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Writing your own vows. Is it a do, or a don't? Should you? Shouldn't you?

The answer to that is simple : do what you want. If you want to write your own heartfelt monologues, write away. If you're not sure, talk about it and think about it. If you're super shy and don't want to read your own words in front of an audience, opt for something simpler and shorter. Your vows are your words to each other, your promises, the phrases that will carry you from just being a couple to being a family. Say them how you want : they are yours.

If you're looking for a fantastic place to say those vows (or repeat those short phrases, whichever makes you happier!) you should check out the Brooklyn Winery. It's a fully functional winery in the sweet center of Williamsburg, and it's a charmingly unique space to say I do. Laid back, quirky, oozing with charm, and picturesquely perfect; the Brooklyn Winery is a fantastic choice for a cozy intimate wedding ceremony and reception.

From the beautifully appointed reclaimed wood to drinking wine at the reception made right there on the premises, everything about Brooklyn Winery will charm family and friends alike. Haven't seen it yet? Stop by, grab a glass of wine, and think about what it would be like to say your vows (however you craft them!) in the space. Want to talk more about what the day could look like if you choose to get married there?

Drop me a note and let's talk!

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