St. Regis Wedding

St. Regis Wedding

Who? : Victoria + Peter

What? : Preparations and ceremony in Rumson, New Jersey.  Portraits in Central Park.  Reception at the St. Regis

Where?  The St. Regis NYC

When? : June 2019

8:30am photography start.  10:30 photography end time.  From the sweetest shore town to the center of Manhattan, this day was a ride from start to finish.  At the center of it were Victoria and Peter, a couple so dynamic and charming that it almost defies description.  From Victoria’s distinctive laugh (that never failed to make me laugh) to Peter’s charm, their incomprehensibly kind and fantastic wedding party to their warm, welcoming families – well, this was simply a great, great day.

I’m often asked what it takes to get great wedding photography.  Is it how you pose?  Should you wear a particular dress style, color, pocket square?  What if you won’t know what to do with your hands?  Should you look at me?  Should you learn to ignore me?  What I say in response is no, no, none of that matters.  What matters is that you’re happy.  That the person you’re marrying fills you with a heart-bursting joy.  That you’re willing to let that joy explode out of your face.  Just be happy.  Be happy, and your pictures will be perfect.

Victoria and Peter, heres to your inspiring happiness.  May it light your way always.  Thank you for everything.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Private Club Wedding in Manhattan

Private Club Wedding in Manhattan

Who? : Kendall + Jesse

What? : Preparations in a NYC hotel, ceremony and reception at a private club, portraits after the reception in Central Park

Where?  Private club, Manhattan

When? : November 2018

The first time I talked to Kendall on the phone it was like chatting with an old friend.  We hit it off immediately, running through a million topics with the rapid patter of people who had known each other for years.  That explosion of joy continued when I met Kendall and Jesse in Brooklyn Bridge Park a few weeks later for their sunrise engagement session, my most vivid memory of that session being so much laughter.  (And we met a puppy that looked like a piglet, oh it was the best morning.)

I have all of my wedding clients fill out a worksheet in the months leading up to their actual event date.  Some of the questions are expected ones, like what time do you want your coverage to begin? and how many people will be giving toasts at your reception?  You know, those crucial logistics that help me get to know a wedding inside and out.  When asked about her vision for their wedding photography, Kendall said:

110% I was drawn to your work because of what you can do with light; its literally magic. Also, I KNOW you were at our engagement photos because I have looked (okay gawked) at the images 100 times, but it seems like you were only there with us for a sliver of a moment! I don’t know how, but you were able to document that morning while still allowing Jesse and I to be entirely in our own world. The way you were able to capture something so intimate without crowding and staging us was, again, genuinely magic. I am so at ease about the wedding day photos.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

Kendall and Jesse got ready separately, but close by.  Once they were ready, they chose to see each other in the magnificent library of the club they were married at.  It was a quiet moment, and so sweet to see them get a little time together before the hustle and bustle of family photographs began! How do you even begin to describe someone like Kendall?  She’s gorgeous – that’s obvious just by looking at her.  She’s also gorgeous inside.  When she looks at you, it’s with the blazing joy of the sun.  Everything about her just RADIATES.  She’s a huge hug in human form, and she and Jesse are magnetic together. What to say about this sunny sweet ceremony?  I could go on for days about the light, the space itself, the crystal-clear sweetness of their vows, the charming openness of their tears, but what is that they say?  A picture says a thousand words?  If it does, these pictures scream JOY from the top of the tallest Manhattan building, straight into the sky.
After the ceremony, there were a few more family portraits, and then it was off to their brunch.  I LOVE the way that Kendall and Jesse celebrated their day : wholly them.  The ceremony was in the morning, and the “reception” was an intimate brunch that was over by midafternoon. After brunch, it was time for pictures of the two of them together – I know, what a fun timeline, right?  The ceremony and reception behind them, we hopped into a vintage cab and headed over to Central Park to chase the sunset together.

I LOVED seeing how this timeline unfolded.  They had an incredible day, followed by time alone together.  Moving the portraits to after the entire reception freed up much of the earlier part of the day, while still allowing lots of time in the park later! Frozen fingers, frozen toes, and one of my favorite spots in the entire city.   The first place I ever took portraits in New York was at Bethesda Terrace, and every time I go back my heart expands just a little bit more.

After this last image, the sun fully set over the park and we realized that I was the only one with a phone and the ability to call an Uber.  Kendall and Jesse and I carpooled back over to their hotel, where they informed me they were taking a very long nap and then having a bunch of their friends over for a nighttime party in their suite.  The perfect end to a perfect day?  I think so.

Kendall and Jesse, y’all have my heart.

Wedding at Battery Gardens

Wedding at Battery Gardens

Who? : Sara + Michael

What? : Preparations at the W New York Downtown, a first look and portraits at Brooklyn Bridge Park, ceremony and reception at a restaurant venue overlooking Battery Park.

Where?  Battery Gardens, New York

When? : November 2018

While compiling the details of Sara and Michael’s wedding day, I asked them something I often ask my clients : How did you meet?

Sara’s answer:  We met online. I recently requested our original texts back and forth from the dating app we used (The League) and it turns out they were pretty boring – just a few exchanges and then an offer to meet for brunch. Good thing the first date was much more interesting! We couldn’t say goodbye after brunch, so Michael invited me to walk over a few blocks and see his grandfather’s butcher shop…Then we hit up a street fair…Then, I politely tried to excuse myself because I had a housewarming party to go to. I told Michael that he was “more than welcome to come”, expecting him to turn down the offer. But he didn’t! So he came with me and met a bunch of my friends, and some new people I had never met before. People kept asking how long we’d been dating and I had to awkwardly explain we met that morning…. Even all that time wasn’t quite enough, so we went to dinner that evening. 13 hour marathon date, and now 3 years later we’re getting married!

Thank goodness that epic first date didn’t end, because it brought Sara and Michael to an amazingly crisp, gorgeous fall day in New York, saying I do while the sun set over Battery Park.   It was the kind of day you see online when you google “perfect fall day in Manhattan,” orange leaves scattered on sidewalks, winter in the air, and a sunset that spiraled into a bright orange blaze.  It was another flawless marathon day in their history of marathon days, and it surely won’t be their last!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

I’ve been asked before if I bring a styling kit or detail kit with me to weddings.  The answer is no, I love to work with what I find in my environment.  That will help me tell a story in a way that details that I brought myself never could.  This is Michael’s ring, laid on a “diamond” from the hotel decor! Michael is WONDERFUL.  Warm and kind, and loves Sara with a strength that’s immediately visible.  He’s a Crossfitter, a New York bike rider, and has a smile that could light up the city at night.  He got ready surrounded by his hilarious groomsmen, just a few floors below where Sara was getting ready with her family and bridesmaids. Sara is gorgeous, inside and out, and not just because she’s an avid yogi.  She’s a beautiful writer and speaker, chooses her words with clarity and precision, and loves with a ferocity that’s brilliant to see. After getting ready at the W Downtown, we hailed a series of Ubers and made the trek over the bridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Hidden away on a fourth floor overlook, Sara and Michael saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. Instead of exchanging gifts separately, before seeing each other, Sara and Michael opted to exchange their gifts at their first look. It made this time even more meaningful, and I hope this is a tradition that catches on!  I love that they got to see each other’s faces when they opened their gifts and read their cards. After the first look, we had a bit of time to wander Brooklyn Bridge Park.  We’d been anticipating terrible weather and torrential rain, so this brilliantly bright day was an incredibly welcome surprise.  Since most New Yorkers had also expected awful weather, the park was even less crowded than usual.  Win, win! After a brief time taking very serious (and not so serious!) wedding party images, it was time to head back to Battery Gardens for some family portraits, a quick break, and the ceremony.
The moments before a ceremony are so special.  Whether you’re polishing your rings or greeting your grandmother, every second practically quivers with anticipation.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day! This ceremony!  OH, this ceremony.  There was debate all morning about whether or not the crazy high winds near Battery Park would push the ceremony indoors.  Sara and Michael made the difficult decision to move it inside, and it was a great choice.  The sun set right through the windows, turning the whole ceremony golden. As the couple were huge fans of the outside area, and as we didn’t get to have the ceremony there, I felt it only fitting to take some late sunset images outdoors.  Cheers to these two for braving the insane winds for a few extra portraits! After cocktail hour, a few more portraits, and some detail images of the room, it was time to PARTY.  Sara and Michael exploded into the room, ready to start the dinner-and-dancing part of the night! I love the written word.  I love public speaking.  I love public speaking of the written word.  In short, I love toasts.  I love it when people stand up and speak from the heart, saying words they spent time lovingly crafted about people they adore.  After some of the most meaningful, gorgeous speeches I’ve ever heard (and a pretty rad dinner, too!) Sara and Michael took to the floor for their first official dance as husband and wife. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, more hugs, more love, and more laughter.  The kind of laughter that comes from things like locking your friends out of the reception and rubbing your butt on the door while they pretend to spank you.  You know, stuff like that.Sara and Michael, if you’re reading this on your epic honeymoon to Thailand and Laos, THANK YOU.  Thank you for sharing your lives, your celebration, and the last crazy gorgeous fall day in New York with me.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories.  I’ll follow along on your honeymoon adventures via Instagram – take your time getting back.  It’s pretty cold back home. ❤️

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Who? : Jessica + Simon

What? : Preparations at the Dominick Hotel, portraits at Teardrop Park, ceremony and reception indoors at a Manhattan loft venue

Where? Tribeca Rooftop, Manhattan, New York

When? : September 2018

The favors at Jessica and Simon’s Manhattan wedding reception were unique : information about the animal rescue effort with Best Friends Animal Society.  It’s that kind gesture, that deep love of animals and each other, that set the tone for this dreamy, rainy NYC wedding day.  From their sweet first look (puppy included!) at Teardrop Park to running from raindrops, this entire day was full of enough light and warmth to brighten up even the rainiest of days.  Notable charming moments include their incredibly personal ceremony, exiting as husband and wife to a cascade of bubbles, nighttime portraits on the roof, and the kindest of speeches.  Jessica and Simon, thanks for braving the rain, bubbles, and the roof with me!  It was an honor to capture your love!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Central Park Elopement

Central Park Elopement

Who? : Nicole + Michael

What? : Ceremony by Bow Bridge in Central Park, portraits in in Central Park, at Top of the Rock, and in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Where? All over Manhattan and Brooklyn!

When? : September 2018

From their sweet, heartfelt waterside Central Park ceremony to snuggling by the water in Brooklyn at sunset, Nicole and Michael’s New York elopement was everything you’d want an intimate wedding to be.  Take a little charm, mix it with a dreamy cloudy day, and add a dash of morbid anatomy and well, I’d follow these two anywhere.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Summer Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Summer Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Who? : Cristina + Daniel

What? : Preparations, wedding ceremony, and reception at an iconic NYC hotel.  Portraits outside of the hotel with a vintage cab.

Where?  The Gramercy Park Hotel, Manhattan

When? : August 2018

Combine my favorite rooftop venue, two gorgeous human beings, some of my favorite past clients ever, a sunset so delicious and cool that I swear fall is right around the corner, and a dance party with the Manhattan skyline behind it and you get Cristina and Daniel’s evening at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  Full of kindness, laughter, food, wine, and dancing, this entire evening was flawless from start to finish.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Wedding at Pier Sixty

Wedding at Pier Sixty

Who? : Amanda + Wyndam

What? : Restaurant rehearsal dinner, preparations at a hotel, outdoor portraits, and indoor waterfront ceremony and reception.

Where?: Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers

When? : July 2018

What part of your wedding day was your favorite?  If I were this couple, I wouldn’t be able to choose! Was it their amazing rehearsal dinner at Distilled NY? Working with Nancy Harris Events? Getting ready at the The Maritime Hotel, complete with beds on the floor in front of the TV and a rooftop balcony? Taking pictures outside? Their ceremony at Pier Sixty, The Lighthouse & Current? The food from Abigail Kirsch Catering Relationships? The groom’s dad playing with the band?  EVERY part of this weekend was my favorite, and I am so honored that these two great families chose me to document their celebration.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Summer Wedding at Cipriani 42nd Street

Summer Wedding at Cipriani 42nd Street

Who? : Abigail + Matt

What? :Synagogue wedding and indoor reception in a converted bank building

Where? : Cipriani 42nd Street

When? : May 2018

So far this summer has been full of converted bank venues and rainy days!  Thankfully the rain held off for this particular event, and I’m so glad it did!  This warm, wonderful couple are as funny as they come.  They got married surrounded by their equally funny families, collegiate improv teams, and some gorgeous summery decor.  From the nonstop laughter in the bridal prep room to the groom’s brother’s toast delivered mostly in rap, the whole day was fun, funny, and bright from start to finish.  This summer wedding at Cipriani 42nd Street was practically perfect in every way!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:wedding ring at cipriani 42nd street bridal suite cipriani 42nd street getting ready cipriani 42nd street bridal prep at cipriani 42nd street wedding portraits at cipriani 42nd street outside wedding portraits at cipriani 42nd street first look cipriani 42nd street ketubah signing cipriani 42nd street wedding ceremony cipriani 42nd street summer wedding at cipriani 42nd street wedding at cipriani 42nd street reception at cipriani 42nd street first dance cipriani 42nd street hora cipriani 42nd street cipriani 42nd street

Rainy day wedding at Capitale

Wedding at Capitale

Who? : Dani + Jordan

What? : Indoor wedding and reception in a former bank in Manhattan

Where? : Capitale

When? : May 2018

What do you get when you combine a rainy summer day, a converted bank building, a fantastic dance party, and some of the warmest people I’ve ever met?  You get Dani and Jordan’s wedding day.  From the first time I met this dynamic couple I knew their day was going to be full of sweetness and light – and Dani’s infectious laugh.  I’ve always been a fan of the dark, dreamy architecture of Manhattan’s converted bank wedding venues, and this couple used the space to perfection.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

Wedding at Angel Orensanz

Wedding at Angel Orensanz

Who? : Radhika + Alex

What? : Indoor ceremony and reception with portraits outdoors

Where? : Angel Orensanz, Manhattan, New York

When? : October 2017

Angel Orensanz is one of the most unique wedding venues in all of Manhattan.  I’m a huge fan of the quirky decor, fascinating lighting, creative vibe, and perfect location.  This particular wedding was a great joy because I got to find a great new location for engagement pictures, work with a coordinator I adore, work with incredible people who are deeply in love, visit Central Park for wedding day portraits, and document one of the happiest dance parties I’ve ever seen.

Radhika and Alex, THANK YOU.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day, for staying calm and happy even in the face of a broken down limo, and for opening up your hearts to me.  It was an honor to be your wedding photographer.

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Wedding at Angel Orensanz Wedding at Angel Orensanz cost Wedding at Angel Orensanz flowers Wedding at Angel Orensanz bridal getting ready room Wedding at Angel Orensanz pics Wedding at Angel Orensanz photos Wedding at Angel Orensanz photography Wedding at Angel Orensanz wedding photographer Wedding at Angel Orensanz photographer Wedding at Angel Orensanz photography Wedding at Angel Orensanz photographers

Wedding at Current Chelsea Piers

Wedding at Current Chelsea Piers

Who? : Janine + Robert

What? : Indoor church ceremony, outdoor winter portraits, and indoor modern ballroom reception

Where? : Current Chelsea Piers, Manhattan, New York

When? : November 2017

I am often asked by clients “What can I do to get the best wedding pictures possible?”  My answer might sound flippant, but it’s honest and true : “Be happy.”  That’s it – just be happy.  Happiness radiated off of Janine and Robert all day at their wedding at Current Chelsea Piers, from Janine getting ready at the magnificent Gramercy Park Hotel, to their gorgeous church ceremony, through to their joy-filled reception at Current.

Probably the most noticeable example of be happy happened during the portraits.  It was freezing – and not just kind of cold.  It was the first truly bone-numbing day of the 2017 winter season, with temperatures plummeting to an abrupt 26 that felt like 18.  Janine and Robert braved the outside for spectacular sunset pictures and gorgeous images on the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District.  They were happy.  And this wedding at Current Chelsea Piers was spectacular.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Who? : Private couple, private wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

What? : Rooftop wedding and candlelit rooftop reception

Where? : Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan, New York

When? : August 2017

Every once in awhile a completely private wedding comes along.  For whatever reason, be it political or personal, the couple does not want their names or faces on the internet.  I can understand and respect that!  This sweetly private couple had great reasons for wanting their images offline, and agreed to allow me to share images where their names and faces weren’t immediately identifiable.  I am so glad they allowed me to share these images from their day, as the Gramercy Park Hotel has never looked lovelier!

The Gramercy Park Hotel has long been a favorite wedding venue of mine.  I love the deep jewel tones of the hotel rooms, and the deliciously understated elegance of the decor.  I love the proximity to the privacy of Gramercy Park (but don’t get excited, you’re not allowed to take wedding day pictures in Gramercy Park** – that’s a NYC rule, not a hotel rule!), and how close the venue is to other picturesque locations for wedding day portraits.

I wish I could publicly thank the amazing clients that I worked with on this wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel but….privacy.  You two, if you’re reading this, know that documenting your day was a tremendous honor.  I am overjoyed that you’re so thrilled with the images, and I look forward to creating your album soon!

Here are a few detail images from the day:


Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel photos of a Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel flowers at a Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel bouquet Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel decor Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel music Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel flower decorator Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel drinks Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel rooftop Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel event coordinator Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel reception layout Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel nighttime candlelit Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

**About the park permit…no, you cannot shoot wedding day pictures in Gramercy Park.  Lest you think you can just “wing it”, you’ll get thrown out, and I’ll get banned.  I love my clients, but I’m not getting banned from anywhere!  If you think “I can convince them!” just know that they’ve turned down Woody Allen, Robert DeNiro, and Google!

Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park NYC

Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park NYC

Who? : Monica + James

What? : Wedding in a hotel ballroom, portraits in Battery Park, and a reception in a hotel ballroom.

Where? : Wedding and reception at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park

When? : May 2017

When you’re worried about heat on your wedding day and wake up to the perfect cool spring day in NYC, what can go wrong?  Not a single thing went wrong at Monica and James’ Ritz Carlton Battery Park wedding.  From the promptness of hair and makeup to the brilliant light for the first look, the unexpected quiet privacy of the portrait location to the utter sweetness of the ceremony, this day was warmth and light from the first moment I walked into Monica’s hotel room.  It was a great honor to spend the day with this remarkable couple, their phenomenal families, and their incredibly sweet friends.

Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park NYC Wedding at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park portrait bride at ritz battery park ritz battery park wedding battery park ritz wedding

Winter Wedding at Chelsea Piers

This event was the second winter wedding at Chelsea Piers that I have photographed since moving to New York in 2008.  I well remember my first one, and how cold and crazy the weather was.  The wind whipping off the water was freezing, everything outside was icy, and we ran for cover as often as we could.

With that winter experience behind me, I knew that we had to plan for inclement weather at this 2017 winter wedding.  I talked to the bride’s mother many times, loads of emails were exchanged, and weather plans were discussed and re-discussed.

The day of the wedding dawned warm and clear, and stayed brilliant all day.  All our discussions about moving pictures inside and what will we do if it snows? were laid aside, and we spent all of our photo time outside.  The bride didn’t even need a coat!  I was blown away at how spring-like the weather was, and so grateful that it was wonderful experience for my clients.

One of the things that I have to do as a wedding photographer is be able to take great pictures anywhere.  This means that I have to be able to create images that are technically excellent, well-lit, and beautiful no matter what the situation.  A hundred degrees outside at noon in July?  No problem.  Five degrees and snowing in the winter?  I’ve got you covered.  I can shoot in the morning, noon, night, and everywhere in between.  Whether it’s snowing or scorchingly hot, inside or outside, your pictures will be equally excellent.

While I know that clients can be bummed if it’s raining and they have to move their photo session inside on their wedding day, I promise to make that experience a good one.  No one wants bad weather on their wedding day, and I wish that were something that I could control for you! 🙂

You can see the blog post about this wedding here!

Wedding at Chelsea Piers

The weather at this spectacular wedding at Chelsea Piers was almost too good to be believed.  In the weeks and months leading up to the wedding date we talked about the weather often.  What if it snowed?  What if it didn’t snow, but was five degrees outside?  What if it rained?  When you’re getting married in Manhattan, rain plans are a bit hard to come by.  We turned the day inside out, making backup plans to our backup plans.

Turns out, no backup plans were needed.  Not only did it not snow, it wasn’t even cold!  No one wore a coat, the sun was shining, and the city was spectacular.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered even if we did have bad weather.  The bride and groom were so happy and radiant that no amount of rain or snow would have dampened the mood. I know that every wedding blog everywhere talks about how happy the bride and groom are, but truly, these two were super happy.  It’s always such a treat to meet such wonderful people and to be the one to document their day.

andaz wall street wedding
The bride got ready at the Andaz Wall Street. This was a marvelous hotel for bridal prep, as the rooms were large and the light was gorgeous. It’s always so much fun to document this part of the wedding preparations. I love capturing the moments between the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the family that surrounds the bride during this part of the day.
wedding at Chelsea Piers
When capturing the small details on a wedding day, I try to create something unique for every single client. I want the detail images to represent the style of the wedding itself, so each one is truly individual to the couple getting married!
chelsea piers wedding
Before their wedding at Chelsea Piers, I had a few moments with the bride and groom. They saw each other for the first time at the Andaz Wall Street, and we went to the High Line for their portraits. After their portrait session at the High Line, we stopped outside at Chelsea Pier for a few more images. The sun was setting in the distance, and we created a few creative multiple exposures. This means that two pictures are layered together in the camera, not created in Photoshop after the fact. I love how the overlapping branches create a softness and sharpness in the same image!
wedding pictures at chelsea piers
I love that we had the opportunity to use the roof at the Andaz Wall Street for the first look. We also had a few extra minutes to take pictures on the roof, and it was glorious. The winter sun was warm, and the city sprawled out in the distance. It’s always so sweet to have these moments together before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day gets going!
wedding photos at chelsea pier
One of the things that I strive for as a wedding photographer is originality. At this wedding at Chelsea Pier, we were walking through the parking garage to get back after our portrait time. I saw some amazing light, and this picture was created. We were standing in between parked cars, nowhere that would seem like a “photo location.” I saw the beautiful light, and knew we had to go for it! I love how this beautiful image was taken in a very unconventional location!
jewish wedding at chelsea pier
The gorgeous symbolism and tradition of Jewish wedding ceremonies are so beautiful. At this wedding, the bride and groom signed their ketubah before the wedding ceremony. This tender moment between the bride and her mother took place after the ketubah was signed. Finding moments like this are such a treat!
wedding reception at chelsea piers
The wedding ceremony and reception both took place at Chelsea Pier, which really is a great Manhattan wedding venue. Not many places have space for weddings and receptions both, and Chelsea Piers does! This was a tremendous wedding reception, and I loved capturing this moment of the bride dancing with her bridesmaids!

This wedding at Chelsea Piers really illustrates everything that I love about this unique New York wedding venue.  It also illustrates everything that I love about the wonderful clients who trust me to document their wedding days.  It was a great pleasure to get to know both of them, as well as their families, and to spend this day with them.  I look forward to the next time I will be back at Chelsea Piers, and hopefully the next time I can work with these incredible people!

Wedding at the Prince George Ballroom

I shot my first wedding at the Prince George Ballroom this summer, and I was floored by the beauty of this hidden gem.  It can be hard to find a unique wedding venue in Manhattan, something that can seat a good number of guests while still retaining amazing charm.  The Prince George Ballroom is one such location.  If you’re looking for somewhere to get married in New York that’s a little quirky, a little different, and still extraordinary beautiful, this is an amazing venue to consider.

wedding at the Prince George Ballroom
We started our day around the corner from the Prince George Ballroom. I loved this neighborhood, because the hotel, church, and reception venue were all within a few blocks of each other. This made things easy for the scheduling of the day. It also made the day extremely easy for the guests!
wedding at the Prince George Ballroom pictures
The bride got ready surrounded by her mother and bridal party. I always love it when brides have their families in the preparation room, as it really adds to the intimate vibe of the day. The schedule was set so that the preparation process was leisurely and slowly paced, and it made for a great start to the wedding day.
prince george ballroom wedding pictures
Sharon Becker from SB Beauty was on hand to create the bride’s hair and makeup look. Sharon is fantastic to work with. She did an incredible job on the bride and her bridal party. Her looks are completely natural, while still incredibly glamorous.
prince george ballroom wedding photographer
The start of the day being so calm and leisurely meant that I got some time to spend with the bride’s lovely details. I was especially enamored of her simple, yet dramatic, classic bridal gown.
prince george ballroom wedding photography
It was just a quick commute across the street to the ceremony at the Church of the Transfiguration. I was totally blown away by this warm, welcoming church. It’s nicknamed “The Little Church Around The Corner”, and the nickname is absolutely fitting. This is a delightful space with a delightful clergy, and it was a true treat to photograph the ceremony here!
photos of a prince george ballroom wedding
The bride and groom chose to not see each other until their ceremony. While the guests walked to the Prince George Ballroom for cocktail hour, we spent some time taking portraits at the church of the bride, groom, their families, and their bridal party. It was a great time to really focus on documenting the family, the couple together, and to make a few stellar bridal portraits.
prince george ballroom wedding reception
After the portraits, it was off to the Prince George Ballroom for the rest of cocktail hour. I also got a few wonderful moments to document the reception ballroom decor. Twisted Willow did a marvelous job with the decor. The candlelight, gorgeous centerpieces, and entire vibe of the space perfectly meshed with the existing ambiance of the ballroom.
prince george ballroom wedding party
I always love looking at typical scenes in atypical ways. For example, the DJ was preparing to introduce the bride and groom into their wedding reception. The lights in the room were dimmed, and a spotlight hit the dance floor. I spotted the bride waiting just outside the door, and I loved the unposed moment.
prince george ballroom wedding price
After the introductions of the bride and groom, the guests took their seats for dinner. During the dinner, there were many spectacular toasts. I especially loved hearing from the Father of the Bride. He spoke so eloquently of his daughter, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (mine included).
cost prince george ballroom wedding
While I love photographing the people giving the toasts at wedding receptions, I also love capturing the reactions of the crowd. This reaction of the bride and groom to her father’s speech is one of my favorites from the night.
prince george ballroom wedding capacity
After dinner was over, the bride and groom kicked off the dancing with their first dance together.

I cannot thank this marvelous couple enough for sharing their day with me.  From the tender moments they shared after the ceremony to his eloquently flawless speech to his bride at the reception, the day was full of gorgeous moments.  It was an honor to witness and document their day!

Wedding at the Central Park Boathouse

There is something so special about a wedding at the Central Park Boathouse.  There are few venues that embody the iconic New York feel of the Loeb Boathouse, and few places in New York with such a brilliant park right outside the front door.  A feature in many movies and TV shows set in New York such as Gossip Girl, 27 Dresses, and more, Bethesda Terrace is one of my favorite portrait locations in Manhattan – and it’s adjacent to the Boathouse!  It’s such a seamless transition from the portrait session to the reception, and I can think of few locations in New York with such ease and beauty.

wedding at the Central Park Boathouse
Before the wedding at the Central Park Boathouse, we started the day at the elegantly modern Mark Hotel. I’m a huge fan of the geometric floors in the lobby, which are carried throughout each perfectly appointed suite. The bride’s suite had brilliant natural light. It was the perfect backdrop for the getting-ready part of the day!
outdoor wedding at the Central Park Boathouse
How exceptional are these Chiara Ferragni shoes? You can remove the little red heart and velcro on dozens of other quilted symbols. The bride wore these amazing sparkly silver shoes to her wedding reception when it was time to retire her Stuart Weitzman heels for the night!
wedding at the Central Park Boathouse cost
Alex Jenkins of Taffeta Hair and Makeup Design was on hand to create the bride’s wedding day look. She was also there post-ceremony to touch the bride up before family portraits. She did a marvelous job!
wedding at Central Park Boathouse
Just after she was dressed, the bride put her engagement ring back on. Many brides opt to wear their engagement ring on their right hand for the wedding ceremony. This way the wedding band goes on easily. After the ceremony, the engagement ring gets switched back to the left hand, and rests atop the new wedding band!
stuart weitzman wedding shoes
The bride wore these delicate Stuart Weitzman heels for the ceremony, portraits, and most of the reception. I love when beautiful light presents itself at just the right time, which is what happened here! We placed the shoes into the pool of light, and let the bride step in when she was ready!
first look with dad on the wedding day
While the “first look” trend between couples has been popular for years now, the “first look” with the father of the bride is a newer trend that I particularly love. It’s really sweet when a father sees his daughter as a bride for the first time. This particular “first look” did not disappoint. The bride and her family are wonderful, loving, warm people, and this moment is such a beautiful representation of the amazing relationships they have with each other.
boathouse wedding new york
After the bride saw her father for the first time, her grandmother came into the room. It was amazing to see her greet her family. As a wedding photographer, you can make sure your clients are in great light, you can direct what door people enter from, but you cannot create moments like this without natural emotion. These moments are my clients’ own, and I am always so honored to witness and document them.
bride with sister
The moments went on and on, and all I had to do was watch and witness. The bride’s mother and father are incredible people, her brother is warm and funny, and her sister is joyous and sweet. I truly can’t express what an honor it was to get to know these fine people and document their day for them.
st. barts wedding new york
The ceremony took place at St. Bart’s church in Manhattan. St. Barts is a gorgeous church with soaring ceilings, amazing architecture, and a beautiful long aisle! I always adore the moments just after the wedding ceremony when the couple recesses back down the aisle. There are always chances for wonderful images like this one! I love how the groom is looking at his new wife!
st. barts wedding
Being a wedding photographer means that I always have to be ready for moments. Sometimes they’re in your face, and you can’t miss them. Sometimes you have to go looking. I followed the bride and groom after their recessional, and found them alone in a small side chapel of St. Barts. It is never my intention to disrupt such tender moments. For that reason, I stayed further back with a longer lens and just let the bride and groom be alone. What a marvelously tender few minutes they had before the family formals began!
paper airplane wedding programs
I can honestly tell you that THIS is the coolest “going away” idea EVER. The bride and groom created wedding programs that folded into paper airplanes. When they exited St. Barts, the guests threw the airplanes. It was a sweet, fun moment and a wonderful departure from the usual rice or confetti!
St. Barts wedding new york
Before heading to Central Park for more portraits, we took a few minutes to take pictures of the bride and groom together in St. Barts. I love finding amazing light in unconventional places!
manhattan wedding pictures
Images with Manhattan in the background were important to both the bride and the groom. There are so many iconic backgrounds around St. Barts. We were able to work in the neighborhood for a bit, creating portraits in the streets and on the sidewalks, before heading out to Central Park.
Selia Yang wedding dress
The first thing I look for when creating a portrait is the light. This gorgeous pocket of light inside St. Barts made for the perfect setting for a bridal portrait. I love the bride’s stunning Selia Yang wedding gown and delicate veil.
new york wedding pics
It was time for a few more moments amongst the yellow daffodils, crazy city traffic, and New York background before we hopped into the limo and made our way into Central Park.
Loeb Boathouse wedding
Sometimes cars in the background can be a very distracting element to a wedding photograph. Sometimes they can be a beautiful addition!
wedding pictures central park
Sara Landon and her team at SL Events went way above and beyond being your average wedding coordinator. I can’t think of many event coordinators who would carry a bride across a fence so that she can get into a great place for a wedding day portrait!
bethesda fountain wedding pictures
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park at sunset is nothing short of magical. When the light pours through the water and surrounds a couple on their wedding day, well, it’s just perfect. Don’t you agree?
bethesda terrace wedding pictures
The bride and groom had the most wonderfully vivacious bridal party. When Rob Adams of Rob Adams Films asked them to toss their bouquets, they threw them so hard that one actually exploded on the ground! Don’t worry, no bouquets were damaged during this group hug!
central park mall wedding pictures
We spent a wonderful hour in Central Park taking portraits of the bride and groom, as well as some portraits of the bridal party. Once the sun had fully set, then it was time to head to Loeb Boathouse for the cocktail hour and wedding reception.
central park boathouse reception
Sara Landon and SL Events worked seamlessly with Cress Floral Decorators to transform the Loeb Boathouse into a fantastic space for a wedding reception. Each table was named after a different city. Therefore, each table had a centerpiece befitting each city. The Savannah table featured spanish moss, which might have been my favorite!
central park boathouse reception pictures
After a crazy introduction through a tunnel of glow sticks, the bride and groom took the floor for their first dance!
central park boathouse reception decor
The first dance is one of my favorite parts of a wedding reception. Whether it’s choreographed or just a simple time for the couple to hold each other and twirl around the floor unscripted, it’s always a wonderful opportunity to document naturally unfolding moments!
central park boathouse party
The first dance moved effortlessly into the first dance set. The floor was PACKED, and remained packed for the rest of the reception!
reception at the central park boathouse
The bride’s brother surprised her by singing during her dance with her father. What followed was one of the loveliest moments I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding! Her husband joined her on the dance floor, followed by her mother, then his mother. It was a wonderful group dance, and such a joy to photograph.
central park boathouse pics
I love how the groom is dancing with his mother in the background of this image of the bride with her father!
glow sticks dance floor wedding
The glow sticks made another appearance later in the night! The staff of the Boathouse passed them around to the guests, and they made their way to the dance floor!
slow motion booth new york
The bride and groom hired the Slow Motion Booth to entertain their guests during the wedding reception. It made for some great videos, but it also made for some stellar pictures!
central park boathouse wed
After all of the ceremonial dances and toasts, it was time to hit the dance floor and stay for the rest of the night! The bride and groom shut down the reception on the dance floor, and so did their friends and family!

Central Park Wedding

Samantha and Steven’s Central Park wedding was every single thing a wedding photographer could ask for.  We started the day at the bride and groom’s apartment near Times Square, where Samantha was able to relax and get ready at home.  After seeing each other for the first time on the balcony of their apartment, we moved to the roof deck for a few images.  Then it was off to Central Park, where the bride and groom actually let me choose the location of their wedding ceremony!  The whole day was intimate, heartfelt, beautiful, and just right.  Samantha and Steven’s wedding is proof that you don’t have to do anything for your day except precisely what you want…and nothing more.  If you want to take your family and closest friends and walk into Central Park and get married in a field, do it!  Want to take them all out to dinner afterwards?  Do that, too!  Feel like ending the night with a huge party in a basement speakeasy?  Yes to all that, yes to everything.

Central Park wedding cost
Samantha is not a graphic designer, but she could have fooled me. She hand-made every one of her wedding invitations with a professional’s attention to detail.
Central Park wedding pictures
I do love gorgeous hotels, but there is something so intimately perfect when a bride gets ready at home. You can see her wedding gown hanging in her closet, her shoes on her own dresser, and the view outside her window reflected perfectly in the mirror.
stacie ford weddings
Stacie Ford was on hand to create Samantha’s wedding day look. I always love working with Stacie, and she does such an impeccable job.
manhattan skyline bride and groom
Shooting on rooftops is often not what you’d think it would be. High railings usually prohibit us from getting the view that the clients love so much, but not so on this bride and groom’s rooftop. The shape of the roof was such that it allowed me to get a side view of the couple, and a great vantage point to shoot the Manhattan skyline.
central park wedding permit
Before heading out to Central Park, the bride and groom stopped back in their apartment to gather their things and chat with their family. I love this silhouette against the clock from that part of the day.
petzval lens
Before their ceremony began, I had time with Samantha and Steven alone in the park. We walked through the Shakespeare Gardens and I had the opportunity to take a few portraits with my new Petzval lens, a fantastic addition to my lens lineup.
central park wedding location
Samantha and Steven are very, very, VERY sweet together. They also went out of their way to make sure that my assistant and I were cared for, which was overwhelmingly nice. No wonder their family and friends love them as much as they do! They are both so funny, so bright, and so very lovely.
central park wedding permission
I’ll do anything it takes to get the shot. Whether it’s climbing on a fence, laying flat on my stomach in the middle of the street, or even climbing into a rosebush (which is what I did here), it’s all part of the job.
Central Park wedding spots
Central Park is always beautiful, but it is also always maddeningly crowded. It’s always a wonderful surprise when I find the perfect pocket of light in the perfect location, with nary a tourist in sight.
bride and groom central park wedding
I love the interplay of shadow and light. I especially love it in a crisp, dramatic black and white portrait.
central park wedding spots
I love that Samantha wasn’t really walked down an “aisle.” She was led into the circle of her family and friends, and it was a really powerful moment.
central park wedding photography permit
It’s not often that a bride and groom allow me to choose their wedding location – on their wedding day! I tried to pick a spot for them in beautiful light, in a beautiful setting, away from the crowds.
ceremony central park wedding
During a wedding ceremony, I try to observe not just the bride and groom, but the friends and family watching the ceremony.
central park wedding pics
It was nearing sundown, but we still had a great deal of brilliant light in the park.
central park wedding photos
As a wedding photographer, I don’t often get a choice about where I can stand during a wedding ceremony. Churches, synagogues, and venues usually have rules about where I can be. When the ceremony is outdoors, I have more leniency to move around and get a bit closer to the action.
photos at central park wedding
Crying grooms get me every time. Every. Single. Time.
where can i have a wedding in central park
Someone brought a bubble gun to the ceremony, and used it during the recessional. I love Samantha’s expression!
high line wedding photos
After the ceremony in Central Park, we moved to the High Line for some quick portraits before dinner.
high line wedding photography permit
Some of my favorite places to photograph on the High Line are off the beaten path. This is one of my absolute favorite places. The light is always brilliant, and I love the stark background.
wedding photos on the high line
The bride and groom really wanted sunset pictures, but the skies didn’t cooperate. We went out anyhow, and I think it was well worth it. I love the clouds rolling in, and the crazy pink lights at the Chanel popup store in the distance.
basement wedding reception
Wedding reception in a speakeasy, in the dark? No windows, low ceilings? No problem! I love that this guest got out his cell phone and used the flashlight to illuminate the speech!
groom wedding ring
I didn’t have an opportunity to photograph the groom’s ring before the ceremony, so I took a moment during the reception to create a portrait of it. I used a side table, a candle, and my iPhone flashlight for light!


Samantha and Steven, I cannot thank you enough for having me as a part of your day.  Thank you for being so generous and kind, and for treating me to one of the best meals I’ve ever had!  I look forward to repaying you by taking you to dinner next time!  Thank you for having the wedding YOU wanted to have, just how you wanted it.  It was a joy and an honor to document it for you!

Central Park Boathouse Wedding

I had been looking forward to Samantha and Adam’s Central Park Boathouse wedding since photographing their engagement session in Brooklyn last year.  Loeb Boathouse has long been one of my favorite locations for Manhattan weddings.  A beautiful landmark restaurant in Central Park,  the Boathouse is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for an iconic wedding venue with a uniquely Manhattan feel.  It’s also close to Bethesda Fountain and the Central Park Mall, which are two of my favorite places in New York for wedding day portraits.

central park boathouse wedding
We started the day at The Empire Hotel. The suite was gorgeous, and full of brilliant light. I had a few moments with the bride and groom’s rings before the day really got started, and it was nice to spend a bit of time documenting those precious details.
central park boathouse wedding pictures
The bride’s delicate Jimmy Choo shoes reminded me of salsa dancing shoes! I love the interlacing straps!
central park boathouse wedding photog
Samantha gave Adam the most wonderful watch for a wedding gift. I love how the stripes on the card mirror the stripes of the drapes!
central park boathouse wedding photos
Samantha’s mother is absolutely lovely. I adore this moment where Samantha gave her mother an exceedingly thoughtful – and beautiful – gift.
central park boathouse wedding pics
Moments between brides and their mothers are so beautiful to document. I was so honored to have captured this sweet, fleeting moment for Samantha and her mom!
central park boathouse wedding bride
The light in The Empire Hotel was beautiful. However, it didn’t hold a candle to Samantha’s dress. There were two huge bows on the back of the dress that were sculpturally GORGEOUS.
central park boathouse piccs
Samantha’s sister is fantastic. She’s funny, sweet, and a total joy to be around. She even helped Samantha put on her shoes – how kind is that?
Empire Hotel Wedding
The Empire Hotel really does have beautiful light. I love this quick moment between Samantha and her mom, right before she left to see Adam for the first time.
central park boathouse wedding pics
Samantha’s grandmother gave her a beautiful heirloom ring that had passed from her to Samantha’s mother. Now that it was her wedding day, the ring belonged to Samantha.
central park boathouse pictures of wedding
I adore this sweet moment between Samantha and her grandmother. I especially love her mom and dad’s reactions.
Lincoln Center wedding pictures
Samantha and Adam opted to see each other before their ceremony. They saw each other for the first time in Lincoln Center. We had no idea that wedding photography was strictly prohibited in Lincoln Center. Great thanks to the security guard who let us stick around and allow this moment to unfold before kicking us out!
Wedding photos at Lincoln Center
Samantha’s reaction to seeing Adam for the first time makes me smile every time I see it!
Lincoln Center wedding
New York is teeming with people. Usually it makes wedding images tough to create, because you’re always striving to crop out the tourists. In this image, I love how the people in the background add to the moment. Totally random strangers, just taking pictures of a bride and groom they don’t know – welcome to New York!
Petzval lens wedding
I love the swirly bokeh of the Petzval lens for my Nikon. It creates such a delightfully surreal background.
Double exposure wedding photo
I’m always looking for a way to show a familiar scene in a new way. I love this double exposure. All of my double exposures are created in camera, not in Photoshop, so they’re extra fun to put together!
central park boathouse wedding portraits
I realize that I don’t show many posed images here on my blog, focusing on moments and natural portraits. This has led people to ask me if I even take posed images – of course I do! I love to keep them light, easy, and beautifully quick!
central park boathouse wedding photographer
The groom and groomsmen requested a photograph with Samantha, and the next thing I knew she was off the ground! I love the pop of black tuxes against the white dress shirts and Samantha’s brilliant white dress.
central park boathouse wedding photographers
The Central Park Mall was crowded with people on this particular Saturday, but with some great composition and creative angles, it looks like Samantha and Adam are completely alone. I love the arch of trees behind them!
central park boathouse wedding photography
Central Park is an amazing place, and every time I shoot there I find something new, like this gem of a tunnel near the Boathouse.
wedding photos at central park boathouse wedding
For those of you at the wedding and following their wedding hashtag, this is the real version of the iPhone image that I posted from the day!
central park boathouse wedding images
I can’t help but smile at Samantha’s mother’s smile. I love this image of the bride with her sister and parents.
photographer for a central park boathouse wedding
While documenting the family formal images, I am always on the lookout for sweetly emotional moments just like this one!
central park boathouse weddings
The boathouse does a great job of separating the reception space from the ceremony space. We only had a tiny space for Samantha and Adam to sign the ketubah, but we made it work! Someone held up the flashlight from an iPhone so they could see to sign, and I thought it made a great impromptu light!
central park boathouse wedding ceremony
A lot of wedding photographers love the kiss at the end of the ceremony. I do, too. But my favorite moments usually occur immediately after the kiss, when the bride and groom turn to face their family and friends. This image perfectly illustrates why I love that part of the ceremony so very much!
central park boathouse wedding party
Hank Lane’s Marcus Reid band was INCREDIBLE. From the very first introduction of the bride and groom, they had the crowd on the dance floor until 2am!
central park boathouse wedding reception pictures
There is nothing better than an awesome first dance. Truly.
central park boathouse wedding ballroom
Even after the first dance was over, and the crowd joined them on the floor, Samantha and Adam didn’t stop dancing together. I really, really loved that.
central park boathouse wedding hora
I love a great hora. This crowd was fantastic, and I love Samantha’s expression here!
central park boathouse wedding dancing
The look on the mother of the groom’s face is simply priceless. I love it when the parents are lifted on the chairs during the hora!
central park boathouse wedding tables
I often get asked how I can capture the action of the person giving the toast with the reaction of the crowd without a second shooter. My answer is simple : I just do. I’ve spent almost fifteen years training myself to see both action and reaction, and I LOVE this reaction image!
central park boathouse wedding room
Samantha and Adam are exceptionally kind to each other. They’re such lovely, vibrant, warm, wonderful people. I can see why their family and friends said such wonderful things about them during their toasts!
central park boathouse wedding dancing
The father/daughter dance always has such a sweet place in my heart, and the incredible moments between Samantha and her father were really amazing.
central park boathouse wedding party pictures
…likewise with the groom/mother dance. Adam’s mom is vivacious and the love she has for her son is really awesome.
central park boathouse wedding room
I always love hearing the toasts during a wedding reception. It lets me get to know my clients a bit more, and it’s always really heartwarming to hear the sweet stories shared. It’s also pretty great to hear the embarrassing stories, too!
cake cutting at a central park boathouse wedding
This image really shows off the gorgeous bows on the back of Samantha’s dress. Don’t you LOVE them?
central park boathouse wedding reception images
The bride and groom had a really tight-knit circle of great friends. Though I briefly worried about Adam’s safety when his friends started tossing him towards the ceiling, it made for some great photographs!
central park boathouse wedding photograph
The dance floor was 100% packed from the beginning to the end of the reception!


Samantha and Adam, thank you so much for entrusting me with your memories.  It was a huge joy to spend the day with you both, your beautiful families, and your hilarious friends.  I hope you’re off having the best honeymoon EVER, and I can’t wait to share the rest of your images with you soon!

Plaza Hotel Wedding : Rosanna + Brian

Rosanna and Brian’s Plaza Hotel wedding was such a beautiful start to our 2014 wedding season. From Rosanna and her sisters together while she was getting ready to Brian’s joy at seeing his bride-to-be for the first time the entire day was filled with sweet moments and tender emotion. The Plaza Hotel is an incredible place and for a wedding it’s just magical. Rosanna and Brian, thank you so much for including me as a part of your day and trusting me to document it for you. It was so deeply touching to watch Brian serenade his bride at the end of the night, to hear the incredible music during the ceremony, and to watch the fantastic Empyreal Strings perform at the reception. I hope you had a beautiful honeymoon!
Plaza Hotel Wedding
I started the day with the bride’s gorgeous engagement ring and wedding band.
Plaza Hotel Weddings
The Plaza Hotel is always so stately, peaceful, and elegant.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photos
The bride’s Monique Lhuillier wedding gown was so beautiful. Intricate, delicate, and perfect.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photography
The bride wanted to incorporate the iconic staircase at the Plaza for the images of her seeing her groom for the first time. While many photographers like to shoot ON the staircase, I chose to shoot the scene differently. I love the window light on the groom’s face and the long walk the bride took to reach her husband.
Wedding Portrait at the Plaza Hotel
From there we took some time to create portraits of the bride and groom all around the Plaza’s stately interiors.
Photographs at the Plaza Hotel
Tantawan Bloom did an extraordinary job decorating the entire day – as always!
Plaza Hotel Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony was also held in the Plaza, which was incredible. There are so many gorgeous interiors in this iconic Manhattan hotel that both the ceremony and reception locations are always perfect.
Plaza Hotel Wedding
Empyreal Strings provided some of the most gorgeous ceremony music that I’ve heard in ages!
Photograph at the Plaza Hotel
After the ceremony it was time for some images with the bride, groom, and their families.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photographer
From there it was back into yet another incredible room at the Plaza – the ballroom. Tantawan Bloom decorated the entire room flawlessly.
Plaza Hotel Wedding Reception
Plaza Hotel Wedding Photos
After the introduction, the bride and groom performed a choreographed first dance.
Plaza Hotel Ballroom Wedding
I had a chance to watch the rehearsal of this dance earlier in the day, so I knew precisely where to be when the groom dipped the bride at the end of the song.
Wedding Photo at the Plaza Hotel
The toasts and speeches are always one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. I love hearing what the parents and bridal party members have to say about the bride and groom. It lets me get to know them a bit better, and the stories are always fantastic.
Wedding Photos at the Plaza Hotel
The bride’s sisters gave such a sweet, charming toast.
Wedding Photographer at the Plaza Hotel
Then it was time to dance! The Bobby Attiko Band kept everyone on the dance floor all night long.
Wedding Photographers at the Plaza Hotel
The bride’s dance with her father was one of the highlights of the reception.
Wedding Photographs at the Plaza Hotel
…as was the groom’s dance with his mom!
Wedding Pictures at the Plaza Hotel
Towards the end of the night, the bride and groom took to the balcony for a speech of their own.
Wedding Reception at the Plaza Hotel
The groom then performed on stage for the bride. Eventually her whole family ended up on stage dancing alongside her!