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Wedding at the Park Chateau

Wedding at the Park Chateau

Who? : Gabriella + James

What? : Preparations, first look, portraits, ceremony, and reception at a New Jersey wedding venue.

Where?  The Park Chateau, East Brunswick, New Jersey

When? : November 2018

Our vision is to capture the real moments of the day between us, and the people we love. We are all about capturing the love in the room and making sure we have memories of our loves ones from this day. While we do want to have the traditional posed photos (for posterity) what we really love are the special, intimate moments, the laughter, the smiles, the tears, the bad dance moves, the hugs, the kisses, the joy and pain and love of the day. However you capture that, we love in your photos. I think we are drawn to the intimacy of your images.

I first met Gabriella and James over a year ago, on the coldest of fall days in Asbury Park.  They’d hired me to take their engagement images, and we laughed our way along the boardwalk in the misty, freezing weather.  That would be a wonderful wedding to photograph I remember thinking.  I hope they hire me when they start those plans.

A bit later I heard from them again – they’d set a date, picked a venue, and were full steam ahead with the wedding plans.  On another cold day – this time with brilliant light – we got to work together again, this time when they became husband and wife!  What a beautiful day, what remarkable people, what a gorgeous venue.  Who says summer is the best wedding season?  I beg to differ.  Give me a crystal-clear cold winter wedding day anytime! (Especially if it’s with these two!)

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

The Park Chateau is, in a word, ridiculous.  (And for those of you who know me, you know that’s a compliment!)  The biggest getting-ready room has multiple makeup stations, a place to WASH YOUR HAIR, and a huge main room big enough to fit my entire apartment into.  And that light?  Don’t get me started! Cheers to any client brave enough to stand in front of an open door in freezing cold weather because the light is really great when I open the doors, are you okay with that? Gabriella got ready surrounded by her mother and the other amazing women in her life.  I love it when everyone comes together in those final moments of preparation to help out! James also got ready at the Park Chateau (images forthcoming from my second photographer!) and then waited nervously in the chapel to see Gabriella for the first time. It was COLD outside.  I know I’ve talked about how winter has been coming, but y’all, it’s here.  The freezing air took our breaths away, but Gabriella and James were still willing to hop outside for a few quick images by the pond! After that, it was time to go inside and get warm.  We stopped on the famous Park Chateau stairs for an image of Gabriella alone before beginning on our list of family and wedding party groupings. After the family and wedding party images we had a quick second to dart into the library and take a few images in front of the fireplace, a handful more portraits of the two of them together – and then it was time to warm up and freshen up for the ceremony.

The sweet sunset ceremony was followed by cocktail hour, and then off to the reception! After the first dance (which was freaking awesome) came some sweet, emotional toasts.  Then it was time to dance, dance, dance! We closed the night out with a few more images in the cold!  I am always so grateful to clients who are willing to brave the elements for a few more images!

When describing her hopes for their wedding day, Gabriella expressed her desired day to be “Warm.  Romantic.  Dramatic.  Joyful.   Sincere.”  The day was all of that and so, so much more.  It was a huge honor to be a part of the day, and to get to know these remarkable human beings just a bit better.  Congratulations, you two!

Ocean Place Resort and Spa Wedding

Ocean Place Resort and Spa Wedding

Who? : Hiral + Shubhadeep

What? : A gorgeous full Indian wedding day at an oceanside resort in New Jersey

Where? Ocean Place Resort and Spa, Long Branch, New Jersey

When? : August 2018

I started my business photographing weddings at the beach.  I photographed up and down the Florida coast, and when I moved to New York, I missed those days by the ocean.  Every wedding at the beach makes my heart full and happy, and it’s especially wonderful when the couple getting married is as warm and vibrant as their surroundings.  Hiral and Shub planned a day full of colored smoke, dancing, singing, love, laughter, toasts that literally defied gravity, and a dance party that went on well into the night.  It was an honor to spend this day at the beach with the two of them and their amazing families and friends!

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Wedding at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

Wedding at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

Who? : Kristen + Greg

What? : Preparations at home, church ceremony in Spring Lake, portraits by the lake and the beach, and a hotel ballroom reception

Where? The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

When? : August 2018

Being a film teacher and spending most of my time behind a camera, having a great photographer is monumentally important.

That is how the first email that I ever received from Kristen began, and I knew I loved her right from that second!  It was a huge joy and honor to have such a responsibility, but even more so to get to know this incredible couple and tell their story.  It would be hard to put my finger on my favorite part of the day – was it Kristen getting ready at her parents’ house?  The beautiful Spring Lake church they got married in?  The portraits by the lake, and at the beach across from their home?  I guess if I had to choose, it would be when their reception slideshow ended with the announcement of their new addition : Kristen and Greg will be parents before the new year, and they are going to be amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day:

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Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

Who? : Natalie + Jaclyn

What? : Indoor winter wedding in a cozy, romantic mansion

Where? : Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

When? : February 2018

What.  Amazing.  Women.  Natalie and Jaclyn planned the perfect kind of winter wedding : warm, intimate, charming, personal, sweet, emotional, and full of laughs and happy tears.  From trading places in the getting-ready suite at Shadowbrook to their heartwarming first look on the stairs, this entire day was flawless from start to finish.

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury cost Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury stairs Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury photos Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury photography Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury pics Wedding at Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury ballroom


Wedding at the Madison Hotel

Wedding at the Madison Hotel

Who? : Rosalia + Brad

What? : Indoor winter wedding in a hotel greenhouse with a ballroom reception

Where? : The Madison Hotel, Morristown, New Jersey

When? : February 2018

I first met this remarkable groom at his sister’s wedding – and I swear it was only about a year ago.  It just goes to show that time moves in crazy ways, because his sister and her husband now have two children with one more on the way!  This wedding at the Madison Hotel brought together family and friends in one remarkable, snowy, cozy day.

It takes a special couple to brave possible inclement weather and have a winter wedding.  It takes an even more special couple to be willing to brave the sudden torrential downpour of snow for a few night portraits.  There is something so remarkable about starting your wedding ceremony with a bright sky and ending it with a flurry of puffy, sweet snowflakes.  Like this incredible duo, it was simply breathtaking.

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

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New Jersey Indian Wedding

New Jersey Indian Wedding

Who? : Tulsi + Pritesh

What? : Indoor ballroom ceremony and indoor ballroom reception in a hotel

Where? : The DoubleTree, Somerset, New Jersey

When? : October 2017

It was an absolute honor to travel to this exquisite New Jersey Indian wedding.  Tulsi and Pritesh radiate happiness and joy, and their families are equally warm and delightful.  From getting ready coverage beginning at 7am to a reception that went well into the night, these two were continually surrounded by love and community.

Here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:

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The Rockleigh Wedding

I saw something at the Rockleigh wedding that I had never seen before. While this was not the first wedding I have shot where the bride had a twin sister, it’s the first time that both the bride and her sister were both engaged! Not only that, they were both going to wear the same wedding dress. Both girls loved the same dress, so they decided to share. My client was the first to wear the beloved Judd Waddell gown, so we had to take great care of it all day! Not only is the dress still in brilliant condition, it’s well-loved and well-worn, ready for it’s next wedding next year!

the rockleigh wedding cost
We started the day in the bridal suite at The Rockleigh. I love the light in this room. It’s great for getting ready images!
the rockleigh wedding photos
After seeing the Judd Waddell dress in person, I can understand why both sisters loved it so. It was delicate and dramatic at the same time, and suited the women perfectly.
the rockleigh wedding reviews
Before the bride got dressed, I had a few moments alone with her details. I love this shot of her shoes with the wedding dress hanging in the window, creating a lovely, indistinct, watercolor background.
the rockleigh wedding hall
Every whorl and piece of lace was perfectly placed. I was pretty in love with the dress myself!
the rockleigh nj wedding prices
The bride and her family are so sweet to each other. I love this wonderful moment between the bride and her mother. I love that you can also see her sister in the background, helping with the zipper of the dress.
wedding at the rockleigh country club
Such sweet moments, such a sweet family.
wedding at the rockleigh
The bride and groom are amazing with each other. This is totally an unscripted moment!
cost of a wedding at the rockleigh country club
…so was this!
the rockleigh country club wedding cost
I had a few moments alone with the bride to create some simple bridal portraits. I love these windows at The Rockleigh!
Amaryllis Event Decor
The bride was surrounded by some truly wonderful, dynamic women. I love the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the gorgeous bouquets by Amaryllis Event Decor.
the rockleigh country club wedding
Immediately before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom signed their ketubah. Although they were surrounded by family and friends, I love this moment because it illustrates how private the moment was.
wedding at the rockleigh
The signing of the ketubah, and the beautiful traditional moments therein, are among my favorite times during a Jewish wedding ceremony.
wedding pics at the rockleigh
Josh is so kind to his bride. He’s a great guy, sweet and funny and fun. It was a joy to watch him interact with his wife!
the rockleigh wedding
The veiling of the bride is the last thing to happen before heading to a Jewish wedding ceremony. I love both of their facial expressions, and how gently he’s handling her delicate veil!
the rockleigh wedding photographer
The wedding ceremony was held indoors at the Rockleigh. I love this moment between the bride her mom! This was right after she walked down the aisle, and right before she circled her new husband seven times. The traditions are so beautiful, and so very meaningful.
the rockleigh wedding photos
I do my best to find different angles during a wedding ceremony – without being distracting to the guests! I am so glad there was room to move around, because the bride’s facial expressions were so lovely.
the rockleigh wedding ballroom
After the ceremony, the guests moved to cocktail hour. I went into the ballroom for a few quick images of the reception decor before documenting cocktail hour.
the rockleigh weddings
After the wedding party was announced, the bride and groom entered the ballroom to a standing ovation.
photos the rockleigh wedding
If you’re looking for great facial expressions on a wedding day, look no further than the hora at a Jewish wedding!


the rockleigh wedding photographs
I love everything about this image, from the drama of her skirt to the sweetness of her expression.



Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding

A Pleasantdale Chateau wedding isn’t your average, ordinary wedding.  There is something so special about Pleasantdale, and every time I’ve been there I’ve been so sweetly impressed.  I clearly remember my first Pleasantdale Chateau wedding, which took place during an actual hurricane.  Hurricane Irene landed right on top of a past client’s wedding date, and I was blown away by how seamlessly the Pleasantdale staff handled such a crazy day!  I’ve been to Pleasantdale Chateau weddings in the rain, the fog, the sun, and on this brilliant fall day, in the beautiful moody autumn weather.

Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
We started the day in the Pleasantdale bridal suite. I am a huge fan of the cheerfully patterned wallpaper, the abundance of natural light, and the variety of locations for photography. I was able to spend a few minutes with the bride’s gorgeous engagement ring and delicate band, not to mention her super-sweet, super-tiny, super-darling blush peach Mrs. ring box!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost
One thing I love about a wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau is the variety of backgrounds and locations for pictures throughout the entire estate. The wallpaper in this room is a particular favorite of mine. It looks almost like an old master background from a classic portrait studio! I love how the warmth of the background adds a warmth to the image itself, and how the soft light spilling through the window adds to the golden hue of the space.
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding pricing
The getting-ready portion of the wedding day is always a wonderful opportunity to document moments! I love the dozens (if not hundreds!) of expressions that cross a bride’s face while she’s putting on her dress. This is one of my favorites!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding prices
I am such a fan of the Mrs. box! It’s a wonderful alternative to an old-fashioned ring box from the jewelry store. They have so many colors that you can choose from, it’s easy to customize your box to the colors of your wedding!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photos
There are many wedding venues where one half of the couple gets a great room to prepare in, while the other gets a small space or no space at all! A Pleasantdale Chateau wedding comes with multiple rooms for brides, grooms, and bridal parties to get ready in. The groom had an amazing space all to himself (well, himself and a bunch of hatchets, but I digress…)
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding menu
Even though it was overcast outside, the light coming in through the windows was still direct and dreamy. I love these last few moments of preparation before the day really takes over and everything gets exciting and chaotic!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding wire
I absolutely and completely love fall weddings. There is something so magical about the fall foliage. A Pleasantdale Chateau wedding is the perfect place to be in the fall. I love the turret peeking out of the foliage in the back of this image. It is such a gorgeous location for portraits!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding reviews
My clients often ask whether or not they “have to” do a first look, or whether or not they “should” do a first look. I truly believe that is not my decision to make for you. Whether you want to see each other before the ceremony or not, I can help you with a list of pros and cons for each decision. We will make it work, whatever you decide. The day is about YOU, and I truly do want you to choose what works best for you! At this Pleasantdale Chateau wedding, the first look worked best for these clients. I love their reaction to seeing each other for the first time!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding pics
This image is a wonderful example of how, as a wedding photographer, you have to stay on top of the unfolding moments! Beautiful moments often lead to other beautiful moments. If you blink, you might miss them!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photographer
Isn’t it amazing when all the details you’ve planned for months come together? The floral team did a stellar job with matching the flowers to the rest of the wedding’s vintage glam aesthetic.
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding locations
While we had no sun for portraits, we did have marvelous scenery. I love the fall foliage and the dreamy light in this portrait!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding picture locations
The bride and groom were so sweet with each other. Completely natural, joyous, and truly present in every moment. It was lovely to behold, and even lovelier to document!
pictures of a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Every year, clients ask if I have suggestions as to when the fall foliage will be at it’s peak. It’s usually sometime within the last few weeks of October, and the first weeks of November. I was so glad to see that the trees were still holding their leaves for this wedding! It provided a beautiful backdrop for the wedding day portraits of the bride and groom together.
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding decor
The decor was wonderful, marrying the bride and groom’s aesthetic sensibilities with the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Pleasantdale Chateau. I love these vintage-styled cards for their seating card table!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding reception
The decor for the reception also echoed that same aesthetic. Quietly glamorous, a little rustic, and infinitely welcoming.
reception at a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Some of my favorite moments take place during the introductions of the bridal party, family, and bride and groom. I love seeing their family and friends crowded around the floor, cheering them on!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding party
I know this image is during the first dance, but how great is the bride’s headpiece? I loved the styling of her look, and how perfectly it fit in with the rest of the wedding decor and theme.
party at Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Back to the moments of the wedding day – how great are toasts? I think the bride’s reaction says it all!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding pics
As a witness to so many beautiful moments between families, I am always so honored to be there. Creating images that will live in a family for generations to come is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and am always grateful to each client who hires me for their wedding day!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding time
The bride’s dance with her father was full of so many stellar moments and reactions. It was hard to choose just two to post!
parent dance at a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Quiet moments speak just as loudly as the more exuberant ones. Quiet, loud, subtle, or sweet, I love moments of all kinds!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding locations
The party was lively all night long! I was so very honored to be a part of this day, and even now this image makes me smile. I often get asked if I remember all of the weddings that I shoot. The answer is yes, I really do. When you spend week in and week out with such glorious people, how could you ever forget?

Windows on the Water Wedding

I always love working at venues I’ve never been to before, and this Windows on the Water wedding marked my first time in Millstone Township, New Jersey.  Windows on the Water is a private resort in Monmouth County.  It is also the site of the utterly charming Frogbridge Day Camp, and that campground appeal is part of Windows on the Water’s immense charm.  From beautiful bridges to sun-dappled fields, this really is the perfect place for a summer wedding.  We were so lucky to get glorious weather, after several very rainy weeks!

Windows on the Water wedding photographers
The bride got ready at the American Hotel in Freehold, New Jersey. I was completely charmed by the light in the rooms. The bride and groom had side-by-side rooms with huge balconies and an abundance of natural light.
Windows on the Water weddings
When I arrived at the hotel, Allison was getting her hair and makeup done. I love the cloud of hairspray! The getting ready part of the day is always one of my favorites, and this day didn’t disappoint. Allison was surrounded by her mother, her future mother-in-law, and her sweet bridesmaids. They were so calm and collected, and having a great time together.
Windows on the Water wedding details
Hansen Photo and Video were on hand to film the day. I had never worked with them before, and they were utterly delightful. I can’t say enough good things about them, and could not recommend them more highly.
Windows on the Water wedding pictures
At one point in the day, Allison turned to me and said “This is my dream wedding!” Is there really anything better to hear from a bride on her wedding day?
photos of a Windows on the Water wedding
We had a great amount of time to document everyone getting ready. The bride got dressed in a room right next to the groom, so we had to make sure that no one ran into each other on the balcony outside!
Windows on the Water wedding photos
I can’t say enough good things about the light in the getting-ready room! It was exactly what I love, and I think it illuminates the scene beautifully.
Windows on the Water wedding setup
See what I mean? The highlights and shadows are so beautiful. I could shoot in that room all day long!
Windows on the Water wedding moments
The groom’s mother presented him with a deeply personal gift. I was so honored to be there to document it for them.
Windows on the Water wedding ceremony
The relationship between a groom and his mother is so precious. This entire family was so kind, so sweet, and so wonderful to photograph.
Windows on the Water wedding portrait
I have a lot of favorite things about wedding days. One of them is “crying grooms.” In fact, that might top my list, right above “crying dads” and “playing Uptown Funk so that my 2015 Bruno Mars streak goes unbroken.”
Windows on the Water wedding cost
I had twenty glorious minutes alone with the bride and groom immediately after the outdoor wedding ceremony. The light was utterly perfect. The sun was low in the sky, and created such a gorgeous halo around their bodies.
photos of Windows on the Water wedding
At every wedding I shoot, I strive to make images that I’ve never made before. This rainbow was created entirely in-camera. I didn’t create it in Photoshop later. How was it done? I’ll never tell!
Windows on the Water wedding pic
Allison and Nick were so sweet with each other. Allison is vibrant and joyous, and Nick is so lovely and emotional. It was wonderful to witness.
Windows on the Water wedding price
The Windows on the Water employee who drove us around the property in the golf cart said “I’ve never seen a photographer put brides and grooms in light like that!” That’s one of the highest compliments! I love working with beautiful natural light, and I think this image really illustrates why I feel that it’s so beautiful.
Windows on the Water weddingwire
Only twenty minutes for pictures? No problem!
price Windows on the Water wedding
We managed to get to several different locations on the Windows on the Water property in a quick amount of time. It’s all about efficiency! I think the trees make such a glorious background. I love summer weddings!
Windows on the Water wedding photographer
After a few multiple exposures, it was time to get ready to go back to the reception. I love having time with the bride and groom for portraits, but I never want them to be late to their own party!
Windows on the Water wedding reception
This image perfectly illustrates the fun, vibrant personalities of the bridal party. Every single one of them were hilarious, funny, and so very sweet.
Windows on the Water wedding reception cost
I love the look on the groom’s face here. He was so overwhelmingly happy to be married!
Windows on the Water wedding party
After a gorgeous first dance, it was on to the rest of the reception!


Allison and Nick, thank you so much for having me at your wedding.  You were total troupers in the heat!  Thank you for giving us great time after the ceremony for some additional portraits in that beautiful sunset light!  I hope your honeymoon is wonderful!

Congress Hall Wedding

I have always loved working at Congress Hall, and Tara and Tom’s wedding was no exception.  Since it opened in 1816, Congress Hall has been the premiere location for weddings, events, and vacations right in the heart of Cape May, New Jersey.  I love the proximity to the beach, the vibrant colors of the bride’s getting ready room, and the kindness of the hotel staff.  Despite the unseasonably crazy heat, the team at Congress Hall stayed cool and made sure that everyone was well cared for – and hydrated!

Congress Hall Wedding
Before we began the getting ready images in Founder’s Hall, I took a few seconds alone to photograph the bride’s exquisite engagement ring.
Congress Hall Wedding Photography
I always try to look for new and interesting places to make images, from details to portraits. I loved finding this pocket of light, old bench, and great warm wall in one of the nooks at Congress Hall.
Congress Hall Wedding Photographer
The bride got ready in the gorgeous Founders Hall room. I loved the incredible directional light and deep blue walls.
Congress Hall Wedding Photos
The bride had three wonderful bridesmaids. I love this image of them together.
Congress Hall Wedding Photos
With a few adjustments, I was able to make the window light in Founders Hall a single, simple, perfect light source. I love how the light is burning through the bride’s veil in this image.
Congress Hall Wedding Pics
I love this sweet moment between the bride and her bridesmaid. I think the hands clasped together tell a strong emotional story, even without a single facial expression.
Wedding at Congress Hall
Salon Vanity and Rita Hazan did a wonderful job with Tara’s wedding look. Her hair was loose and simple, while her makeup was subtle and delicate.
Wedding Photos at Congress Hall
The bride and groom opted to see each other before the ceremony. We spent some time on the Grand Lawn at Congress Hall, creating portraits along the way.
Wedding Pictures at Congress Hall
I LOVE this simple head wreath. Robertson’s Flowers did an incredible job, as always.
Ceremony at Congress Hall
Despite the extreme heat, the bride and her dad stayed cool the whole way down the aisle.
Bride and Groom at Congress Hall
After the ceremony, I had a few moments alone with the bride and groom before the wedding reception began.
Congress Hall Weddings
Tara and Tom, I cannot thank you enough for braving the heat for a few more beautiful images.
Weddings at Congress Hall
I especially love working at Congress Hall because there are so many incredible locations to create portraits on the wedding day.
Wedding Reception at Congress Hall
Don’t Call Me Francis was the band at the wedding reception. As always, they were delightfully sweet to work with.
Congress Hall Wedding Reception
The bride and groom’s first dance was sweet and charming
Congress Hall Ballroom
I love the vibrant blue walls and checkerboard floors in the Congress Hall ballroom.
Party at Congress Hall
Tara and Tom, thank you so much for trusting me with your day! Thank you for sweating your way through the portraits, for being such troupers in the hot weather, and for being all-around luminous all day long!



Palace at Somerset Park Wedding

Sofya and Alex’s wedding marked my first time working at the Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, New Jersey.  I was immediately taken with the imposing white building and perfectly manicured lawns.  I was further thrilled to work with the incredibly sweet event staff there, as well as Alwyn of Kiss the Bride Films, one of my favorite local cinematographers.  Alwyn is sweetness and light, a fantastic woman and a wonderful filmmaker.  It is always a delight to work alongside a cinematographer who shares my vision for the day and my approach to shooting.  Alwyn does beautiful work, as does the entire team at Kiss the Bride Films.

Sofya and Alex are simply precious.  Sofya is a tiny, charming sweetheart and Alex clearly loves her with his whole heart.  Together since high school, these two are the real deal.

The Place at Somerset Park Wedding
I placed Sofya and Alex’s gorgeous papercut wedding invitation in some beautiful light to create a lovely image of the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band.
The Place at Somerset Park Weddings
I love the sharp black background juxtaposed against the vibrant red of the bride’s ring box.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Photographer
There was no room in the Somerset Park for the bride to get ready that had a window. While the rooms were spacious and beautifully appointed, I knew that to get some lovely window light we’d have to go elsewhere. Luckily Sofya was willing to get ready in the vacant ballroom near the insanely beautiful massive windows!
Wedding Photorgapher at The Place at Somerset Park
Sofya is as beautiful and charming as she is kind.
The Place at Somerset Park Photographers
I love it when my clients trust me to choose a location for them to see each other for the first time. While many photographers would have defaulted to going outside, I chose to stay indoors and work with light that I knew would be appropriately dramatic and compelling.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Photos
We were then able to utilize that window light to create some dramatic portraits of the bride and groom.
Wedding Photorgaphy at The Place at Somerset Park
The light during the portrait session with the bride and groom was harsh and dramatic – just what I like! We were able to make gorgeous images at that time but I also persuaded them to step out during sunset for some more images with softer, sweeter light.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Pictures
I love this image of the flower girls seeing the bride for the first time!
Wedding at The Place at Somerset Park
I try to look for not just the big moments with sweeping emotion. While those are dramatic and fantastic, the quiet moments are just as compelling – sometimes more so.
Weddings at The Place at Somerset Park
It’s always wonderful when I can capture an honest, genuine reaction from my clients. I especially love this moment when the bride and groom were walking back down the aisle after their ceremony!
Wedding Photos at The Place at Somerset Park
See what I mean about beautiful sunset light?
Wedding Pics at The Place at Somerset Park
After some portraits outside, we moved back inside for dinner and dancing. The flower girls reacted to this with appropriate flair and festivity!
Wedding Reception at The Place at Somerset Park
Including the crowd in this image from the first dance was a wonderful treat. I love that you’re able to see so many reactions from the bride and groom’s family and friends.
The Place at Somerset Park Wedding Reception
I love this image of the groom during the first dance!

Sofya and Alex, thank you.  Thank you for trusting me that it was a good idea to get ready in an empty ballroom, that seeing each other for the first time in a dark corner would result in something beautiful, and that stepping back outside for just a few more portraits would be worth it.  I appreciate your time and your dedication to making beautiful images.  Most of all I thank you for being your sweet, kind, sunny selves!