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When choosing an image for any photojournalistic contest, you have to make sure that every element in the frame helps you tell your story. Choosing to keep the reflection on the right hand side of this image was something that I debated over and over when preparing this print for competition season. Was it distracting or did it help me tell a clearer story? Eventually I decided to keep it, because each side of the frame showed both bridesmaids’ faces in a way that furthered the story. It also pushed your eye to the middle of the frame and right to the focus of the entire image : the bride’s grandfather and his priceless reaction. Part of my skill as wedding photographer is shooting the images in real time with no re-creation, re-posing, or instructions of "Can you do that again?" The second that I instruct a client to do something for the second time, I have lost the authenticity of the moment. Entered into the Photojournalism Division : Wedding Photojournalism of the WPPI 16x20 print competition in Las Vegas in 2014, this image received a score of 81.Keywords: Florham Park (18), Park Savoy (18). Filename: 2014_wppi_silver_distinction_2.jpg. 1/100; f/8.0; ISO 8000; 38.0 mm.

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