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COVID-19 Studio Availability Calendar

Oh friends, my heart breaks for you.

I never thought I’d have to write a blog post to all of my clients helping them find new wedding dates.  I do not want this for you.  I want to hug you, document your happiness, and be surrounded by your family and friends on the day you’ve planned for so beautifully and with so much love and care.  I hate that I’m having to talk to you about studio availability and contracts and cancelation policies at a time that should be full of nothing but good things.

But here we are.

I’ve emailed all of you with spring and summer wedding dates, but more emails are forthcoming so that we can all be on the same pages moving ahead.  Understand that this pandemic is nothing that any of us could have forseen (so much for “2020 is going to be OUR YEAR”, am I right?) and we here are doing everything we can to care for you, hold you in our hearts, and help you get your plans moved to safer, newer dates where we can all freely touch our faces and celebrate without six feet of distance between us all.

Per the official studio email that some of you with nearby dates have already gotten, here’s how things are going over here:

In the event that your wedding has to be postponed or rescheduled due to the virus, because of the circumstances I have immediately revised my rescheduling and transferring policies.

In the event that your wedding is rescheduled due to the Coronavirus, any money paid CAN and WILL transfer over to your new date, pending availability. Please make sure to keep me in the loop about all rescheduling plans so I can do my best to accommodate availability. I’m happy to hop on a call with other vendors as well to coordinate availability if that makes things smooth for you. If you have any questions, need any assistance, or just want to talk through this situation and how it may affect your wedding, please feel free to give me a call/text or shoot me an email.  We would HATE for our clients to lose their retainers and payments by choosing a date we’re not available or canceling altogether.  We want to help you as much as we possibly can!

If you’re not there yet with your plans, I totally understand – and I hope we NEVER have to be.  This is a crazy situation that is changing by the day.  I’m here to lend an ear, to help with any changes you need, and to remind you as always, that I’m on your side!

The key here is to work together with all of your vendors to make sure your new date change is a safe, easy one that takes your whole team seamlessly with you.

You can view all of my currently booked dates here – this list is updated every day, in real-time.  Despite that, please do check with us for final confirmation before making an official date change!


My suggestions to you are:

  1. Reach out to ALL of your vendors together.  Trust me when I say that we don’t mind.  We’re all here for you and want to get your date moved to a new one that we can all be at!
  2. Start looking at new dates now – and be ready for alternatives to Saturdays.  Peak Saturdays are almost all booked with venues, even though I/your florist/the videographer might have them open.  I know everyone loves a Saturday party, but flexibility is the name of the game right now.  I have many weddings moving to Friday and Sundays, with the occasional Monday and Thursday thrown in to mix it up!  People are going to want to celebrate with you, don’t be afraid of a non-traditional day of the week.
  3. Understand that we are all humans and we are all, all of us, every last one of us, doing the best we can.  We’re scared for our health, for your health, for our families and friends, and for the future of these beautiful businesses that we have built.  We are all financially impacted right now, and we’re all doing the best we can in a world we no longer understand.
  4. Retainers paid are not refundable.  We don’t want to see you lose out on that money so please, help us help you so that the financial losses are minimal with the changes in your plans.

Everyone is scared right now, and the future is uncertain.  But know that we here at Susan Stripling Photography are serious about being here for you. I’ve built a business that can withstand a pandemic, and I’m not going anywhere.  I’ll be here for you in 2020, 2021,  and beyond.  I’m just at the other end of a text or email if you need to reach out.

Now let’s all go wash our hands!


Yale Club Wedding

Yale Club Wedding

Who? : Phoebe + Steven

What? : Preparations, ceremony, and reception at the Yale Club in New York.  Portraits in Central Park by Gapstow Bridge.

Where?  The Yale Club

When? : October 2019

Phoebe.  And.  Steven.  They described their wishes for their day to be “classic New York, elegant, warm, sophisticated, intimate.”  Surrounded by candlelight at the iconic Yale Club, they got all of that and more : portraits in Central Park with the fall foliage, a sweetly peaceful getting-ready atmosphere,  time alone for portraits at night on the Yale Club terrace, and a fantastic day helmed by a terrific team of vendors.  I’d photograph this day for these two (and their remarkable families) every single day : want to do it again, y’all?

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

A note about this summer…

Many of you have noticed (and asked!) why I haven’t been blogging as much this summer.

The answer is simple : it’s wedding season!

Blogging used to be how I got sneak peeks and previews out to clients, so the blog was the FIRST place that wedding images would drop.  Now it’s all about Instagram, and previews have been coming via my feed and stories in the days post-events.  With a busy summer and many weddings, engagement sessions, portraits, speaking engagements, travel, and time with family – well, something’s gotta give.  And that something was blogging.

Since my last post here I’ve photographed fourteen weddings, countless engagement sessions, portraits for couples visiting NYC, headshot sessions, and spent a lot of time with my family.  My oldest daughter went off to college late this summer, and I consciously replaced some work time with family time in an effort to spend every last moment with her before our huge family transition into now-there-is-a-kid-in-college.

Here are some images from the summer:

Cyd and Andrew’s gorgeous wedding in East Hampton, NY.
A family session where I proved how awesomely popular I am with kids and how much they love me (just kidding, I think she liked me…sort of)
A theatre portrait session with Broadway’s phenomenal Alison Luff.
A wedding in Cape Cod with the sweetest family and the most loving pup.
An anniversary session in DUMBO with a couple visiting from Florida.
The happiest, sunniest wedding at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.
A five year anniversary portrait session at Fort Tryon Park.
Alana and Matt’s gorgeous WaterWorks wedding in Philadelphia.
Lindsay and Michelle’s marvelous Saltwater Farm wedding in Connecticut!
A charming elopement in Brooklyn, complete with pizza and champagne.
A wedding in Beacon at the Roundhouse with the most EXTRAORDINARY ceremony light!
A wedding at one of my favorites, Pine Hollow, with the loveliest of couples.
A trip to the Berkshires to document the wedding of a former wedding photographer – which is always a HUGE honor!
The loveliest, most wonderful intimate wedding at the Surrey in Manhattan.

If you want to keep up with current work and see my day to day life in my stories, follow me on Instagram! Otherwise I’ll be back with more content once the season calms down – which isn’t any time soon!  See you in the winter!

Stonover Farm Wedding

Stonover Farm Wedding

Who? : Suzanna + Pat

Where?  Stonover Farm, Lenox, Massachusetts

When? : June 2019

As wedding photographers, we write a lot.  We write instagram captions, we write blogs, we write information for our websites.  We work hard to put words to paper (or screen) to describe the incredible humans that come in and out of our lives.  We look for new words to describe how people look at each other – how do you do that when every wedding is different, and every couple truly is special?  How do you describe the perfect tapestry that is the way two unique individuals love each other?  We write and rewrite, we use our images to illustrate, and we can only hope that the love that we feel for our clients can be received and understood.

Suz and Pat, though?  These two have broken me.   I like to think I’m a good writer, I like to think I can describe with words what I feel and see.  But…I got nothing today, y’all.  All I have is eyes that keep filling up with tears when I think of their ceremony, ears still ringing from the sounds of Pat’s family’s voices, and a huge heart that can’t contain all of the crazy feelings from their day.  For once, I have NO WORDS.  Just pictures.  And a lot of love for two incredible people who are really, honestly, that much better together.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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St. Regis Wedding

St. Regis Wedding

Who? : Victoria + Peter

What? : Preparations and ceremony in Rumson, New Jersey.  Portraits in Central Park.  Reception at the St. Regis

Where?  The St. Regis NYC

When? : June 2019

8:30am photography start.  10:30 photography end time.  From the sweetest shore town to the center of Manhattan, this day was a ride from start to finish.  At the center of it were Victoria and Peter, a couple so dynamic and charming that it almost defies description.  From Victoria’s distinctive laugh (that never failed to make me laugh) to Peter’s charm, their incomprehensibly kind and fantastic wedding party to their warm, welcoming families – well, this was simply a great, great day.

I’m often asked what it takes to get great wedding photography.  Is it how you pose?  Should you wear a particular dress style, color, pocket square?  What if you won’t know what to do with your hands?  Should you look at me?  Should you learn to ignore me?  What I say in response is no, no, none of that matters.  What matters is that you’re happy.  That the person you’re marrying fills you with a heart-bursting joy.  That you’re willing to let that joy explode out of your face.  Just be happy.  Be happy, and your pictures will be perfect.

Victoria and Peter, heres to your inspiring happiness.  May it light your way always.  Thank you for everything.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau

Wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau

Who? : Rachel + Joseph

What? : Preparations, portraits, and reception at a chateau in West Orange, New Jersey.  Ceremony at a nearby church.

Where?  Pleasantdale Chateau

When? : April 2019

Springtime is a tricky time of year to get married.  You might find yourself with a brilliantly bright day, sunlight streaming through trees, birds chirping, and a new warmth making the day shine.  You also have a chance of living out that saying of April showers bring May flowers.  Let’s be honest, while we love the idea of a flowery May, no one wants their April wedding to be a washout of rain and wind!

When I talked to Rachel the week of their wedding, we talked about how we had a 100% chance of rain on their day.  We discussed all of the amazing indoor places that Pleasantdale has to offer for rainy-day wedding portraits – The greenhouse!  That pool! – but I knew her heart was really set on some outdoor images.  Luck was with us, and the rain stopped long enough for us to create some gorgeous images on the foggy, dreamy grounds of the chateau.

Rachel and Joseph, thank you.  Thank you for darting out into the fog with me, mist in your hair and wet grounds underfoot.  Thank you for laughing with me, trusting me with your memories, and allowing me to spend such an important day with you.  Thank you, thank you.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Estate at Florentine Gardens Wedding

Estate at Florentine Gardens Wedding

Who? : Deanna + Francis

What? : Preparations at home in Staten Island, ceremony at a church on Staten Island, portraits and reception at a hall in River Vale, New Jersey

Where?  The Estate at Florentine Gardens

When? : April 2019

Spring weddings are incredible.  We get to see the sun, which we’ve been missing for months.  The days are longer, sweeter, lazier.  Timelines have room to breathe, because we’re not rushing against an early setting sun.  Deanna and Francis had just one of those days.  Gorgeous weather, a sweetly emotional church ceremony,  a delightful amount of time to create portraits in between the ceremony and reception, and two of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet committing their lives and futures to each other.

Deanna and Francis have a special kind of magic.  They’re gentle to each other, make each other laugh, and despite disagreeing about the excellence (or lack thereof) of ABBA-based musicals, they’re a perfect fit.  It was no surprise that their day was also a perfect fit for the two of them, balancing sweetness with humor, a gorgeously grand venue with an intimate, family feeling.  Watching a couple like this become family is one of the great joys of my job, and being there to document it?  Indescribable.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Nassau Inn Wedding

Nassau Inn Wedding

Who? : Freda + Da

What? : Preparations and tea ceremony at a Princeton hotel, ceremony at the University chapel, portraits on the college campus, and a sweet, small reception inside an inn.

Where?  The Nassau Inn, Princeton University

When? : March 2019

“Tingting and Andy are friends of mine and they spoke highly of you and your service. We would love to have you as our photographer for our wedding.”

On the contact form of my website there is a section to tell me who referred you to my business.  Da wrote the above, and it just goes to show that the best marketing is happy clients.  I’ve said that for years, I say that when teaching other wedding photographers, and it’s been a constant throughout the nearly two decades that I’ve been a wedding photographer.  Make your clients happy, and they’ll tell their friends.  It’s really that easy.  Tingting and Andy had an AMAZING wedding several years prior, and it is so heartwarming to know that they still remembered me, and that they’re still telling their friends about me!

Da and Freda were married on the kind of late-winter/early-spring day that makes you love this time of year.  It was cold, yes, but the light was brilliant and bright.  The Princeton campus was quiet, and we had the kind of timeline that wedding photographers dream about : ample time to create portraits, no rushing, an easy experience for the couple and their families, and space to breathe and enjoy the day.

From getting ready at the Nassau Inn to long walks across the college campus, everything unspooled and unfolded like a dream.  There was gorgeous light, a wonderful collaborative team, and a reception that ended with a shower of sparklers and a sweet kiss at the bottom of the steps.

“Simple.  Quiet.  Classic.”

When asked how they envisioned their wedding day, Da and Freda told me those three words.  And their day was just that : simple, quiet, and classic.  Full of love and sweetness, calm comfort and beauty.  It was an honor to document the day for them.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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WPPI Grand Master

I have sat down to write this several times, and the only words that keep coming to mind are “Holy sh*t. I did this.  I finally, finally DID THIS.”


To explain to the muggles out there (that’s non-photography folk), WPPI is “the largest show for professional, amateur and emerging wedding and portrait photographers and filmmakers, drawing attendees from all over the world for 4 days of conference, content and business building interaction.”* It’s a convention that I’ve been attending for eighteen years. It’s a place where I’ve met friends, friends who became loves, loves who became family. It’s a hectic, batshit crazy adrenaline rush of a week with classes, parties, meet-ups, competitions, camaraderie, trade show wanderings, and so very much more.

In short, it’s one of the best weeks of the year.

I went to WPPI for the first time when I was a brand new photographer. I knew maybe two people attending, had no idea who any of the speakers were, didn’t even know what the classes were all about, but I hopped that plane to Vegas from Florida ready to learn it all. I went back the next year, when I was pregnant. I went back the next year, and the year after that, and the years after that. I learned. I made friends. I met my husband in a hallway en route to some social event or another. I met contacts at the trade show that are dear collaborators and supporters of my business to this day.  Every industry friend that I have can be traced somehow  back to WPPI.

I began speaking and teaching there. First small classes, then to larger ballrooms. I stepped foot on a demo stage at the trade show for the first time at WPPI, graduating to bigger stages, culminating in being a speaker for Canon USA. I fumbled with my words, my keynotes, my ability to translate technical ability into tangible takeaways for class attendees.

I also started entering print competition.

What is that? Well, to also borrow words from WPPI’s website , “WPPI’s The Annual: 16×20 Print, Album and Filmmaking competition is the most prestigious wedding, portrait and print competition in the world, and the capstone event of the WPPI Conference + Show, with an awards ceremony honoring the most illustrious photographers of the year, many of whom spend their entire year preparing for this competition. The competition culminates with live judging at WPPI’s yearly conference and a gallery exhibition at the show taking place in Las Vegas. Prizes include the Grand Awards and crystal trophies.”

Every year I took the time to sort through my images from the year prior, culling and culling again to get that final dozen or so of the best of the best. The images that made my heart sing. The images that depicted the decisive moment. The best light, best pose, best examples of my technical and artistic ability. I had them printed, packed them with gentle hands into their shipping cases, sent them to Vegas, crossed my fingers, and lived and died over the two days of judging until I saw how I did.

Sometimes I did well. My scores were great, I won awards, I managed to get two coveted Grand Awards, I gave some speeches, my trophy case grew. Sometimes I did terribly, and I’d find myself hiding in a Vegas bathroom stall angrily wiping at my eyes with tissues until the hurt of a bad score stopped stinging. Sometimes the yearly glass of champagne post-awards ceremony that I shared with my friend Justine was a glass of celebration, sometimes a “we blew it this year” drink of misery.

But you know what? Every good score, every bad score, every lovingly assembled print case – it all made me better. A better photographer, year after year. A better teacher and educator, as I balanced between entrant and judge. A better human being. A more sympathetic creator of images. A more careful holder of the frantically beating hearts of every other entrant who put their feelings and their work on the line when they dared to share their work with a panel of judges.

There is an Honors of Excellence point system with the WPPI competition. Your top four scoring entries (no matter how many you enter) go towards your Honors of Excellence point total. I could tell you about how the point system works, or you could just read it here – their site describes it better than I ever could.  Your points and “wins” help you rise up through the WPPI Titles and Designations, which are:


5 points = Associate of WPPI title.
  • 15 additional points (for a total of 20+ points) = Master of WPPI title.
  • 15 additional points (for a total of 35+ points) = Double Master of WPPI title.
  • 15 additional points (for a total of 50+ points accumulated) = Triple Master of WPPI title.
  • 15 additional points (for a total of 65+ points accumulated) = Grand Master of WPPI title. NOTE: In order to actually receive the Grand Master of WPPI, the member must have also received 5 gold awards or above and at least 1 Grand Award from The Annual: 16×20 Print, Album and Filmmaking Competition (past Premiere Grand Awards don’t count) at some point during their time in the program. The Grand Master of WPPI title holds a lot of prestige. It will be difficult to obtain because of the amount of skill and longevity that is needed to achieve it. But it is still attainable enough to encourage members to work towards that title. No one who earns this award will be unworthy of it—they will have earned it over a number of years and with consistently highest scoring prints.

I have been entering The Annual: 16×20 Print, Album and Filmmaking Competition since 2007. I have entered a total of 107 prints. I have lived, died, breathed, cried, rage-screamed, and cartwheeled over my cases of images every single year.

And this year, I became a Grand Master.

I am only the seventh person in WPPI history to do this. The second woman. And the first and only female wedding photographer.

To say I am overwhelmed is a vast understatement.

Here are some of the 107 images over the years that have helped me reach this point:

When the award was given to me at the Awards Ceremony on one of the final nights of the convention, I completely blacked out once I got up out of my chair to accept it.  You see, my dear friend Melissa is the one who reads out the designations, and she’d crafted a speech that I had not been prepared to hear.  It was eloquent and beautiful, spoke of me so kindly, and reduced me to a mess of tears.

Here is the aforementioned choke-crying that I was doing at this point – thank you to Gerardo Soto for capturing this so sweetly:

I am a very, very private person.  My personal life is just that – personal, mine, quiet.  I have tried for a long time to separate my personal life from my professional life, and I am aware that sometimes that can make me appear a little cold, a little apart, a little hard to get to know.  I keep my husband and my children in a quiet place, because they’re mine-all-mine, and I don’t open up very often outside my social circle.  I keep my heart to myself, it’s been kicked too many times in this difficult industry, so I hold it tight and share it infrequently.   I value my reputation too much to let too much out, and as an unfortunate result, I also don’t let too much in.

It’s a long standing joke at WPPI that I don’t go to parties – and if I do?  I can usually be found in a corner trying to read a book, or as an example from this year, hiding literally on the floor behind a bar.  As in, tucked under a friend’s arm on the floor just away.  And when there were too many people, I bolted for the quiet of a nearly empty restaurant and the dear sweetness of conversation with close friends.

However?  Even though I spend a lot of time running from large gatherings,  the love that I have for this industry and the people in it is so huge that sometimes it cracks me open and pours out of my eyes.

And sometimes, not often but sometimes, I am at a loss for words.  I didn’t prepare a speech on awards night when that huge crazy trophy was put into my hands, I stumbled through a huge knot in my throat and a burning desire to fall into the arms of those I love and cry it out.  Therefore, I left out a lot of people who needed thanking, and I wanted to take some time to put it all into words so those words will live on a lot longer than a grainy iphone video of me mumbling at a microphone ever could.

So here we go.  From the beginning.  With all the thanks this heart can humanly hold:

  • My parents, Bill and Joyce.  For sending me off to theatre school without once asking “How will you make money from this?”  For saying “That sounds like a good idea” when I started a photography business.  For being the actual best parents that anyone has ever had – go ahead and try to fight me on this, you’ll lose.
  • Mitch Stripling, who made my first website and told me to go.  To do it already.  Who held up our family when I didn’t have a real job.  Who let me turn our garage into a studio.  For this and a thousand other reasons, always.
  • My daughters, Emma and Olivia.  Who are everything.  EVERYTHING.  My beautiful stepdaughters, Samantha and Alison.  I celebrate the four of you, the amazing women you are becoming, the incredible forces you are.
  • Bill Hurter, Arlene Evans, and George Varanakis.  Who gave me a stage, put me in my place when I needed it, held me when I cried in the hallway over one particular print that scored badly, gave me opportunities, took a chance on me, and gave me more than you could ever, ever imagine.  Bill, you are so missed.  Arlene and George, you are my family forever.
  • Tony Hewitt, who taught me to judge.  Not just with my brain and my heart, but with the kindness and love in my words and my manner.  Pete Wright, who guided our panel so beautifully this year.  The kind hearts that I have judged with over the years – the love and care that you so passionately feel for every single image is palpable, and it’s been an honor to work by your side for the good of the prints and the love we all have for our industry.
  • Dan Neri and the team at Canon USA, who have given me the most inexplicably enormous honor of my career.  Being an Explorer of Light is a literal dream come true, and I cannot thank you for how you’ve quite literally changed my life.  I hope I do you proud.
  • My fellow Explorers of Light.  You awe me on the daily.
  • Aaron, George, and Craig who helped The Wedding School become what it is today.  Thank you, thank you.
  • The photographers I have taken workshops from, admired from afar, learned from online, and respected for years.  From my very first time in the studio of Dina Ivory in Tallahassee to reveling in the mastery of the likes of Ben Shirk and Lola Melani, you have all raised me up.  I hope that I have been able to do a fraction of that for other photographers.  You all mean so much.
  • Rocco Ancora, the glorious joy of a human who has printed my images for the past many, many competitions.  Not only does he inspire me to be a better photographer, he continually reminds me what it is to be a gracious, good-hearted human.  And by extension, the exquisite Tanya.  Who is, quite literally, a ray of sunshine.
  • Sandra Krauss, the loveliest friend and studio manager in the world.  She holds Susan Stripling Photography together, and has quite literally held me together for over a decade.
  • The vendors that have transcended vendor-ship to become friends.  Fundy, Tave, Cloudspot, Finao, Good Gallery, and far too many more to count.  You’ve trusted me with your business and I’ve trusted you with mine, and we’ve become family along the way.
  • The Grand Masters who have come before me, and taught me so many, many ridiculously incredible things.  Being on a list with you – Jennifer, Jerry, Rocco, everyone – it’s hilarious that anyone would rank my name next to yours.  Jerry, you’ve been a dear friend from the beginning and I’ll snuggle on a beanbag with you any day of the week.  Ryan, you’re my favorite person to awkwardly share a wedding with, and seeing your images forces me to raise my own bar every time I pick up a camera.
  • My friends.  The people who have come and gone.  The people who have been there from the beginning. The table of lunatics who exploded in screams and cried and forgot to take video on awards night, the ones who screamed and danced from afar, you know who you are.  I’ve eaten mochi with you, cried in your arms, shopped with you, hidden from parties with you, danced in weird bars with you at 2am and then fled when we recognized people, eaten pizza in our pajamas while wearing a Hogwarts robe, laughed hysterically in hallways, stayed in your homes, had you stay in mine, argued with you, collaborated with you, and texted with you late into the night.  You know how dearly I love you, trust you with my heart, and love you for all the amazingness you put into the world, all you do to raise up women, to do the work, to be pioneers for change, to be trustworthy beautiful people.  I love you, I love you.
  • And lastly, at the very end, when all of my words are never enough – my husband, Cliff Mautner.  In the overwhelming fear of sounding foolish while crying and speaking at the awards ceremony, I omitted his name from my list of thanks.  As I’ve said before, I’m private to a fault with my personal life, and my fear of embarrassment while stumbling over my words led way to not mentioning my own husband.  Cliff was an inspiration to me as a photographer before he was anything more on a personal level.  We met when I was a very young photographer who couldn’t master backlight or one single speedlite off camera, stumbling to make my visions a reality.  He helped me become the photographer I am today, and there is no way that I’d be the human that I am without him by my side.  We make each other better in so many ways, and the heart-shattering thanks that I have to him for being my partner, my love, and my confidant is simply impossible to convey in words other than I love you.  And I do, and I will.  Every day.  The end.

Thank you all for reading this far, I know it’s a lot.  But receiving this Grand Master distinction is about more than just entering print competition and racking up scores.  It’s about the family that has surrounded me for years, that family that WPPI has brought me, the loves and heart-explosions and surprises along the way.  It’s about over a decade of my career spent chasing a goal that has bettered me in thousands of ways.

I’ve been told that I’m an inspiration to female photographers, to photographers in general, to business owners, to people trying to navigate this difficult industry.  If I am, it’s only because of everyone mentioned above, this blindingly beautiful community, this gorgeous world.

Thank you.  Thank you.

Alfond Inn Wedding

Alfond Inn Wedding

Who? : Amanda + Ben

What? : Destination wedding in Winter Park, Florida

Where?  The Alfond Inn

When? : December 2018

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding, so I’ll start back in 2007.  I was living in Tallahassee, Florida, and photographed the headshots for a bunch of juniors and senior theatre majors at FSU.  Years after that, I’m living in New York, and so are many of my past clients.  Those clients led me to Amanda, a FSU alumni herself.  I first encountered Amanda in Hello Dolly on Broadway, where she went on for a role she understudied (and she was amazing).  I first encountered Ben without realizing it, seeing him in Book of Mormon before I knew he was Amanda’s Ben.

Being hired to photograph this wedding was an actual dream come true. Everything about Amanda and Ben is just…yeah, it’s all excellent.  They’re crazily, insanely talented individuals.  They’re hard workers, passionate about their dreams and their craft, and true triple threats.  They’re adorably wonderfully gorgeous, just beautiful human beings inside and out.  They’re funny, ferociously love their family and friends, and love each other with a truth and depth that is just really, really freaking gorgeous to see.

And their wedding?  THEIR WEDDING.  We started the day at the Alfond Inn, with Amanda in her suite.  The rain was pouring down, streaking the windows and pattering on the pool outside.  Amanda got ready, Ben got ready.  They exchanged letters they had written each other.  (We all cried).  They prepared to see each other for the first time on a covered patio outside the Alfond – and the sun came out.  The rain stopped, the clouds parted, they saw each other (we all cried), and we took pictures outside.   The second we went back in, the clouds covered up and the rest of the day was moody and dreamy outside.

From their prep time at the Alfond before the ceremony, their sweet first look, the charm of their wedding vows, through to the gorgeous reception, the whole day was everything.  Choosing a favorite part is nearly impossible.  Was it Amanda and her childhood best friend tearing up when she put her mother’s necklace on as a bracelet?  Was it Ben, struggling to keep a straight face when reading Amanda’s letter to him, or the way his eyes actually lit up when he saw her come down the aisle?  Perhaps it was Amanda’s dad, who found a lost recording of Amanda’s late mother singing Wind Beneath My Wings (note : Amanda was in Hello Dolly with, yes, Bette Midler) and played it for the father/daughter dance?

Side note : I’ve never had to go to the bathroom and wash my face after a father/daughter dance before.  WE.  ALL.  CRIED.

Amanda and Ben, thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you for being so kind and open in front of my lens.  Thank you for treating me and my team like family.  Thank you for sharing your day, your love, and your hearts with me.  I am eternally grateful.  Now go lay on a beach – you deserve it!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Wedding at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Wedding at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club

Who? : Casey + Jack

What? : Preparations, first look, portraits, cocktail hour, and reception at a turn of the century manor house in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  Ceremony at a nearby church.

Where?  The Sleepy Hollow Country Club

When? : October 2018

I first met Jack and Casey via an email from Jack’s mother that read : “We heard about your and your marvelous photography from our friends.”  It’s always excellent to begin that way, when a past client hands my name over, knowing that I’m going to take care of their loved ones and that we’ll be a great fit together.  And we were, right from the start.  Jack and Casey are from amazing families, with warm, incredible mothers, fantastic fathers, and a sprawl of siblings, cousins, and friends that surround them with so much love that you can’t remember where friend stops and family begins.

Their wedding was on a fall day so clear and bright, and so full of light that it was only inevitable that it slide towards the most flawless of orange sunsets and end in a blaze of sparklers on the steps of the club.  Jack and Casey, thank you for being bright, amazing human beings and bringing me into your day.  Documenting it for you was as much of a treat as the gorgeous cool weather!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

sleepy hollow country club bride getting ready
Casey got ready in one of the rooms at the club. These rooms aren’t just rooms, they’re little kingdoms full of direct beams of light, high ceilings, and magic. I can’t imagine a more gorgeous, fitting space to get ready for a wedding than at the club itself. I mean, LOOK at that LIGHT. (And that gorgeous woman, too!)
sleepy hollow country club groom getting ready room
Not to be outdone, Jack had his one room one floor up to get ready in. Unsurprisingly, he also had some pretty perfect sunshine.
sleepy hollow country club guest rooms
It’s October. I’ve been on a horror movie kick, and nothing has been creeping me out (and amazing me) quite like the new Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. When I saw the praying statue, I knew I had a great element to add to the already-awesome shot of Casey getting her lips touched up. Someone to watch over us indeed, am I right?
sleepy hollow country club pictures
Casey’s hair was PERFECT. Smooth and sleek, but with boho braids to lighten the look.
sleepy hollow country club wedding
Light, light, light. You know I love it. It was everywhere, around every corner, in front of every perfectly placed window. Seeing moments come to life in that setting was nothing short of completely magical.
sleepy hollow country club first look location
“Some people like to do their first look on the stairs,” someone at the venue told me. I am pretty sure they suggested a few other spots, but it was all white noise once my eyes locked on this staircase. Drenched in directional light, warm and welcoming, where better to lay eyes on your loved one for the first time on your wedding day? Hi, drama.
sleepy hollow country club wedding pictures
Then it was time for a quick stroll around the grounds of the club for some images pre-ceremony.

sleepy hollow country club wedding pictures

sleepy hollow country club wedding photography
Sometimes weddings are crazy, sometimes they’re calm. No matter how the day is flowing (and this one flowed with extreme peace and ease!), I always try to take time to do that little something EXTRA. This day’s extra was brought to you by arching trees, a bright sky, and a little in-camera double exposure action.
sleepy hollow wedding photographer
The most insanely cinematic beam of light burst through the stained glass windows the second the door opened on Casey and her father.

sleepy hollow country club wedding prices
After the ceremony Jack and Casey hopped in her mom’s red convertible, put the top down, and sped off towards the cocktail hour, Casey’s bouquet waving in the air.
sleepy hollow country club cocktail hour location
Cocktail hour sprawled across the lawn behind the club – I LOVE these two men chatting, oblivious to the fact that a overexcited photographer was insanely grinning from the back steps over the symmetry, the light, and the shadows behind them.
sleepy hollow country club sunset
A quick sunset shot? Don’t mind if I do.
sleepy hollow country club staircase
…and a few more portraits of Casey? Yes, please. Jack’s mother had requested an image of Casey on the stairs, and I was only too happy to oblige.
sleepy hollow country club reception tent
The reception took place on the back lawn, under a tent. The sun set directly through the clear sides of the tent, bathing the tables in the warmest of light.
sleepy hollow country club reception decor
Jack and Casey had a choreographed first dance. They’re great dancers, this is true. But what really stays with me, even now, is how HAPPY they were, how lively, how cheerfully overjoyed. THAT makes a great first dance.

sleepy hollow country club photos
After a lively first dance, it was time for two pretttttty spectacular parent dances.

sleepy hollow country club reception
…and then it was time to party!
sleepy hollow country club sparkler exit
When it was time to set up for the sparkler exit, we were dismayed to see that it had started drizzling. Who was going to want to go out in THAT for a sparkler exit? Turns out? EVERYONE.
sleepy hollow country club pics
Good night and good bye, what a gorgeous ending to the first truly fall wedding of the year. Crisp light, crisp weather, incredible people, an amazing party – let’s do it again next year y’all, okay? One year anniversary party? Just name the place, I’ll be there.

Fall Wedding at Riverside Farm

Fall Wedding at Riverside Farm

Who? : Anna Lee + Bill

What? : Preparations, ceremony, and reception in a private Vermont barn wedding venue

Where?  Riverside Farm, Pittsfield, Vermont

When? : October 2018

A bride who has dedicated her career to caring for others, loves museums, and finds joy in travel.  A groom who dreams of owning his own BBQ restaurant and loves mountain bikes, backpacking, and camping.  Add these two amazing human beings together, bind their love with an unwavering faith, and pledge forever to each other with an engagement amidst the bluebonnets.    It’s only fitting that such joyous human beings say “I do” under the flawless Vermont fall foliage, surrounded by an unseasonably warm day that can only have been brought with them from Texas!  Anna Lee and Bill,  you’re both glorious rays of sunny Texas sunshine.  Thank you for making that fall Vermont day all the brighter!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

wedding dress at riverside farm hanging in the arches of the entrance groom's cottage riverside farm bride's cottage riverside farm the red barn riverside farm bride getting ready in the red barn riverside farm first look at the covered bridge riverside farm first look locations riverside farm vermont wedding pictures riverside farm rain locations for pictures riverside farm wedding fall foliage riverside farm riverside farm fall foliage amee barn riverside farm wedding riverside farm wedding photography riverside farm wedding photographer riverside farm family picture locations riverside farm wedding tree wedding tree riverside farm wedding ceremony outdoors riverside farm wedding ceremony at the tree riverside farm sunset wedding ceremony riverside farm riverside farm sunset wedding ceremony riverside farm wedding ceremony locations riverside farm wedding cost riverside farm best time for a wedding ceremony sunset riverside farm riverside farm wedding pics riverside farm pics riverside farm wedding photographs riverside farm wedding reception in the barn riverside farm reception floor plan ideas flower girl asleep at table wedding reception riverside farm ringbearer asleep at reception table riverside farm cake cutting barn wedding vermont vermont barn wedding photographer sparkler exit vermont barn wedding riverside farm

Elopement at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Elopement at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Who? : Colleen + Eddie + Lyza

What? : Portraits in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Where? Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO

When? : September 2018

I love New York.  I love everything about it : the noise, the hustle, the people, the extraordinary vibrancy of such an alive city.  Therefore it also stands to reason that I love it when people come to New York specifically to be married.  Colleen and Eddie came to New York from Cairns, Australia to be wed, bringing with them their extraordinary daughter Lyza.  It was a huge honor to spend the afternoon with them in my favorite part of the city, creating portraits for them to commemorate this incredible occasion.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

couple with vintage taxi in dumbo, brooklyn most instagrammed view in brooklyn west elm wedding pictures dumbo brooklyn wedding photos under the manhattan bridge dumbo wedding photo with brooklyn bridge park pylons wedding pictures with the manhattan skyline from brooklyn

Wedding at the Westin in Philadelphia

Wedding at the Westin in Philadelphia

Who? : Rachel + Brandon

What? : Preparations, ketubah signing, tish, bedeken, ceremony, and reception in a Center City Philadelphia hotel and ballroom.  Portraits of the couple, family, and wedding party around Philly : most notably, at City Hall, Broad Street, and Rittenhouse Square.

Where?  The Westin Philadelphia

When? : September 2018

Some people are just…joy.  They radiate light, happiness, that intangible exquisite nature that makes up good people.  You can see it in their eyes.  In how they speak to you and to the world around them. You can see it when their family and friends look at them.  You can tell by the joy that surrounds them on their wedding day.  Both Rachel and Brandon are that kind of good people.  From Rachel singing Once On This Island while putting on her wedding dress to the way Brandon touched her face when he arrived at her bedeken, the entire day was full of moments that simply brought tears to your eyes.  It was a joy to witness, to feel that love, and to document these moments for them and their incredible, incredible families.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

bride getting ready in dramatic windowlight with her makeup artist brushing powder on her cheeks Wedding at the Westin in Philadelphia best wedding ring detail pictures bride getting ready with her mother and sisters at the westin in philadelphia Sparkly nude Christian Louboutin wedding shoes with mesh bride's first look with her father on her wedding day at the Westin in philadelphia bride getting ready with her mother, father, and sisters at the westin in philly indoor first look at the westin in philly unique first look ideas bridal portrait on broad street in front of city hall in philadelphia family portraits in front of philadelphia's city hall unique wedding day portrait in philadelphia portraits on broad street in philadelphia in front of city hall best wedding photographer in philadelphia wedding photography rittenhouse square philadelphia wedding venue in philadelphia able to hold large guest count where to get a ketubah in philadelphia tisch and bedeken in philadelphia groom veils his bride before their wedding ceremony the conclusion of the tisch and the bedeken indoor ballroom ceremony location in philadelphia large ballroom for a jewish wedding in philadelphia dramatic ceremony decor in philadelphia for a jewish wedding indoor wedding ceremony in philadelphia carl alan florist wedding reception decor with low flowers on round tables indoor ballroom hotel wedding reception locations in philadelphia with great lighting bride and groom enter jewish wedding reception under arches bride's first dance with her father bride and groom cut the wedding cake covered in sugar flowers nighttime wedding pictures in philly nighttime wedding photography in philadelphia

Summer Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Summer Wedding at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Who? : Cristina + Daniel

What? : Preparations, wedding ceremony, and reception at an iconic NYC hotel.  Portraits outside of the hotel with a vintage cab.

Where?  The Gramercy Park Hotel, Manhattan

When? : August 2018

Combine my favorite rooftop venue, two gorgeous human beings, some of my favorite past clients ever, a sunset so delicious and cool that I swear fall is right around the corner, and a dance party with the Manhattan skyline behind it and you get Cristina and Daniel’s evening at the Gramercy Park Hotel.  Full of kindness, laughter, food, wine, and dancing, this entire evening was flawless from start to finish.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

bride getting ready at a gramercy park hotel wedding gramercy park hotel wedding ceremony in black and white gramercy park hotel wedding ceremony on the rooftop at sunset gramercy park hotel wedding ceremony recessional with flower petals gramercy park hotel wedding photographer gramercy park hotel wedding pricing and package information gramercy park hotel wedding ceremony locations places to take pictures gramercy park hotel wedding, wedding party in the streets of manhattan with a vintage cab gramercy park hotel wedding picture of a bride and groom with a vintage cab at sunset gramercy park hotel wedding with a vintage cab from film cars gramercy park hotel wedding reception photo gramercy park hotel wedding gramercy park hotel wedding photo gramercy park hotel wedding cake with a custom name cake topper gramercy park hotel wedding long tables at reception gramercy park hotel wedding candlelit reception nighttime manhattan wedding pictures wedding couple in a vintage NYC taxicab

Atlanta Indian Wedding

Multi-day Indian Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

Who? : Rupali + Jay

What? : Three day, four event weekend.  Pithi, Garba, Christian ceremony and Mehendi dinner, and Indian wedding ceremony and reception.

Where? : Atlanta History Center, Atlantic Botanical Gardens, and the St. Regis Atlanta

When? : May 2018

Where do I even start describing Pali and Jay’s wedding weekend?  From Pali’s emotional pithi ceremony in her parents’ home to the incredible light for their portraits before the garba, the extraordinary background of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the beautiful speeches, brilliant getting-ready light on their wedding day, absolutely gorgeous ceremony, a baraat on a motorcycle…this really covered all the bases for a perfect wedding!

With over twenty hours of coverage, there were more than a few sneak peeks to share!  Check out this slideshow for the highlights from each day, all ceremonies, and the portraits:

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Canon Explorer of Light

I bought my first camera with my own money when I was 18.

Christmas morning, circa my early high school years.

But let’s be honest, I’d been in love with photography for quite awhile before that.  Point and shoot cameras, my father’s old film camera, I loved it all.  I was the one who always brought a camera to social outings.  I was the one who took “artsy” pictures of my friends for our senior year scrapbooks.  I was even the one questioned by a police detective for taking pictures in a cemetery when I was nineteen, but that’s another story for another day.

When I was 18, I got a job to buy my first camera.  It was a Canon film Rebel, and I wanted it so badly that I worked at McDonald’s to get the money to own it.  I’d visit it in the mall camera shop, admiring it and imagining what I could create with it.  When I finally had enough money to go buy it, I went straight to the mall to pick it up.

(I still have that camera.)

I went to college, camera in hand.  I majored in theatre.  I took pictures of everything.  From  theatrical productions to pictures of my friends playing guitar in the quad, I shot everyone and everything.  I took a darkroom class, fighting against my fears of the dark while fumbling with film canisters late into the night.  Every day my love for photography grew, married entirely with my love of theatre and the arts.

Guys and Dolls, somewhere around 1998

In 2002, I started my photography business.  I was a college graduate, having dabbled briefly in a theatre career before deciding (quite rightly so) that wasn’t the path I was meant to take.  I was married, with a new baby.  I picked back up that Rebel and turned my eye towards wedding photography.

Canon 5d, 200mm and f/2.8, ISO 500, 1/250 sec

My first camera was a Canon.  I nurtured my love for theatre and art with a Canon in hand.  I started my business with my Canon film Rebel, then a digital Rebel, then the D60, then eventually my first beloved 5D.  I built an entire career with my Canons at my side.

Canon 5d, 35mm and f/2.8, ISO 400, 1/100 sec


Over the years I grew my skills, my ability to see light, my understanding of photojournalism, and my sense of style on Canon cameras.  While time did lead me to shoot other systems, I’m overjoyed that my path has brought me back to where I started.   I am so thrilled to enter into 2018 with a Canon at my side once again.

Canon Mark IV, 135mm and f/2, exp comp -2.0, ISO 100, 1/2000 sec

I am also beyond humbled to now be a part of Canon’s Explorer of Light program.  It is simply impossible to describe what this honor means to me.  From the eighteen year old with her nose pressed against the window of a mall camera shop admiring her first Canon film camera to the photographer that I am now, I have come full circle.

What does it feel like?  It feels like coming home.

Canon Mark IV, 85mm and f/1.4, ISO 160, 1/250 sec


Wedding at the Hotel Du Village

Wedding at the Hotel Du Village

Who? : Names withheld by client request

What? : Outdoor ceremony and portraits, indoor wedding reception

Where? : Hotel Du Village, New Hope, Pennsylvania.

When? : September 2017

I had never worked at the gorgeous Hotel Du Village before this gorgeous wedding day.  I quickly came to learn that a wedding at the Hotel Du Village was right up my alley.  There were multiple orgeous interior locations where I could work with quirky, charmingly directional light.  There were beautiful outdoor locations for portraits of the couple together.  There were beautiful backgrounds and brilliant light for the family photographs.  There was a great outdoor location for a ceremony, and an equally great location for the indoor reception.  To cap it all off, there was a brilliant, beautiful, phenomenal couple to work with.  What more could any wedding photographer ask for?

THANK YOU both for trusting me with your day.  It was an honor and a pleasure to meet you and work with you.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:

Wedding at the Hotel Du Village Wedding at the Hotel Du Village cost Wedding at the Hotel Du Village photographers hotel du village wedding photographer Wedding at the Hotel Du Village photography Wedding at the Hotel Du Village photos Wedding at the Hotel Du Village ceremony Wedding at the Hotel Du Village reception Wedding at the Hotel Du Village ballroom

Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens

Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens

Who? : Jocinda + Keith

What? : Outdoor garden ceremony and tented reception

Where? : Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, Washington

When? : August 2017

Being hired to photograph the wedding of another wedding photographer is an extraordinarily huge honor.  Jocinda and Keith are both photographers, which made the honor doubly incredible.  I was blown away by the beauty of Rock Creek Gardens, the incredibly sweet way Jocinda and Keith are around each other, and the sheer brilliance of the light in Puyallup.  The air had a dreamy haze because of wildfires in Canada, and everything shimmered in the unseasonably warm temperatures.  Jocinda and Keith planned a day with beautiful details, plenty of time for sweet portraits, a faithful and heartfelt ceremony, and a reception under a crisp white tent.  It was a gorgeous day, made even more beautiful by the two amazing people who were married under that brilliantly hot Washington summer sun.

Here is a slideshow teaser of the day:

And here are just a brief few of my favorite images:
Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens photos of a Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens pics of a Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens pictures Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens photography Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens ceremony photographer at Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens photography reception at Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens

Wedding in Buffalo, New York

Wedding in Buffalo, New York

Who? : Jackie + Brian

What? : Indoor wedding and reception indoors at a quirky,French Renaissance-style boutique hotel.  Portraits outdoors in downtown Buffalo.

Where? : Hotel @ The Lafayette

When? : June 2017

It’s hard to describe what I felt the first time I heard Jackie laugh.  Her laugh explodes from somewhere deep inside, running up and down a crazed scale, and ends with everyone in close proximity to her laughing along with her.  You can’t help it.  She’s a magnetic, talented, dedicated, ambitious, joyous, kind, brilliant, graceful, glorious bright light and impeccable human being.  The world is lucky to have her in it, and Brian is lucky to have her as a wife and co-dog-parent.  I have been lucky to bond with her over favorite So You Think You Can Dance routines, an odd fondness for unsweetened iced tea, truly terrible memes texted at 3am, and the most active text chain I’ve ever found myself a part of.

Jackie and Brian’s day was perfect from start to finish.  Why?  Because when two freaking fantastic souls genuinely delight in getting super married, how can the day be anything but?

You can view a highlight video from their wedding here, with some teaser images below: