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It is always a treat to photograph a wedding in a location that I’ve never shot at before.

In 2011 I traveled to the Dominican Republic and photographed a wedding side by side with my husband - something we had never done before and haven’t done since! The bride and groom commissioned both of us to document their day and it was a wonderful wedding from start to finish.

After their wedding ceremony on the lawn of their private villa the bride and groom walked with their guests to their reception location at another extraordinarily beautiful home.

On the sweeping grounds of that property was an infinity pool that appeared to vanish into the dramatic Dominican Republic sunset. I asked the bride and groom if they’d mind pausing by the pool for a portrait.

In order to get the correct perspective to make the photograph look the way I wanted it to I knew that I would have to get down as close to the water’s level as possible. I chose to photograph the scene with my 24-70mm as wide as possible in order to make the bride and groom look small and the space around them look vast.

I instructed the couple to simply walk right to left on the size of the infinity pool. I always think that pictures of people pretending to walk look fake and uncomfortable so if I need action in my photographs I want my clients to actually be doing something active!

While watching the bride and groom walk from side to side I studied their bodies’ movements so that I would know exactly when to click the shutter. I wanted grace and fluidity in their arms and legs as well as a natural expression on their faces. I also wanted to wait until they were in the middle of the frame so that they would be the central focal point of the image.

I don't often put my subjects in the exact center of the frame but I chose to do so in this photograph because I felt that it added an impact to the composition. With the warmth and the drama of the sky above them reflected in the water below them I knew that I had something special!

Had I photographed this same portrait from a different height or with a different lens it wouldn’t have resulted in the same final photo. The end result is a fantastic environmental portrait that truly illustrates the beauty of the destination wedding location that the bride and groom chose for their wedding day.

Location: Dominican Republic.

Keywords: Dominican Republic. Filename: SS2_7259.jpg. 1/200; f/4.0; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.

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