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Glasserie Wedding

Brooklyn is home to some spectacularly quirky wedding venues, but none quite like the Glasserie.

The Glasserie used to be a glassworks factory in the middle of the nineteenth century, perhaps more popularly known as the former Greenpoint Glass Works. The spectacularly popular cut glass produced by Christian Dorflinger our of his factory was so well known that pieces even were added to the White House collection!

Now a restaurant, the Glasserie is also available for rent for private parties...and weddings! This unique cobblestone-paved venue is rustic, charming, and so very, very Brooklyn...a must see for anyone looking to have a unique event with a brilliant in house caterer!

I love the Glasserie's philosophy about food, and their reverent love for a good meal. Their ingredients are locally sourced, fresh, and beautiful. Their Middle Eastern inspired menu is creative, heartwarming, and contemporary.

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