ceremony was timed perfectly. The sun set behind the couple as they were saying their vows – how perfect is that?
Party at Liberty Warehouse
The timeline of the day placed cocktail hour before the ceremony. This was wonderful because the bride and groom recessed down the aisle and their guests followed them right into the party!
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Reception
DJ Alex Edge did a phenomenal job running the vibrant, raucous reception.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Party
The bride and groom are accomplished dancers, so their first dance was a choreographed dream.
Liberty Warehouse
Liberty Warehouse Picture
The toasts were not only spoken, but sung! I love the reaction images that I was able to make at this time, not just of the bride and groom, but of the entire reception space!
Pictures of Liberty Warehouse
Milestone Events by Kristy did a wonderful job making sure that every element of the day ran on time, every time.
Who knew a vegan, gluten-free cake could incite such an excited reaction?
Nellie’s dress was from Kleinfeld and suited her sweet personality perfectly.
All of the guests were on the dance floor at one time or another. This is just one of the many, many excellent dancing images that I was able to capture during this part of the night!
Nellie and Lenny didn’t leave each others’ sides all night long. It was such a joy to watch a couple that not only loved each other, but were best friends as well.
Picture at Liberty Warehouse
We closed the night by photographing the bride and groom’s rings all together, something we hadn’t had the opportunity to do earlier in the day.

Nellie and Lenny, thank you. Thank you for letting me see how dearly you love each other. Thank you for allowing me to document that love for you and for your families. This was a day that I promise I will not soon forget!

Liberty Warehouse Wedding : Suzzane + Jonathan

Suzzane and Jonathan’s Liberty House wedding marked my first time working at this iconic Brooklyn wedding venue.  Situated on Pier 41 in the charming Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, the Liberty Warehouse sits right on the water in the historic shipping yards.  Despite the prominent location, this ceremony and reception location feels remote and private.  I love the views of the New York Harbor and the unique face-front vantage point of the Statue of Liberty.  It was a delight to spend the day with Suzzane and Jonathan, their family, and their friends.  It was also a treat to work with my dear friend Adam Forgione of Pennylane Productions.  It’s wonderful to work with a video team who shares my creative style and results in a true collaboration!

Liberty Warehouse Wedding
Suzzane’s ring was delicate and unique, a real showstopper.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer
The old wardrobe rack and Edison bulbs made a beautiful backdrop for Suzzane’s delicate wedding gown.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographers
The bridal prep room at the Liberty Warehouse is huge and filled with glorious light.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photos
I love the getting-ready part of the day. It really enhances the entire gallery of wedding images when we are able to tell the entire story, starting with the first touch of makeup and ending with the last dance!
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Pictures
Suzzane found her dress at Lotus Bridal, and I love this image of the dress juxtaposed against the reflection of the New York Harbor.
Liberty Warehouse Wedding Pic
See what I mean about the excellent light in the getting-ready room?
Wedding at Liberty Warehouse
After a string of rainy days and dreary weather, it was nice to see such a gorgeous sky.
Wedding Photos at Liberty Warehouse
I love the sweet, simple background and brilliant light.
Wedding Photographer at Liberty Warehouse
The areas around Liberty Warehouse are bright, vibrant, and full of wonderful locations for portraits of the bride and groom together.
Wedding at Liberty Warehouse
This image goes to show that you can make gorgeous pictures anywhere if you know what to look for – this was taken in the Liberty Warehouse parking lot!
Wedding Photographs at Liberty Warehouse
…and this one was taken in an alley!
Wedding Photographer at Liberty Warehouse
….and on the side of the road!
Wedding Ceremony at Liberty Warehouse
The documenting of a wedding day is full of so many unexpected moments such as this one!
Wedding Ceremonies at Liberty Warehouse
Suzzane and Jonathan planned the timing of their ceremony perfectly. The sun was setting over Manhattan when they said their vows.
Wedding Party at Liberty Warehouse
June Florist made the sweetest cascading bouquet for Suzzane.
Wedding Portraits at Liberty Warehouse
Beautiful light, a deserted alley, and a bride brave enough to climb some dirty stairs can result in a gorgeous, dramatic portrait.
Bride and Groom at Liberty Warehouse
We had time for a few more quick portraits before heading back inside for the reception.
Wedding Cake at Liberty Warehouse
Sugar Coated and Brooklyn Cakery provided the cake and the fantastic desserts.
Wedding Reception at Liberty Warehouse
Four TV’s, a smoke machine, and a field of laser lights usually results in a tricky lighting situation, but in this instance all of the elements came together to create a stunning first dance image.
Event at Liberty Warehouse
I love this moment between Suzzane and her mother!
Brooklyn Liberty Warehouse
Extreme Rhythm kept the party going all night long!
View at Liberty Warehouse
This is the only event space that you can see the Statue of Liberty facing towards you!

Wythe Hotel and Giando Wedding : Stephanie + Salvatore

It was an absolute treat to photograph Salvatore and Stephanie’s wedding at the Wythe Hotel and Giando’s in Brooklyn. Sal owns Cinema-Roll, a New York-based wedding cinematography company, and it is always a great honor to be hired to document the day of a wedding industry peer! The day began at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, which is a fantastic renovated factory with huge windows and massive ceilings. From there we went to Giando on the Water, a cozy wedding venue in Brooklyn with stunning views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges. Despite the torrential rain the day was bright and sweet. 

Stephanie’s ring was brilliant, bright,and incredibly fun to photograph!
The rain that had threatened all morning finally turned into a sleepy drizzle, turning the skyline of Manhattan into a distant, dreamy watercolor.
While I often love making dramatic, creative detail images, sometimes there is more power in quiet simplicity.
I love the starkness of the black and white, the crispness of the silhouette, and the sharp lines of the windowsill against the soft loops of the bride’s hair.
I am so enamored with everything about the Wythe Hotel. The soft light (which I normally don’t prefer!), the sweet wallpaper, and the tranquil atmosphere.
Stephanie was a joy to work with – she laughed all. day. long.
The candy-colored striped robes on the bridesmaids livened up the rainy day.
I was so enamored with the bride’s delicate wrist tattoo that just a month later I finally caved and got a tattoo on my own wrist that I’d been wanting for years.
I normally search out bright lights and dark shadows, but the brilliantly soft-lit rooms at the Wythe inspired a softer color palette for Stephanie and Salvatore’s day.
Stephanie is light, grace, and way more flexible than normal people. Our friendship post-wedding on Instagram and Facebook have further confirmed that she’s not human, as no one could possibly get into the extraordinary yoga poses she often finds herself in!
I loved seeing the relationship that the bride had with all of her bridesmaids. She openly loved them all like sisters, and it was so sweet and refreshing to witness!
Salvatore owns a wedding videography company, Cinema-roll. It is always a huge honor to be hired by someone in the wedding industry to shoot their wedding!
Even though Sal was a Canon shooter, we’re still friends. Sort of. Maybe. I don’t know, Sal, this hurdle might be too much for us to get over…
The groomsmen were just as vibrant, silly, fun, and fantastic as the bridesmaids.
I mean, they’re going to have gorgeous kids, right? Clearly.
The rain and the no-photography-in-public-places policy at the Wythe forced the first look indoors. Clearly Stephanie and Sal didn’t mind that at all!
The couple braved the rain for some outdoor portraits and I could not be more glad. They valued photography, trusted me, and were a dream to work with.
We got to shoot indoors, something that I love doing and don’t get to do enough of on wedding days. I love being able to work with the light (or lack thereof!) from the windows in the getting ready rooms.
HOW did two pictures of this Canon get into this blog post, anyhow?
I absolutely love this sweet moment. It shows how I like to work with the portrait time on a wedding day – setting up a scene and then letting the clients be themselves!
The bride and groom rented this fantastic vintage Checker cab to travel from the Wythe Hotel to Giando.
Before the ceremony, Stephanie gave her dad a custom handkerchief.
The ceremony was moved under a tent due to the still-rainy skies. I love that in these images you can’t see a tent, just an extremely happy bride and a beaming groom!
After the ceremony we stepped inside Giando to sign the official marriage license.
Then it was back into Giando’s ballroom for a sweet, sweet first dance.
The light was completely lovely, and I adore the huge chandelier right over the dance floor.
After the first dance, Sal shared a great dance with his beloved mother….
…and after a great dance set…..
…Stephanie shared a great dance with her father.
I was able to really use the videographer’s light to enhance the images that I was making during the reception.
Everyone partied late into the night….well, everyone except this tiniest of partygoers!
Don’t you just love the pink bow tie and suspenders?
Sal and Steph, THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting me, for braving the rain with me, for laughing in the face of bad weather, and for being bright lights on a dark, dreary day. Your joy over getting married overshadowed any dark clouds we could possibly have outdoors and it was an honor to photograph your wedding. I hope that you have a tremendous trip to Savannah and that there are many more imported-from-Spain bowties in your near future!