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Finding a Manhattan engagement photographer can be a difficult thing. Just a simple search on the Internet returns hundreds, if not thousands, of names of talented photographers. If you go to Instagram or Pinterest, you will find even more. So how do you know which photographer to choose? The first thing that I would suggest that you do is determine the style of photography that you like best. Are you looking for a photographer whose images have soft, pastel tones? Are you drawn to a very light and bright vintage look? Do you like dark and gritty black-and-white portraits? Once you’ve determined the style of photography that you like, start looking closely at the work of the photographers. Look at how they handle light. Look at how the light falls on the faces of their subjects. Look at the backgrounds of their images. Are there distracting elements that draw your eyes away from the main subject? Can you feel the emotion in the photographs? From there, I would recommend asking to see full engagement session galleries from start to finish. This will let you truly see what an entire session looks like from each photographer, not just the few images that they have posted on their website, blog, or Facebook page. When I photographed Manhattan engagement sessions, I strive to capture the feeling of the city and the relationship of the couple simultaneously. I feel that each of my engagement session galleries contain a beautiful collection of images. If you are looking for a Manhattan engagement photographer, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. I would love to share more of my images with you, and work with you on your engagement portraits.

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