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Grand Central Engagement Photos

Photographing Manhattan engagement portrait sessions is always a great deal of fun. It’s not, however, without it’s logistical difficulties - and nowhere has more logistical issues than Grand Central Terminal! When I think of the experience that I want my clients to have while being photographed, I think of many things. I want them to feel calm, not rushed, unhurried, and peaceful. I want them to have space to be alone with each other, with their thoughts and feelings, and with the entire process of being photographed. Absolutely none of those things can happen in the insanity that is Grand Central. Over seven hundred and fifty thousand people pour through Grand Central daily, from morning to night. It’s a crazy place, loud and hectic. If you want to shoot in Grand Central, you absolutely must obtain a permit. The permits are in limited supply, and you cannot get one between Thanksgiving and New Years. Even with a permit, you’re limited to the main concourse and you cannot stop or obstruct the traffic in the space. So why should you shoot anything here, ever? Well, because it’s GRAND CENTRAL STATION. It’s iconic. It’s gorgeous. The ceilings are soaring. When you’re in there at the right time, the light is magic. When the light and the moments come together, when the crowds part just right, then truly amazing photographs are possible. I like the challenge of shooting in a place that is so difficult and cranky, where everything is stacked against you, where it seems impossible to succeed. But succeed I will, I do, and I have. So you want to shoot at Grand Central? Let’s go!

1/160; f/2.8; ISO 560; 28.0 mm.

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