Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens

Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens

Who? : Jocinda + Keith

What? : Outdoor garden ceremony and tented reception

Where? : Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, Washington

When? : August 2017

Being hired to photograph the wedding of another wedding photographer is an extraordinarily huge honor.  Jocinda and Keith are both photographers, which made the honor doubly incredible.  I was blown away by the beauty of Rock Creek Gardens, the incredibly sweet way Jocinda and Keith are around each other, and the sheer brilliance of the light in Puyallup.  The air had a dreamy haze because of wildfires in Canada, and everything shimmered in the unseasonably warm temperatures.  Jocinda and Keith planned a day with beautiful details, plenty of time for sweet portraits, a faithful and heartfelt ceremony, and a reception under a crisp white tent.  It was a gorgeous day, made even more beautiful by the two amazing people who were married under that brilliantly hot Washington summer sun.

Here is a slideshow teaser of the day:

And here are just a brief few of my favorite images:
Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens photos of a Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens pics of a Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens pictures Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens photography Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens ceremony photographer at Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens photography reception at Wedding at Rock Creek Gardens

Summer Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Summer Wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Who? : Rita + Andre

What? : Outdoor garden ceremony and indoor greenhouse reception at an botanic garden…in the rain!

Where? : Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, New York

When? : June 2017

This gorgeous venue has such a place in my heart.  Partly it’s because I live within walking distance, partly because it’s just so dreamily, insistently perfect.  I have never seen the rain held off from a wedding ceremony by sheer will and determination, but on this day I did!  The downpours stopped precisely twice : once for the portraits of Rita and Andre together, and once for the brief outdoor ceremony. It was an honor to document the wedding of these two dynamic individuals.  From Rita’s impeccable red lips to Andre’s gorgeous heart, the day was a dream from start to finish.  (There was even a rainbow.  Because of course there was!)

Here are just a few of my favorite images of the day:

Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photos Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden pics Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photographer Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden photography Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden family pictures Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden ceremony Summer wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden reception

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Wedding at Old Westbury Gardens and Pine Hollow Country Club

Wedding at Old Westbury and Pine Hollow

Who? : Eroulia + Michael

What? : Greek wedding at a church, pictures at a historic garden, and reception at a country club

Where? : Wedding at the Church of Holy Resurrection in Glen Head, pictures at Old Westbury Gardens in Westbury, New York, and reception at Pine Hollow Country Club in East Norwich, New York.

When? : May 2017

This incredible day was flawless from start to finish.  From their engagement session to the wedding day itself, Eroulia and Michael were a delight to work with.  We began the day at Eroulia’s parents’ house, moved to the church for their gorgeous Greek wedding ceremony, and then went to the extraordinary Old Westbury Gardens for their wedding day portraits.  After that it was time to go to Pine Hollow Country Club for a few more family portraits and then their cocktail hour and reception.  It was a joyous day full of dancing, love, and phenomenal nods to their Greek heritage.

pine hollow country club wedding Wedding at Old Westbury Gardens and Pine Hollow Country Club long island greek wedding long island greek wedding photographer old westbury gardens wedding photographer old westbury gardens wedding wedding pics at old westbury gardens

The Hill in Hudson Wedding

It’s hard to put my finger on what made this particular The Hill in Hudson wedding so extraordinary.  Perhaps it was the preparations at the Ham House, one of the most spectacular getting-ready locations I’ve ever photographed at.  Maybe it was the bride herself, her particular joy, her open smile and ready laugh.  Possibly it was the groom, with his “special wedding socks” and joyful charm.  Could it have been the Sol Lewitt – inspired chuppah for the ceremony, and open cube chandeliers at the reception?  Or the custom chargers that the groom’s mother lovingly decoupaged with Walton Ford artwork?  I truly think that it was all of the above, and so much more.  These two are such spectacular people separately, and together they are a brilliant force of brains, beauty, and brightness.  It was an extraordinary honor to travel to their wedding at The Hill in Hudson!

The Hill in Hudson wedding photos
I started the day with the bride’s gorgeous engagement ring, her stellar pair of gold Jimmy Choo wedges, and some of the brilliant light that the Ham House had to offer.
The Hill in Hudson wedding pictures
The bride’s glorious Inbal Dror gown was accessorized perfectly with this delicate headpiece.
inbal dror
I cannot possibly articulate the hundreds of reasons that this Inbal Dror gown was flawless. From the beading at the hips to the perfect cut and drape of the fabric, it’s one of my favorite gowns of all time – and the bride wore it gorgeously.
bourgeon florist
Bourgeon really went above and beyond when it came to the floral design of the wedding. Every detail was perfect, and fit the aesthetic of the event precisely.
The Hill in Hudson wedding pics
The bride and groom both got ready at the Ham House. This made the timing of the day even more effortless, as I could just switch rooms with ease.
The Hill in Hudson wedding photographs
I love this image of the groom getting ready, while his nephews-to-be took a quick bath! These boys were adorable, full of energy, and wore their cream-colored suits to perfection.
The Hill in Hudson wedding photographer
As a wedding photographer, light is so important to me. How flawless is this light? The Ham House is an incredible getting-ready location. If you’re getting married in the Hudson area, I highly suggest it!
The Hill in Hudson wedding photographers
While the bride and groom had no real official “bridal party”, they got ready surrounded by their family and friends. The atmosphere was fantastic!
The Hill in Hudson wedding photography
The bride and groom opted to see each other before the wedding ceremony and the signing of the chuppah. This gave us a great amount of time to create portraits of the two of them together. This also meant that we could accomplish all of their family portraits pre-ceremony, allowing them time to go straight to cocktail hour after the ceremony was over!
The Hill in Hudson wedding portraits
I am often asked how I get “great emotion” in my images. Trust me when I say that it’s not faked, prompted, or in any way posed! It’s always such a joy and honor when clients are themselves in front of my lens, allowing me to document the moments as they naturally happen.
pictures at The Hill in Hudson wedding
Before leaving the Ham House for their The Hill in Hudson wedding, the bride and groom spent a few minutes in the gardens. It was a great time together, as well as a wonderful opportunity to document some portraits of the two of them!
The Hill in Hudson weddings
If you’re ever in Tivoli, New York, you really should stay at the Ham House! The interiors are beautiful, the gardens are perfect, and there is even a pool!
The Hill in Hudson wedding hudson new york
The sky threatened rain all day, but ultimately stayed clear. I loved the moody feel to the portraits, and the dreamy blur over the rest of the day.
The Hill in Hudson wedding cost
The bride and groom are glorious together. Sweet, funny, and always laughing – just my kind of people!
The Hill in Hudson wedding prices
After portraits of the bride and groom, their family, and their friends, it was off to the The Hill in Hudson for the signing of the ketubah and the wedding ceremony itself.
The Hill in Hudson wedding rates
The ketubah signing took place in an old barn, with the most brilliant light. I love when traditional ceremonies happen in untraditional places! The ketubah was modern, crisp, and fit the aesthetics of the day perfectly.
The Hill in Hudson wedding day
After the ketubah signing, the bride was escorted into the bridal suite. The guests were beginning to arrive, and the bride and groom needed to hide away. This is always a great opportunity to document more emotion, as well as the arrival of the guests!
wedding photographer The Hill in Hudson wedding
The bride was escorted down the aisle by her parents. How amazing is her bouquet? And how spectacular is her mother’s dress?!
The Hill in Hudson wedding ceremony
I love the symmetry of the bride and her mother, with the amazing emotional moment on the far right of the frame.
The Hill in Hudson wedding ceremony location
The custom chuppah was amazing. It was a great nod to the couple’s love of modern art, while still traditionally covering them during the ceremony. I love seeing clients bring their personal tastes to all aspects of the wedding day, and this one was especially excellent.
The Hill in Hudson wedding view
The wedding ceremony was sweet and light, filled with more laughter and joy. It really is wonderful to see a couple just let go and enjoy their day so fully.
outdoor The Hill in Hudson wedding
You can see their custom chuppah really well in the background of this image. Isn’t it great? I also love the expression on their faces, and the great wave from the groom!
The Hill in Hudson wedding ceremony recessional
As befitting the rest of the day, the bride and groom’s recessional was filled with joy and light. And how about her bouquet? Brilliant.
The Hill in Hudson wedding reception
After the ceremony, it was time to head into the The Hill in Hudson barn for the wedding reception.
The Hill in Hudson wedding reception location
There were toasts from the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, and the bride and groom’s siblings. I always love seeing the action of the person giving the toast and the reaction of the bride and groom at the same time!
The Hill in Hudson wedding party
I adore that the guests crowded around the dance floor to watch the bride and groom dance their first dance as husband and wife.
hudson new york barn wedding
I love the twirl, the lift, and the emotion in this shot. I also REALLY love the champagne glass to camera left. How can you not toast a moment like this one?
barn wedding hudson new york
What is a dip without a kiss, really?
barn wedding new york
After the first dance between the bride and groom, the bride danced with her father. This is always one of my favorite moments during a wedding receptino.
new york barn wedding
The bond between father and daughter is such a wonderful one. I will always remember dancing with my dad at my wedding, and I can only hope that this bride treasures these images as much as I treasure mine!
hudson barn wedding
After the formal dances and toasts comes dinner. After dinner comes the party. And what a party it was!
barn wedding hudson
The DJ kept the dance floor packed all night long, and the groom showed off his impressive dance moves more than once!
hudson new york wedding
Before cutting the cake, the bride and groom took a few moments to address their guests. Their toast was moving and sweet, with more laughter and joy!
hudson new york photographer
The party kept going WELL into the night, with the dancing just getting more spectacular as the evening moved on….
naked wedding cake hudson new york
Clearly, cake cutting is SERIOUS business.
hudson new york wedding barn
You two, thank you so much. Your joy and laughter was infectious, and you are truly tremendous together. I hope Botswana is the honeymoon of your dreams, and I cannot thank you enough for the honor of being your wedding photographer. Party on, J and Dr. J!

Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding

A Pleasantdale Chateau wedding isn’t your average, ordinary wedding.  There is something so special about Pleasantdale, and every time I’ve been there I’ve been so sweetly impressed.  I clearly remember my first Pleasantdale Chateau wedding, which took place during an actual hurricane.  Hurricane Irene landed right on top of a past client’s wedding date, and I was blown away by how seamlessly the Pleasantdale staff handled such a crazy day!  I’ve been to Pleasantdale Chateau weddings in the rain, the fog, the sun, and on this brilliant fall day, in the beautiful moody autumn weather.

Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
We started the day in the Pleasantdale bridal suite. I am a huge fan of the cheerfully patterned wallpaper, the abundance of natural light, and the variety of locations for photography. I was able to spend a few minutes with the bride’s gorgeous engagement ring and delicate band, not to mention her super-sweet, super-tiny, super-darling blush peach Mrs. ring box!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding cost
One thing I love about a wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau is the variety of backgrounds and locations for pictures throughout the entire estate. The wallpaper in this room is a particular favorite of mine. It looks almost like an old master background from a classic portrait studio! I love how the warmth of the background adds a warmth to the image itself, and how the soft light spilling through the window adds to the golden hue of the space.
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding pricing
The getting-ready portion of the wedding day is always a wonderful opportunity to document moments! I love the dozens (if not hundreds!) of expressions that cross a bride’s face while she’s putting on her dress. This is one of my favorites!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding prices
I am such a fan of the Mrs. box! It’s a wonderful alternative to an old-fashioned ring box from the jewelry store. They have so many colors that you can choose from, it’s easy to customize your box to the colors of your wedding!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photos
There are many wedding venues where one half of the couple gets a great room to prepare in, while the other gets a small space or no space at all! A Pleasantdale Chateau wedding comes with multiple rooms for brides, grooms, and bridal parties to get ready in. The groom had an amazing space all to himself (well, himself and a bunch of hatchets, but I digress…)
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding menu
Even though it was overcast outside, the light coming in through the windows was still direct and dreamy. I love these last few moments of preparation before the day really takes over and everything gets exciting and chaotic!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding wire
I absolutely and completely love fall weddings. There is something so magical about the fall foliage. A Pleasantdale Chateau wedding is the perfect place to be in the fall. I love the turret peeking out of the foliage in the back of this image. It is such a gorgeous location for portraits!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding reviews
My clients often ask whether or not they “have to” do a first look, or whether or not they “should” do a first look. I truly believe that is not my decision to make for you. Whether you want to see each other before the ceremony or not, I can help you with a list of pros and cons for each decision. We will make it work, whatever you decide. The day is about YOU, and I truly do want you to choose what works best for you! At this Pleasantdale Chateau wedding, the first look worked best for these clients. I love their reaction to seeing each other for the first time!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding pics
This image is a wonderful example of how, as a wedding photographer, you have to stay on top of the unfolding moments! Beautiful moments often lead to other beautiful moments. If you blink, you might miss them!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding photographer
Isn’t it amazing when all the details you’ve planned for months come together? The floral team did a stellar job with matching the flowers to the rest of the wedding’s vintage glam aesthetic.
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding locations
While we had no sun for portraits, we did have marvelous scenery. I love the fall foliage and the dreamy light in this portrait!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding picture locations
The bride and groom were so sweet with each other. Completely natural, joyous, and truly present in every moment. It was lovely to behold, and even lovelier to document!
pictures of a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Every year, clients ask if I have suggestions as to when the fall foliage will be at it’s peak. It’s usually sometime within the last few weeks of October, and the first weeks of November. I was so glad to see that the trees were still holding their leaves for this wedding! It provided a beautiful backdrop for the wedding day portraits of the bride and groom together.
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding decor
The decor was wonderful, marrying the bride and groom’s aesthetic sensibilities with the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Pleasantdale Chateau. I love these vintage-styled cards for their seating card table!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding reception
The decor for the reception also echoed that same aesthetic. Quietly glamorous, a little rustic, and infinitely welcoming.
reception at a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Some of my favorite moments take place during the introductions of the bridal party, family, and bride and groom. I love seeing their family and friends crowded around the floor, cheering them on!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding party
I know this image is during the first dance, but how great is the bride’s headpiece? I loved the styling of her look, and how perfectly it fit in with the rest of the wedding decor and theme.
party at Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Back to the moments of the wedding day – how great are toasts? I think the bride’s reaction says it all!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding pics
As a witness to so many beautiful moments between families, I am always so honored to be there. Creating images that will live in a family for generations to come is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and am always grateful to each client who hires me for their wedding day!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding time
The bride’s dance with her father was full of so many stellar moments and reactions. It was hard to choose just two to post!
parent dance at a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding
Quiet moments speak just as loudly as the more exuberant ones. Quiet, loud, subtle, or sweet, I love moments of all kinds!
Pleasantdale Chateau wedding locations
The party was lively all night long! I was so very honored to be a part of this day, and even now this image makes me smile. I often get asked if I remember all of the weddings that I shoot. The answer is yes, I really do. When you spend week in and week out with such glorious people, how could you ever forget?

Fox Hollow Wedding

Lee and Chris’ Fox Hollow wedding had everything a summer wedding should have.  Beautiful light, warm but not-too-hot weather, an afternoon spent wandering in a garden, a touching outdoor ceremony, and a vibrant ballroom reception.  I am especially grateful to the bride and groom for arranging so much time in Old Westbury Gardens for their portraits.  It was lovely to see how important these images were to them, and I hope these do not disappoint!

Lee and Chris are both so vibrant, so funny, and so very lovely.  They’re gorgeous inside and out.  It was a great pleasure to spend the day with them and their families.  From the first emails we exchanged, to their engagement session along the Brooklyn Promenade, I knew these two were going to be a treat to work with.  Thank you both for choosing me to photograph your wedding.  It was a great pleasure.

Fox Hollow Wedding lodging
The bride started her day out at the Inn at Fox Hollow. Located just adjacent to the Fox Hollow venue itself, this hotel has gorgeous light and really beautiful rooms.
Fox Hollow Wedding Inn
I often mention how I strive to take new, creative images at every wedding I photograph. While I absolutely photographed the rings separately, I wanted to try something interesting with the beautiful light I found. All I needed was a mirror and my beloved Nikon D750, and I had a multiple exposure that I loved!
Fox Hollow Wedding Long Island
The bride scheduled her day so well. There was ample time for images of her getting ready. There was time to go visit the groom and his groomsmen in their hotel room and photograph them as well. It was a great start to the day, with no rushing or hurrying necessary!
Fox Hollow Wedding pictures
Lee’s shoes were so delicate. I loved the soft, multi-layered flowers on the toes!
Fox Hollow Wedding reviews
Remember when I said that the light in the Fox Hollow Inn is gorgeous? Yup, still gorgeous.
Fox Hollow Wedding prices
The mother of the bride was on hand to help her daughter into her Maggie Sottero gown. I love the getting ready part of the day, it’s one of my favorite times during a wedding.
Fox Hollow Wedding Photography
The first time I met Lee in person, I was struck by her grace. She has such an elegance about her. She moves like a dancer. Even her hands are graceful!
Fox Hollow Wedding Pics
I love the final moments before a bride is completely dressed. The anticipation is just so marvelous. Whether she’s getting ready to see the groom for the first time, or heading out to her ceremony, something in the air changes. It’s really marvelous to behold.
Old Westbury Gardens wedding photography
The bride and groom arranged for their portrait session to take place at Old Westbury Gardens. It’s a fantastic space. They make sure that not too many brides and grooms are there at once, which makes for a very private portrait session. I recommend it highly for any Woodbury-area weddings!
Old Westbury Gardens photography permit
We had an uninterrupted hour to ourselves at Old Westbury Gardens, and it was wonderful. The heat rose briefly, before falling again. The bride and groom were total troupers in the heat!
Old Westbury Gardens wedding photos
Our guide at Old Westbury Gardens even took us to an out-of-the-way location that was simply stunning. She saw what I had been doing with the light during the first part of the portrait session and mentioned that I’d “probably just love!” this area. She was right. I did!
wedding photo session at Old Westbury Gardens
The architecture at Old Westbury Gardens is really spectacular. The grounds are meticulously maintained, and everywhere you turn there is a great photo opportunity.
Old Westbury Gardens wedding
This image exemplifies everything that I love about wedding photography. There is dramatic light. There are gorgeous, deep shadows. There is a beautiful environment. Most of all, there is a natural connection between the bride and groom. You can pose the prettiest pictures in the most dramatic of locations, but if there is no real moment between the couple, there is no real picture. Lee and Chris are tremendous together. I cannot be more thankful to them for granting me this moment. You guys are amazing.
Old Westbury Gardens wedding photographers
When the heat broke and the sun started to drop low in the sky, the clouds turned amber. It was really wonderful to witness.
wedding pictures Old Westbury Gardens
Whenever I have time with the bride and groom together, I always try to create a few images of the bride alone. Sometimes it’s tough to do because of time constraints. but there was ample time on this day to create some beautiful portraits of Lee alone.
Fox Hollow wedding ceremony
After the portrait session at Old Westbury Gardens, it was back to Fox Hollow for the wedding ceremony.
ceremony at a Fox Hollow wedding
I always love trying to find a new angle during ceremonies. It’s not always possible, especially if you’re in a church, but I was able to quietly walk the perimeter of the ceremony itself. If I’m going to be behind the actual ceremony location, I always want to find somewhere unobtrusive. I don’t ever want to be a distraction to the guests!
Fox Hollow wedding venue
I love the flowers in the arbor here! Lee and Chris made excellent decor choices, even during the ceremony.
Fox Hollow wedding ballroom
Lee and Chris’ first dance was sweet, heartfelt, and really charming!
Fox Hollow wedding decor
I love being able to see the reactions of the guests in the background. This is always such an emotional time in the day!
Fox Hollow wedding reception
After the formalities, it was time for a party!


Lee and Chris, thank you for having me document your day!  I hope your time in Long Island was wonderful, and that you were welcomed back to Jacksonville with beautiful weather!

Windows on the Water Wedding

I always love working at venues I’ve never been to before, and this Windows on the Water wedding marked my first time in Millstone Township, New Jersey.  Windows on the Water is a private resort in Monmouth County.  It is also the site of the utterly charming Frogbridge Day Camp, and that campground appeal is part of Windows on the Water’s immense charm.  From beautiful bridges to sun-dappled fields, this really is the perfect place for a summer wedding.  We were so lucky to get glorious weather, after several very rainy weeks!

Windows on the Water wedding photographers
The bride got ready at the American Hotel in Freehold, New Jersey. I was completely charmed by the light in the rooms. The bride and groom had side-by-side rooms with huge balconies and an abundance of natural light.
Windows on the Water weddings
When I arrived at the hotel, Allison was getting her hair and makeup done. I love the cloud of hairspray! The getting ready part of the day is always one of my favorites, and this day didn’t disappoint. Allison was surrounded by her mother, her future mother-in-law, and her sweet bridesmaids. They were so calm and collected, and having a great time together.
Windows on the Water wedding details
Hansen Photo and Video were on hand to film the day. I had never worked with them before, and they were utterly delightful. I can’t say enough good things about them, and could not recommend them more highly.
Windows on the Water wedding pictures
At one point in the day, Allison turned to me and said “This is my dream wedding!” Is there really anything better to hear from a bride on her wedding day?
photos of a Windows on the Water wedding
We had a great amount of time to document everyone getting ready. The bride got dressed in a room right next to the groom, so we had to make sure that no one ran into each other on the balcony outside!
Windows on the Water wedding photos
I can’t say enough good things about the light in the getting-ready room! It was exactly what I love, and I think it illuminates the scene beautifully.
Windows on the Water wedding setup
See what I mean? The highlights and shadows are so beautiful. I could shoot in that room all day long!
Windows on the Water wedding moments
The groom’s mother presented him with a deeply personal gift. I was so honored to be there to document it for them.
Windows on the Water wedding ceremony
The relationship between a groom and his mother is so precious. This entire family was so kind, so sweet, and so wonderful to photograph.
Windows on the Water wedding portrait
I have a lot of favorite things about wedding days. One of them is “crying grooms.” In fact, that might top my list, right above “crying dads” and “playing Uptown Funk so that my 2015 Bruno Mars streak goes unbroken.”
Windows on the Water wedding cost
I had twenty glorious minutes alone with the bride and groom immediately after the outdoor wedding ceremony. The light was utterly perfect. The sun was low in the sky, and created such a gorgeous halo around their bodies.
photos of Windows on the Water wedding
At every wedding I shoot, I strive to make images that I’ve never made before. This rainbow was created entirely in-camera. I didn’t create it in Photoshop later. How was it done? I’ll never tell!
Windows on the Water wedding pic
Allison and Nick were so sweet with each other. Allison is vibrant and joyous, and Nick is so lovely and emotional. It was wonderful to witness.
Windows on the Water wedding price
The Windows on the Water employee who drove us around the property in the golf cart said “I’ve never seen a photographer put brides and grooms in light like that!” That’s one of the highest compliments! I love working with beautiful natural light, and I think this image really illustrates why I feel that it’s so beautiful.
Windows on the Water weddingwire
Only twenty minutes for pictures? No problem!
price Windows on the Water wedding
We managed to get to several different locations on the Windows on the Water property in a quick amount of time. It’s all about efficiency! I think the trees make such a glorious background. I love summer weddings!
Windows on the Water wedding photographer
After a few multiple exposures, it was time to get ready to go back to the reception. I love having time with the bride and groom for portraits, but I never want them to be late to their own party!
Windows on the Water wedding reception
This image perfectly illustrates the fun, vibrant personalities of the bridal party. Every single one of them were hilarious, funny, and so very sweet.
Windows on the Water wedding reception cost
I love the look on the groom’s face here. He was so overwhelmingly happy to be married!
Windows on the Water wedding party
After a gorgeous first dance, it was on to the rest of the reception!


Allison and Nick, thank you so much for having me at your wedding.  You were total troupers in the heat!  Thank you for giving us great time after the ceremony for some additional portraits in that beautiful sunset light!  I hope your honeymoon is wonderful!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding

This Brooklyn Botanical Gardens wedding started with not one, not two, but three engagement session rain-outs.  Despite trying to schedule the session multiple times, the weather kept delaying and pushing back the shoot.  We finally managed to get it done – three days before the actual wedding date!  I was worried that cutting things so close would make the bride and groom nervous, but Jundai and Hong Ma are such lovely, calm people.  The session was remarkable, with the heat and crazy weather giving way to a gloriously beautiful afternoon with brilliant light.

After such a wonderful shoot, I knew that the wedding day itself was going to be just fine.  Jundai and Hong Ma are pure joy.  You can’t help but smile back at them, and when Jundai laughs, you just have to laugh along.  They’re so kind, so sweet, and so endlessly adorable together.  The entire day was full of brilliant light, perfect weather, and utterly charming moments.  The Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding venue is so close to my own home, so it was great to practically be working in my own backyard!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden wedding
We started the day at the W Union Square. It’s a bright, modern hotel with brilliant light.
monique lhuillier candy dress
The second I saw the bride’s dress, I couldn’t help but smile. Jundai was married in the Monique Lhuillier Candy dress, which was the same dress I wore to my own wedding!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding pics
I love the light coming in from the window, and the way the bride’s delicate skirt flows into the shadows. Jundai is so graceful, and everything she does is elegant.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding details
One of my favorite details of the Monique Lhuillier Candy dress is the delicate grosgrain ribbon belt.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding picture
One of the sweetest things about documenting wedding days are the quiet moments. Not every “moment” has to be a huge laugh or a flood of tears. Sometimes it’s just a quiet breath, a simple smile, or a second of peace.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photo
Jundai’s mother is just as kind and sweet as her daughter. I love this sweet moment between the two of them while Jundai was getting dressed.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photos
Every wedding day is different. Every timeline allows for different amount of time with the bride alone, families, bride and groom together, and so forth. We had a glorious hour in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for portraits of the bride alone, and the bride and groom together.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding first look
This is Jundai’s reaction to seeing Hong Ma for the first time. I’ve tried to write a caption for this image for a solid fifteen minutes, but what words are needed when the picture tells the whole story?
first look at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The joy and happiness that these two have together is really breathtaking.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding portraits
After the bride and groom saw each other for the first time, we spent about an hour in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden taking portraits of them together.
bride and groom at brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The staff at the Garden provided a golf cart for us to get around. This really helped us get to as many locations as possible! I especially loved the Rose Garden.
portraits at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
A lot of potential clients ask me how I pose brides and grooms together. Will they feel awkward? Will they be forced into unnatural poses? I do my best to reassure them that my job is to document your relationship, and the “poses” are just gentle suggestions. My goal is to create pictures for you like this one, where you’re just alone together, interacting naturally.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photographer
July weddings can be mild and lovely, or over a hundred degrees. The weather on this day was perfect, not too hot but just warm enough!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding photographers
The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is gorgeous at all times of year (the cherry blossoms are especially excellent), but I think there is something special about it in the summertime. I love how you feel like you’re in the middle of a secluded garden, when you’re really in the heart of Brooklyn.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding formals
The casual posing I employ with brides and grooms also carries over to portraits of the bridal party. Do I take pictures of everyone smiling directly at me? Absolutely! I also like to try and create a few images like this one, time permitting. I love how everyone is interacting!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding black and white
I try to be observant all day long. I am looking for all kinds of action and interaction. I caught the littlest ring bearer before the ceremony, being dragged off to the processional. I absolutely love his face!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding ceremony
The ceremony took place on the lawn of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. One of my favorite parts about the ceremony was the processional. Everyone came from behind this gorgeous foliage to walk down the aisle. Isn’t it dramatic and lovely? The sun is even beaming down from the perfect direction!
ceremony at brooklyn botanical garden wedding
Jundai smiled the entire way down the aisle. I love her flowers, and I love the sun streaming through her veil.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding layout
When Jundai hugged her father, the sun shone directly on her face. It was really glorious to see.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding sunset
The ceremony was scheduled perfectly to coincide with the setting sun.
sunset brooklyn botanical garden wedding
I love the great contrast between the sun in the bride’s veil and the dramatic dark background. It really brings your attention right to her lovely face.
ceremony of a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The ceremony included the parents of the bride and groom, which was really lovely.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding flowers
I am always drawn to layers in photographs. I love how Jundai and her mother are a frame alone, but when you add the reaction of the officient, and Hong Ma with his mother, you have a richly layered final image.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding recessional
On their way back down the aisle, Hong Ma grabbed Jundai and dipped her. Her reaction was priceless, as were her other facial expressions throughout the day!
recessional at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding ceremony
The last bits of sun shone on the recessional, and then it was twilight. The entire ceremony was timed to perfection!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding moments
After the ceremony, the bride and groom spent a few minutes with their bridal party. I love how sweetly Jundai is touching the face of her emotional bridesmaid. What a lovely moment. It was such an honor to be there to document it.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding flower girl
There are moments everywhere at weddings. Even a bit off the beaten path. The flower girl was all alone during cocktail hour, and I love her little solemn expression.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding tea ceremony
At the end of cocktail hour and before the reception, Jundai and Hong Ma held a brief tea ceremony with their parents.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding reception
After the tea ceremony was a quick hair and lipstick change for Jundai. Her hair is SO gorgeous down!
reception at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
The first dance was short, sweet, and deeply emotional.
toast at a brooklyn botanical garden wedding
I always love it when parents get up and speak at receptions!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding party
I utterly adore this angle of Jundai and Hong Ma listening to a speech. I love his solemn expression.  I also love her adorable smile.
brooklyn botanical garden wedding dancing
The little solemn flower girl was so longer so solemn once the dance music began!
brooklyn botanical garden wedding sunset
A sunset, a quiet moment, and a beautiful composition. As a wedding photographer, who can ask for anything more?

Sweetwater Farm Wedding : Ashley + Zach

If you’re looking for the perfect fall wedding look no further than Ashley and Zach’s Sweetwater Farm wedding. Hilary Felton from Country Meadow Florists provided the floral decor and the catering was by Feastivities. Ashley and Zach put a lot of love into their details, including beautiful personal touches on the long reception farm tables, a custom sign on their red getaway car, and a warm sparkler exit at the end of the night.

Sweetwater Farm Wedding
A simple end table plus a shredded flower that I found on the floor ended up making one of my favorite ring shots of the year!
Bridal Jimmy Choo
It was a unseasonably hot day outside but we ventured out to find some good light for an image of Ashley’s Jimmy Choo heels.
Sweetwater Farm Wedding Photo
Ashley send Zach a lovely gift before their ceremony and I loved being able to capture that wonderful moment in this perfect light.
Bride at Sweetwater Farm
Ashley and I hid from the heat in the interiors of Sweetwater Farm’s main building. I love the light coming from the window at the top of the stairs!
Details at a Sweetwater Farm wedding
The bride and groom put a lot of thought into each detail of their wedding and as a result, the details were personal and heartfelt.
Wedding Ceremony at Sweetwater Farm
This “here comes the bride” sign was one of my favorites!
Sweetwater Farm Wedding Ceremony
The guests tossed lavender at the bride and groom while they exited their ceremony.
Grace Winery Wedding
I lov the vintage car and sign in these portraits!
Wedding at Grace Winery
We had already taken portraits of the bride and groom earlier in the day but they were kind enough to grant me a few minutes during cocktail hour to document them in the perfect sunset light.
Wedding Photographer at Grace Winery
….I think it was well worth it!
Hilary Felton Wedding
The floral design by Hilary Felton of Country Meadow Florists suited the reception space perfectly.
Sweetwater Farm Wedding Reception
All of the toasts were sweet, heartfelt, and immensely moving.
Wedding Reception at Sweetwater Farm
Ashley and Zach’s first dance was simply lovely!
Wedding Reception at Grace Winery
My absolute favorite part of the day was their reception – from the entertainment provided by Gonzo’s Nose (one of the best bands I’ve heard in awhile!) to Zach taking the stage himself. Thanks to Ashley and Zach and their families for involving me in their warm, fun, and charming day!

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