Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding
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Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding

A Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding is truly something to behold. If you're looking to get married in the rolling countryside, with dogs, sheep, turkeys, pigs, geese, hens, honeybees, and chickens on site, Blue Hill at Stone Barns is the place for you.

Are you looking for eighty acres of luscious, rustic farmland, all less than an hours’ drive from Manhattan? Look no further than Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Greenhouses? Barns? Gorgeous rolling fields? All of that and more can be found at a Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant

Not only is all that pastural beauty yours for the experiencing, but this location also features Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant. A flawless farm-to-table dining experience in the purest sense of the word, this restaurant truly has to be experienced to be believed.

The restaurant’s food, served at a wedding, is simply indescribable. Dan Barber and Michael Anthony, the executive chef, work with their wedding clients to put together a unique farm-to-table menu for their specific event.

The stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, the non-profit farm that also features a center for education, works hand in hand with the Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurant. The Center is on-site, nestled within those aforementioned eighty acres, all in Pocantico Hills, New York.

The acres used to be a part of the Rockefeller family estate, and it’s a gorgeous place to visit. The farm itself used to be a dairy farm, which then became a cattle breeding farm. The Center for Food and Agriculture were created later.

Wedding locations

Blue Hill at Stone Barns weddings can take place in the Hay Loft or Hay Barn. You can have your ceremony in the Dooryard Garden, which is what this beautiful wedding did in 2016. You also have the ability to rent out the entire restaurant for cocktail hour or dining, should that fit your wedding needs.

I was incredibly impressed by the staff at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, as well as the venue itself. It’s such a shock to the system, after starting the day in Manhattan, to arrive at such a bucolic farmland so close to the city! From the multitude of outdoor portrait locations to the charm of the indoor dinner-and-dancing locations, Blue Hill at Stone Barns really is an ideal wedding venue.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding photos

This image was made just before sunset, when the sky over Pocantico Hills turned a gorgeous blue and orange. The bride and groom were willing to step away from the end of their cocktail hour to create a few sunset portraits. I always love when clients are willing to do this, as it gives an added dimension to the portraits created of them throughout the day. With just seconds to spare before the sun dipped below the horizon, we created this classic silhouette. From there it was back to the restaurant for the rest of cocktail hour, to the Hay Loft for dinner, and back into the courtyard to dance the night away.

This was my first Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding, and I truly hope that it won’t be my last! What a marvelous place! if you're getting married at this magically sweet venue, I'd love to hear from you!

Location: 630 Bedford Rd, Pocantico Hills, NY 10591.

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