This event was the second winter wedding at Chelsea Piers that I have photographed since moving to New York in 2008.  I well remember my first one, and how cold and crazy the weather was.  The wind whipping off the water was freezing, everything outside was icy, and we ran for cover as often as we could.

With that winter experience behind me, I knew that we had to plan for inclement weather at this 2017 winter wedding.  I talked to the bride’s mother many times, loads of emails were exchanged, and weather plans were discussed and re-discussed.

The day of the wedding dawned warm and clear, and stayed brilliant all day.  All our discussions about moving pictures inside and what will we do if it snows? were laid aside, and we spent all of our photo time outside.  The bride didn’t even need a coat!  I was blown away at how spring-like the weather was, and so grateful that it was wonderful experience for my clients.

One of the things that I have to do as a wedding photographer is be able to take great pictures anywhere.  This means that I have to be able to create images that are technically excellent, well-lit, and beautiful no matter what the situation.  A hundred degrees outside at noon in July?  No problem.  Five degrees and snowing in the winter?  I’ve got you covered.  I can shoot in the morning, noon, night, and everywhere in between.  Whether it’s snowing or scorchingly hot, inside or outside, your pictures will be equally excellent.

While I know that clients can be bummed if it’s raining and they have to move their photo session inside on their wedding day, I promise to make that experience a good one.  No one wants bad weather on their wedding day, and I wish that were something that I could control for you! 🙂

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