Central Park Engagement Photo Locations
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Central Park Engagement Photo Locations

It seems as though every New Yorker who is engaged wants to take their engagement portraits in Central Park when the leaves are a brilliant orange. I agree that that is a wonderful time of year, but there is also something very special about Central Park at the beginning of winter. The air is crisp and cool, the trees are stark and dramatic, and the entire park has a decidedly different feel. This beautiful Central Park engagement session was taken at the end of November, just after the last orange leaf head falling from the trees. I love it that you can practically feel the winter crispness in the air! You might not believe me, but this image was taken when we were surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of people walking by. This was photographed on the iconic Mall, a long walking path that leads towards Bethesda Terrace. The trees arch up in a marvelous canopy that is beautiful at all times of year. I particularly love it in the winter months because you can really see the dramatic branches in the arch. I chose a very precise angle of view that would allow me to isolate the couple, while eliminating the distracting tourists wandering around us. I know your first inclination might be to go straight for the spring or autumn months for your Central Park engagement session, but don't be afraid to consider winter as well! It has its own unique beauty, and often times the park is much less crowded when it is cold.

Filename: untitled (10 of 32).JPG. 1/400; f/4.0; ISO 360; 200.0 mm.

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