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Celestine Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Celestine is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. This delightful establishment boasts a splendid waterfront location on the East River, offering patrons breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

The name "Celestine" draws inspiration from Eastern Mediterranean history, specifically from a Pope Celestine who was known for his love of food, wine, and the fine things in life.

As for the menu, Celestine serves a tantalizing array of dishes inspired by the regions along the Mediterranean coast, from North Africa and Southern Europe to the Middle East. Their cuisine is noted for its emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, with a particular focus on seasonal produce. This ensures that the dishes not only taste remarkable but also resonate with the current season's spirit.

The dishes at Celestine are as varied as they are flavorful, with options ranging from fresh oysters and succulent lamb to a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The menu is further complemented by an extensive wine list that perfectly pairs with the array of Mediterranean flavors on offer.

However, what truly sets Celestine apart is the ambiance. The restaurant's design reflects its Mediterranean influences, with a warm and inviting decor that perfectly complements the stunning views outside. The restaurant also features both indoor and outdoor seating, the latter being especially popular during the warmer months due to its unbeatable views of the river and Manhattan skyline.

In summary, Celestine is more than just a dining experience. It's a feast for all senses, combining delicious Mediterranean cuisine, an inviting atmosphere, and one of the most remarkable views in New York City. Whether you're planning a romantic wedding, a business lunch, or simply a relaxing meal with friends, Celestine offers a unique and memorable dining experience.

Places to take photos near Celestine

Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre green expanse on the Brooklyn side of the East River, is one of New York City's most photogenic locations - and it's right outside the Celestine front door.

As a photographer, I am delighted to share some specific spots in this park that make for captivating photo opportunities:

  1. Pier 1: One of the most prominent spots in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1 is home to two vast lawns, Bridge View Lawn and Harbor View Lawn. Both offer unobstructed vistas of the Lower Manhattan skyline and the East River, perfect for an urban backdrop with a touch of greenery. The Granite Prospect, a stepped seating area made of stones, also provides a unique, elevated viewpoint.
  2. Pier 2: Pier 2 features numerous sports facilities including basketball courts, handball courts, and a roller skating rink. These dynamic settings can make for energetic, action-packed shots. The pier also has a walkway overlooking the river for more serene and scenic photographs.
  3. Pier 3: Pier 3 hosts the Greenway Terrace and a beautiful labyrinth garden, full of lush, native vegetation. The garden paths provide ample opportunity for intimate, close-up shots with a verdant backdrop, while the Greenway Terrace opens up to the wide expanse of the river and Manhattan skyline.
  4. Pier 4: This pier is unique as it features a sandy beach (though swimming isn't allowed). The beach, water, and the view of the Statue of Liberty in the distance can make for beautiful, picturesque shots.
  5. Pier 5: If your photography subject is a soccer fan, the large turf field at Pier 5 would be an excellent location. Beyond the sports areas, the pier has a promenade with views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.
  6. Pier 6: Pier 6 features multiple thematic playgrounds and a beautiful flower field, ideal for playful, vibrant shots. For an added attraction, you can include the backdrop of One World Trade Center.
  7. The Pebble Beach: Located near the Main Street section of the park, Pebble Beach offers spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. Its rocky shoreline and lapping waves lend a natural and rugged element to your photographs.
  8. Jane's Carousel: This restored 1922 carousel enclosed in a modern glass pavilion is a delightful photographic element. It's especially magical at night when the carousel's lights contrast with the dusky sky and the glowing Manhattan skyline.
  9. Empire Fulton Ferry: This section of the park, located between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, features the historic Tobacco Warehouse and beautiful brick paths. The area is especially stunning at sunset, when the setting sun casts a warm, golden light on the structures.
  10. Squibb Park Bridge: This bouncing zigzag bridge connects Brooklyn Heights to the park and offers an elevated perspective of the greenery, the East River, and the cityscape.

Remember, each of these locations can change drastically depending on the time of day, weather, and season, offering even more unique opportunities for spectacular photographs! It's remarkable to have such incredible locations right outside of Celestine. A photo shoot here is easy to incorporate into your Celestine wedding day timeline!

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