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New York Indian Engagement Photographer

I love photographing Indian engagement sessions in New York. The gorgeous juxtaposition of the bride’s bright, vibrant outfit against the industrial city skyline is really dramatic and beautiful. Many of my clients who wear traditional or formal outfits for their engagement sessions also opt to change into another, more casual outfit, later in the session. I am experienced shooting Indian engagement sessions, and really adore photographing them. I am also experienced in helping choose locations for engagement sessions, and love hearing about what my clients want in terms of the vision for their shoot. I love helping match the vision to the attire, and then choosing a location that brings it all together. I also often shoot engagement portraits for Indian clients immediately before or after their sagai ceremony. I love this beautiful ritual ceremony, and I love seeing the two families coming together. Whether this ceremony is called the aashirward ceremony, chadana, sagan ceremony, magni, or chunni chadana, the heart and emotion at the center of it is universal and always beautiful.

1/500; f/4.0; ISO 200; 140.0 mm.

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