I was always a competitive child.  If I ran a race, I had to win.  It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am extraordinarily ambitious when it comes to achieving my goals.  I always want to improve, strive for more, and be the best I can be in all arenas.  One of those arenas has always been photography.  I push myself every year to stay on top of my game so that I can do the best work I can for my clients, wedding after wedding.

For almost a decade now, I’ve been entering only one print competition that has mattered.  That’s the incredibly prestigious WPPI 16×20 Print Competition.  Once I got my first silver medal I was hooked.  I wanted to create more, print better, and bring entries every year that raised my own personal bar of what it means to be a wedding photographer.

These are all of my awards. I am proud of each and every one, and so honored to have been able to capture the images that garnered them for my clients.

The results at this year’s WPPI 16×20 Print Competition have put me 5.5 points away from being a WPPI Grand Master. To become a Grand Master one must accumulate sixty-five points in print competition over the years. You also must have at least one Grand Award, and over five prints in the Gold category. As you can imagine, this is fiendishly difficult. The points are hard enough to accumulate over the years, as only your top four prints are eligible for points towards your designation. You then have to win a category – and the whole division – to win a Grand Award, which is sort of like trying to capture a unicorn. I have two Grand Awards, a good handful of Gold prints, and all I need is that final 5.5 – I’m coming for you next year, Grand Master!

This 2016 Manhattan wedding image received a Silver Distinction and the First Place award in the Wedding Division : Wedding Details category.

Great thanks to WPPI, the print judges and chairs, and to Capture to Print for the beautiful image.  See you all again in 2018!