Guzey and Ali’s event was not my first wedding at Oheka Castle.  I shot there for the first time in the summer, and the next wedding I shot there was also on a hot summer day.  While Oheka is flawless in warm weather, it’s absolutely magical in the snow.  The air was crisp and the light was brilliant.  Add to that an amazing, deeply in love couple who was willing to brave the single-digit weather for some outdoor portraits, and you’ve got the perfect wedding to begin the 2015 wedding season!

Wedding at Oheka Castle
I started the day with the bride and groom’s wedding rings. The beautiful swoop of white in the background is the delicate arch of Guzey’s pristine Christian Louboutin wedding heels.
Wedding at Oheka Castle pictures
The bride’s Reem Acra dress was flawless. It almost makes me want to get married again, just to wear THIS dress.
Pictures of a wedding at Oheka Castle
The bride was surrounded by the women she loved the most while she got ready. The Oheka Castle bridal suite is phenomenal, and gets the most exquisite light.
Wedding at Oheka Castle pictures
The bride’s getting-ready robe was really beautiful. I loved the vintage lace trim.
photos of wedding at Oheka Castle
It seems like I see the same wedding shoes week in and week out, but these Christian Louboutin heels really made me sit up and take notice. They were so architecturally crisp and sleek. I’d want some for myself, except for the fact that there is NO WAY I could ever walk in them!
Wedding at Oheka Castle pics
I’ve mentioned several times on this blog how much I adore the bridal suite at Oheka Castle. They have an actual stage for the bride to get ready on, right by beautiful windows. What more could I ask for?
Wedding at Oheka Castle bridal suite
Sally Perez and Sally Duvall did a wonderful job with Guzey’s sweet, simple wedding day look. I love that she left her hair down, and I LOVE that Reem Acra dress!
Oheka Castle bridal suite
The bride and groom exchanged gifts before the ceremony. I love her reaction to his letter!
Bride at Oheka Castle
Guzey is bright and beautiful, kind, and so so sweet. She has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen, and it was a joy to photograph her!
Gift to groom on the wedding day
Guzey gave Ali a watch for a wedding gift. I think he liked it!
Oheka Castle wedding cost
I love the portrait time for any wedding at Oheka Castle. There is such gorgeous light everywhere, so many beautiful places to shoot, and it’s amazing whether you’re indoors or outdoors.
Ring bearer tie
I strive to make a picture at every wedding I shoot that I’ve never made before. I get overwhelmed by emotion, and the interaction of friends and family members. This image of Guzey with her sweet ring bearer is a picture that I’ll remember for a long time. The light! The moment! Everything came together perfectly, and it was an honor to document it.
Winter wedding at Oheka Castle
Pretty sure it was about six degrees outside when we took this picture. I was on the balcony of the bridal suite, and I was communicating with the bride and groom by texting my assistant, who was in the library. Whatever it takes!
Oheka Castle wedding portraits
I can’t believe how cold it was outside. I also cannot believe how brave Guzey and Ali were! I never want a client to be uncomfortable, and I kept telling them that we could shoot indoors if they didn’t want to be out in the winter chill. They were total troupers, and for that I thank them!
Okeka Castle wedding location
What really makes a wedding photographer skilled is his or her ability to make beautiful pictures anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. I love shooting indoors, and Oheka Castle makes it really easy!
Oheka Castle wedding portrait
There are so many opportunities at Oheka to create different, dynamic portraits.
Oheka Castle wedding library
One of the lovely things about Oheka is the light, both indoors and outdoors. As the sun dips lower in the sky, the light spills over the gorgeous wooden floors and is simply luminous.
Oheka Castle wedding photographers
I love this quiet image of the bride alone before the ceremony.
Oheka Castle wedding pic
…and here is the same moment, a few seconds later, from another angle. See? Gorgeous light!
Oheka Castle wedding florist
The bride’s bouquet was so gorgeous, and it perfectly suited her dress and the rest of the decor.
Wedding ring engraving
I try to always check the bride and groom’s wedding bands to see if there are any engravings! Engraving in wedding rings is such a wonderfully personal part of the details.
Oheka Castle wedding ceremony
The light was perfect at the start of the wedding ceremony. I love how it perfectly illuminates the face of the bride’s father.
Ceremony at an Oheka Castle wedding
This gorgeous room was kept simple, which really drew your eye directly to the bride, groom, and their emotional wedding ceremony.
Oheka Castle wedding recessional
The recessional at the end of a wedding ceremony is one of my favorite times of the wedding day. This is the first time the bride and groom are seeing many of their guests, and the facial expressions are always great!
Oheka Castle wedding ballroom
I love the Oheka Castle wedding ballroom. I especially love that the sunset is so beautiful and purple through the windows!
Oheka Castle wedding introduction
Ali was such a wonderfully expressive groom!
Oheka Castle wedding first dance
I love shooting into the crowd during the first dance. You can see the guests’ reactions behind the bride and groom, and I think that makes the images even more personal.
Oheka Castle wedding first dance
I love that you can see the groom’s father and sister in the background. They are so dear to him, and such an important part of the day.
Oheka Castle wedding party
The DJ was great, and kept the crowd on the dance floor all night. Especially this woman!
Reception at an Oheka Castle wedding
Shortly after taking an alumni photograph with the Columbia banner, it was used for a quick game of limbo!
Oheka Castle wedding cake
The cake was taller than the bride and groom!
Oheka Castle wedding cakes
Again, I just love shooting into the crowds whenever possible to capture the reactions of the guests in the background.
Oheka Castle wedding parent dance
A candle burned all night as a tribute to Ali’s late mother. Instead of a mother/son dance, he shared a touching dance with his father.


Guzey and Ali, it has been a joy getting to know you both.  From our first meeting in my living room, to your engagement session in Central Park, I knew your wedding day was going to be warm and wonderful – and it was.  It so was.  Thank you for entrusting me with your memories!

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