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Photographing weddings is always an extraordinary honor. I am always completely blown away by the number of brides and grooms that trust me every single year to document the moment of their wedding day.

From the details of the day to the ceremony, family formals to wedding party pictures, and everything in between, wedding days are complicated events. You have everybody you have ever known and loved all in one location, all excited to see you, and all partying together.

How is it possible to find any sort of oasis of peace and quiet in such a hectic day? You are marrying the person that you love the most in the world, yet these wedding days tend to go by so quickly that the two people who just got married spend the least amount of time together!

It is always an absolute treat to find a couple that is willing to step away from their party on their wedding day for a few additional photographs. This was the case of this absolutely extraordinary intimate wedding in Prospect Park.

These two fantastic grooms were married at sunset. They stood behind the Boathouse in Prospect Park, entwined their fingers together, and said the vows that united them as a married couple. They spoke the words of their ceremonial while surrounded by their dearest family and closest friends.

After the ceremony, we stayed outside the boathouse to create some portraits of the grooms with their family members. After that, it was time for cocktail hour. The guests, family, and friends all mingled inside the Boathouse. It was at this time that the grooms decided to sneak away for a few extra moments together.

I hope that these gentlemen look at this photograph and remember the precious five minutes that they spent alone together on their wedding day. I hope they remember how hard they laughed when walking the path around Prospect Park, at night, in the dark, together. I hope they remember how they stopped under each street like to give each other a kiss. I hope they always love each other with the intensity that they loved each other on their wedding day.

Witnessing a love like this is a joy and a gift. It is a gift that I am given over and over again when I photograph weddings. It is so powerful to witness a love that takes your breath away, that restores your faith in the sanctity of marriage.

I am so glad that these two gentlemen found each other, and invited me to share their incredible wedding day with them.

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