I always love working at venues I’ve never been to before, and this Windows on the Water wedding marked my first time in Millstone Township, New Jersey.  Windows on the Water is a private resort in Monmouth County.  It is also the site of the utterly charming Frogbridge Day Camp, and that campground appeal is part of Windows on the Water’s immense charm.  From beautiful bridges to sun-dappled fields, this really is the perfect place for a summer wedding.  We were so lucky to get glorious weather, after several very rainy weeks!

Windows on the Water wedding photographers
The bride got ready at the American Hotel in Freehold, New Jersey. I was completely charmed by the light in the rooms. The bride and groom had side-by-side rooms with huge balconies and an abundance of natural light.
Windows on the Water weddings
When I arrived at the hotel, Allison was getting her hair and makeup done. I love the cloud of hairspray! The getting ready part of the day is always one of my favorites, and this day didn’t disappoint. Allison was surrounded by her mother, her future mother-in-law, and her sweet bridesmaids. They were so calm and collected, and having a great time together.
Windows on the Water wedding details
Hansen Photo and Video were on hand to film the day. I had never worked with them before, and they were utterly delightful. I can’t say enough good things about them, and could not recommend them more highly.
Windows on the Water wedding pictures
At one point in the day, Allison turned to me and said “This is my dream wedding!” Is there really anything better to hear from a bride on her wedding day?
photos of a Windows on the Water wedding
We had a great amount of time to document everyone getting ready. The bride got dressed in a room right next to the groom, so we had to make sure that no one ran into each other on the balcony outside!
Windows on the Water wedding photos
I can’t say enough good things about the light in the getting-ready room! It was exactly what I love, and I think it illuminates the scene beautifully.
Windows on the Water wedding setup
See what I mean? The highlights and shadows are so beautiful. I could shoot in that room all day long!
Windows on the Water wedding moments
The groom’s mother presented him with a deeply personal gift. I was so honored to be there to document it for them.
Windows on the Water wedding ceremony
The relationship between a groom and his mother is so precious. This entire family was so kind, so sweet, and so wonderful to photograph.
Windows on the Water wedding portrait
I have a lot of favorite things about wedding days. One of them is “crying grooms.” In fact, that might top my list, right above “crying dads” and “playing Uptown Funk so that my 2015 Bruno Mars streak goes unbroken.”
Windows on the Water wedding cost
I had twenty glorious minutes alone with the bride and groom immediately after the outdoor wedding ceremony. The light was utterly perfect. The sun was low in the sky, and created such a gorgeous halo around their bodies.
photos of Windows on the Water wedding
At every wedding I shoot, I strive to make images that I’ve never made before. This rainbow was created entirely in-camera. I didn’t create it in Photoshop later. How was it done? I’ll never tell!
Windows on the Water wedding pic
Allison and Nick were so sweet with each other. Allison is vibrant and joyous, and Nick is so lovely and emotional. It was wonderful to witness.
Windows on the Water wedding price
The Windows on the Water employee who drove us around the property in the golf cart said “I’ve never seen a photographer put brides and grooms in light like that!” That’s one of the highest compliments! I love working with beautiful natural light, and I think this image really illustrates why I feel that it’s so beautiful.
Windows on the Water weddingwire
Only twenty minutes for pictures? No problem!
price Windows on the Water wedding
We managed to get to several different locations on the Windows on the Water property in a quick amount of time. It’s all about efficiency! I think the trees make such a glorious background. I love summer weddings!
Windows on the Water wedding photographer
After a few multiple exposures, it was time to get ready to go back to the reception. I love having time with the bride and groom for portraits, but I never want them to be late to their own party!
Windows on the Water wedding reception
This image perfectly illustrates the fun, vibrant personalities of the bridal party. Every single one of them were hilarious, funny, and so very sweet.
Windows on the Water wedding reception cost
I love the look on the groom’s face here. He was so overwhelmingly happy to be married!
Windows on the Water wedding party
After a gorgeous first dance, it was on to the rest of the reception!


Allison and Nick, thank you so much for having me at your wedding.  You were total troupers in the heat!  Thank you for giving us great time after the ceremony for some additional portraits in that beautiful sunset light!  I hope your honeymoon is wonderful!

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