Brooklyn Promenade Engagement Photos
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Brooklyn Promenade Engagement Photos

Summer engagement sessions in New York are nothing short of magical. When you think of a quiet time in the city, I'm sure that the summer months are not what immediately come to mind. When the temperature rises in Manhattan, New Yorkers head for the Hamptons, the shore, or simply anywhere that gets them out of town! I love the peacefulness of a city summer day, and nowhere is more peaceful than the quiet corners of Brooklyn. I love looking for new locations to shoot in, and when I found this tiny gem of a spot I’m sure my clients thought I was nuts! Located at the end of a filthy driveway, crammed in between two nondescript buildings, this garage door didn’t look like much from the street. I knew, however, how I could make it look! I love the overhanging greenery and how it contrasts with the stark industrial metal door. I love the softness of the couple together against the roughness of the concrete walls. I used my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens to really isolate the couple and the scene, and the result is a peaceful portrait that in no way looks like it was captured on a dirty, hot, crazy city street. That’s the magic of a New York engagement session. When you find these little pockets of peace in the city that never sleeps, you can take a charmingly simple engagement portrait that really works. It’s a great contrast to other New York engagement pictures, with the crazy city crowds rushing by. I love including both types of portraits in an engagement gallery, as it truly encapsulates what being in New York is all about!

1/400; f/4.0; ISO 4500; 120.0 mm.

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