Bowery Hotel Wedding Photographers
Susan Stripling Photography
Susan Stripling Photography

Bowery Hotel Wedding Photographers

If you’ve been reading the captions of the photographs in this weddings gallery you’ll see a common theme : I love the Bowery Hotel. 

I’ve shot many gorgeous weddings here and worked with some of my favorite clients at this iconic Manhattan wedding venue. 

The ambience of this space really lends itself to unique, vibrant weddings and this 2012 event was no different. 

I love that the bride and groom included their beloved bulldog in the ceremony and I love even more that he’s wearing a burgundy waistcoat! 

This image was taken during the wedding ceremony while the dog sat in front of the line of groomsmen. 

I love how each man is doing something different with his hands while they’re all dressed similarly. I love the repeating patterns of the brickwork on the ground and the way the lines lead right back to the lines of their legs. 

Most of all I love the bulldog and how he’s looking one way while the one groomsman is pointing the other. And best of all? The tongue sticking out of the dog’s mouth. 

This was one of my favorite images of 2012 and I entered it into the WPPI 16x20 International Print Competition - something I only do with a very select few images per year!

I used to run a wedding photography education blog called The Dynamic Range.  I wrote a series of reviews of my experience with prints in the WPPI 16x20 Print Competition, and I wrote a write-up of this particular image!  The description of the judging process, my score, and how I felt read as follows:
As you go through the years of entering the WPPI 16x20 print competition, you'll look back on older entries with one of a few thoughts:
  1. Aw, THAT image.  I still love that image.  
  2. Oh dear, why did I ever enter THAT image?
This image, for me is both.  I love this image.  I love the dog - I mean come on, it's a dog in a velvet smoking jacket!  What's better than that!  I love the movement in all of the separate hands.  I love the framing.  I love this picture dearly.  Were I the clients, I'd gladly hang this image on my wall.
The image scored an 81, which is a great score.  As I've mentioned before, it gives me a point towards my Honors of Excellence, and it will hang in the gallery during the convention itself.  It's a fine score, but when I enter, I enter to win.  Not to get an 81, I know that I can choose images to score an 80-82 easily.  I want to WIN.  I want to do more, I want the scores to get over an 85, preferably over a 90!  When I first started entering the competition, I was just looking to get points.  Now, I want more!
I also wanted to loop back around and talk about something I've mentioned before, which is the print "hanging in the gallery."  I've had a few people ask me what that means.  During the WPPI convention itself in Las Vegas, there are rooms next to the trade show that house the gallery exhibition.  The images that score over an 80 are taken to those rooms, hung, and shown for the week of convention.  You can go walk through and see the images with the maker's names on them.  Why is that important?  The actual judging process is 100% anonymous.  You have no idea, at any point, who the maker of the image is.  I love walking through the gallery because I can finally see who the creators of the beautiful images are!

Location: 335 Bowery, New York, NY 10003.

Keywords: New York City (207), The Bowery Hotel (33). 1/640; f/4.0; ISO 1100; 70.0 mm.

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